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  1. Said every when he didn’t want to let Krul go up for the kick with 96 minutes on the clock.
  2. If it hadn’t been for Arab money they’d still be at ****ty Maine Road in ****ty division 3
  3. You do realise Harry used to manage them, they beat Man Utd in 1984 and are a plucky little club, right?
  4. Nephew Tom’s going to be a wealthy chap one day. Once all this is bought and paid for.
  5. The self funding club model allows her to keep hold of something she can’t afford. It literally only benefits her and Tom. It actually disgusts me thinking of that bloke taking over. Freeloaders
  6. Unfortunately they were employed to coach footballers not polish turds
  7. Probably not the best use of this phrase. The pandemic and promotion were not counterfactual situations. My comment demonstrates the frailty of the basis of self sustaining club.
  8. Webber won’t be sacked. He’s Delia’s modern day Rasputin.
  9. The self funding model would’ve been on it’s **** if we hadn’t been promoted in 18/19; the pandemic would have seen to that.
  10. I don’t understand what Norwich are annoying to folk other than Norwich fans of course.
  11. Perhaps Billy could watch Emi. How to be aggressive, strong, make telling passes and tackle. Edit. Apologies in advance to Kenny and Barry
  12. Two points. We hardly won when Emi wasn’t playing. The only thing you’d criticise is recruitment…. ie the thing that holds the whole self sustaining plan together. Basically pi$$ing £50m up the wall. Pretty much like saying the only thing I’d criticise Dracula for is biting folk. Webber said two seasons ago we were paying for the sins of the past. Next year we’ll be paying for his sins of the past.
  13. I’d have not bought Sargent, PLM and Gunn and spent the money on a new stand. It’s not just the self financing model that’s holding us back it’s the stadium too.
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