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    One team makes tactical subs

    A bit harsh but he could have taken Rukk, Duda and McLean off as far as I am concerned, they didn't really contribute anything. I feel sorry for Vrancic and Buendia as they both should have started.
  2. hampton canary

    What makes Farke special then?

    I think you have summarised exactly what happened tonight. There were 2 options when it was 1-1 with 20 mins to go, either you bring on Trybul and Amadou and hang on for a point, or you bring on Hernandez and Drmic and give them time to go for a winner. The problem is he didn't do either and when they scored he brought the subs on far too late.
  3. hampton canary

    Not good enough

    The players are clearly being told to play this way. I have said before every other team in this league knows that if they press us we will give it away.
  4. hampton canary

    What makes Farke special then?

    For the most part all I can see is us passing the ball sideways and backwards, then under pressure we give it away. Listening on the radio tonight all I heard was Norwich have given the ball away again. Substitutions can change a game, but not if you make them in the last 5 mins. Farke might not have been given funds but it is his tactics that frustrate a lot of City supporters.
  5. hampton canary

    Not good enough

    Backwards, sideways then give the ball away just about sums it up.
  6. hampton canary

    What will Farke say

    Have to agree I cannot understand what he expects the subs to do with a few minutes left. Should have made the subs as soon as we equalised. Poor decision making again.
  7. hampton canary

    That 60 minute feeling

    He also refuses to ever leave a player on the halfway line for opposition corners and free kicks. Having 10 men in the box is a hindrance in my opinion as real defenders often have their own players getting in the way. How many clearance headers have Buendia and Cantwell ever made, leave one on the halfway line and you immediately take 2 opposition players out of the equation.
  8. hampton canary

    Ricardo's report v Bournemouth

    I think Farke missed an opportunity today when they went down to 10 men because he could have tried leaving one man on the halfway line when they had corners, long throws and free kicks. There was yet another corner today where we had all 10 back and they won the header. Just once I would like him to try it and see if it gives the defenders a better chance to clear the ball.
  9. hampton canary

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Of all those sides only Watford are on a good run at the moment. A win for us at the weekend and other results going our way means we could only be 5 points from safety. I just hope Farke puts an attacking side out against Bournemouth.
  10. Loving this Villa game and good news for the goal difference at the end of the season. It will be a good time to play Bournemouth Sat and a win will give us a massive boost. If Godfrey / Klose and Pukki are back soon so we will be ready for the fight. Just seen confirmation Duds has signed.
  11. hampton canary

    We failed because....

    We are failing at the moment because our defence is poor, which is partly down to injuries, but partly down to Farke persisting with zonal defence marking. Every other manager can see that we bring everybody back in the box to defend corners and free kicks; yesterday we actually had 5 players marking 1 Man Utd attacker and not surprisingly an unmarked player scored. This has happened so many times this season. When we are on the front foot and playing attacking football we have troubled every team in this league and have often taken a lead in the game. Unfortunately all those other managers know that if they can create free kicks or corners then they will invariably score against us.
  12. hampton canary


    I still think Farke is doing a good job, especially in bringing the youngsters in. I would question his decision today to take off Pukki and replace him with Stiepermann and also only giving Idah 5 mins on the field. He would have been better off bringing on Trybul and Amadou and trying to hang onto that slender lead.
  13. hampton canary

    City v Spurs match thread

    Just remind me why Stiepermann us on the pitch. He stands still most of the time.
  14. hampton canary

    Ricardo's report v Wolves

    It was disappointing to lose as we had played really well in the first half. This was yet another game we could have won, but how often do we concede a goal with our zonal marking; and only Farke can tell us why he leaves tired players on the pitch and thinks 3 subs in the 86th min will save the game.
  15. hampton canary

    Farke’s use of substitutes is poor!!

