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  1. For me what comes under scrutiny is his man management skills. I get he puts the team before the individual but when the tools are in a player it's also up to the manager to use those players to the best of his ability . He could't get the best out of Nelson and publicly criticised him in the championship but when Nelson went to Reading he got 3 in 10 games and the lad is now scoring for fun with AEK Athens to the point he was being linked with Wolves last January transfer window. Marcus Edwards got lambasted by him but has gone on leaps and bounds and was pivotal Vitória de Guimarães in their europa league and league form last season. Fast forward to this Jan and he came out and gave Buendia a ticking off , do you think we've seen the best out of Emi since then? We lacked creativity against Bournmouth and Derby and yet Cantwell and you could argue Leitner could have been that spark but for falling out with the manager. Big Grant Holt was notoriously terrible in training but Lambert knew that Big Grant could and would perform and wouldn't drop him.The excuse of not turning up in training I feel is an easy one to point at as the fans don't know what goes on in training , I personally believe if Todd wanted a move that badly- use that to galvanise him. We have the tools within this squad currently to solve the lack of creativity problems in final third , players we've counted on in the past but for falling out with the manager are not getting a look in because of clash of egos // style // god knows.Theres too many players now (4/5) in this current squad who are out on a limb and// or have fallen out with the manager, that causes squad disharmony unless you shift them on or integrate them back in. Just like our players have to improve , so does our managers man to man management skills. There were two clear times to sack him - after relegation and after derby . Theres no point now. We hold on and hope he can turn it around or this season will be a right off and another of transition . Simply put 4 points in 4 games currently isn't good enough plus form from premier league would mean most bosses heads would of rolled. But this is not our model or ethos. This is his first proper high profile management role and he is still be learning too. I really hope we get it right on the pitch soon or I think some tough decisions will have to be made upstairs.
  2. Bit too much whiskey with your weetabix this morning?
  3. Well this is a head v heart one. I don't think anyone could of guessed the Cherris team sheet. Krul Quintilla Godfrey Gibson Aarons Skipp Placeta Buendia (or Cantwell) Rupp Hernandez Pukki
  4. Just seeing this . Well , this should be an interesting team sheet!
  5. What a difference a week makes , when I posted this I assumed Cantwell and Dowell to start. Now Im a little bemused I could see pukki , Placheta , Stieperman , buendia , tettey , skipp , quintilla , zimmerman/gibson , godfrey and aarons or we could see a back three. I wouldnt want to guess now - thankfully on 40 mins away. Very interested to see what Daniel puts out.
  6. With Dowell out , and us looking to shift a lot of our midfielders on why not sign surman on a 6 month hoolahan ala west brom contract. He knows the club ,brings expertise , plays the style of football we do and could be a low risk option.Just a thought.
  7. Dropping Cantwell for Idah is an interesting one. I see where you are coming from , but Cantwells stats in last two games speak for themselves . Then again i'm intrigued to see us play two strikers from the off 🙂 . This on paper is definably one of our toughest and it will be as much of disrupting bournemouth from playing as us playing our style of football.
  8. Well time to move onto the next game ! This is what I would go for. Krul Quintilla Godfrey Gibson Aarons (Mumba if aarons is sold) Tettey Skipp Placheta Cantwell Buendia (Dowell if Buendia injured or sold) Pukki I've not been overly impressed with kenny and im assuming Skipp is here on the pretence he has to play. Bringing tettey in means we have a bit more bite in midfield and cover. I think Placheta did enough against preston to nudge him above Hernandez. On an aside been really impressed with Quintillas crossing , its been top class! Great replacement for Lewis.
  9. If Max were to go I personally wouldn't mind seeing Muamba as a replacement . He looked good against Luton - probably only player to come out of that game with street cred. It's through blooding youngsters we have made progress - young and hungry. This is how Max become the player he is. Our record especially in premiership of signing 'oven ready' players hasn't been great (bar maybe Hanley) under Webber - Marshall , Duda etc just havnt cut it. I think another right back on a 6 month loan will be prudent as cover til Byram injury situation is resolved one way or the other. But beeming with pride at our academy , shows the progress we have made