    Substitutes can change a game, but three on 86 mins, you must be joking. I agree Farke has done an excellent job, however, there were tired legs in that second half, most of the supporters could see it, but clearly not Farke. Buendia had his best game today and caused Wolves loads of problems. Why does Farke insist on bringing everyone back for his zonal marking, he could have left Buendia on the halfway line. Late substitutions and zonal marking have almost certainly contributed to our league position. We are still only 6 points adrift but perhaps he could reconsider both these areas of concern.
  16. hampton canary

    Match Choice

    Agree 100%.
  17. hampton canary

    A few quick thoughts from today..

    I thought Byram had an excellent game, similar to his performance against Man City. We cut out the silly sideways and backwards passing today. We moved the ball forward much quicker and had players in support. Finally we pressed high as a team. If we play like this we will get a lot more points.
  18. hampton canary

    Ricardo's report v Sheff Utd

    The worrying thing for me is against the 8 other teams in the bottom half we have won 1, drawn 1 and lost 6. These are the teams we should be getting points against. The gap to 17th place is only 4 points. I am not sure where we are likely to pick up another point in Dec with Leicester and Villa away and Wolves and Spurs at home. I am still optimistic while the gap is still small, but it doesn't look good going into the transfer window if we are adrift at the bottom with Watford.
  19. hampton canary

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Farke holds the key to whether we can stay up in that he has to change us from being too predictable. He deploys a zonal marking system with all 10 outfield players in our box and it frankly doesn't work. Change to man to man marking occasionally, and it gives defenders a chance to win the first ball. Leave someone like Hernandez on the halfway line and they will leave two back to mark him, plus the fact we have an outlet should we win that first header. Most teams know by now that we pass the ball out from Krul to a back four player and then across the back four and when pressed back to Krul, who under pressure has to hastily clear. I lost count of how many times it went from Krul to Godfrey to Byram who stopped turned around and passed it back to Godfrey and then onto Krul. The opposition know that all they have to do is press us and we end up giving it away. When we move the ball forward with pace to our wide players, such as some recent long passes from Zimmermann it immediately allows us to push more players up into the opposition half and put them under pressure. I still believe he can keep us up, but he has to stop us from being too predictable.
  20. hampton canary

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    Zonal marking doesn't work for us as they all get in each others way and fail to pick up any runner. Just for once I would love to see Farke try leaving 1/2 players on the halfway line, at least for corners. Really disappointed tonight as I think we gifted Southampton those 3 points. Will need to play better on Sat against Shef Utd as they are the masters of closing the opposition down.
  21. hampton canary

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    I agree 100%. We move the ball so slowly and then try and walk it in. The sad thing is if we were a bit more positive we could have got a result. I lost count of how many times we passed sideways or backwards. I can only guess that Farke told Byram don't try and pass the ball forward. All they had to do was press us and we would give the ball away. So disappointing but that is the way Farke likes to play.
  22. hampton canary

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    10 in the box never win the first header and never pick up the runners. You would think Farke would learn.
  23. hampton canary

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    It was painful to watch today as Villa were not that good, but we made them look good. Irrespective of our injury list, too many players failed to pick up runners, failed to cut out crosses and don't get me started on the amount of times we just gave the ball away. There are plenty of games left and we will get injured players back soon, but similar performances like today could soon see us anchored in that bottom three. Farke has said that we will not change our way of playing, but he may need to tweak his tactics a little as we are becoming very predictable.
  24. hampton canary

    Enjoy it

    Despite all the injuries and lack of spending money we are still outside the bottom three. One win in this league can take you straight into the top half. When our key players return from injury Farke will have a full squad to choose from and I expect us to start picking points up away from home. I bet the bottom three would like to change places with us, especially Newcastle who have just let 5 in against Leicester.
  25. hampton canary


    Late substitutions, zonal marking, failure to leave any players on the halfway line for corners and free kicks are the way Farke likes to play, and this is unlikely to change. I would like to see us bring on a substitute with 20 mins to go especially if the outfield players are not threatening to score. If we leave Buendia and Pukki on the halfway line, at least for corners, this would mean the opposition would leave at least 2 back which might give our defenders a chance to pick up any runners; not to mention having an outlet if we clear the ball. This would also confuse our opponents who know we always bring 10 men back for corners and free kicks.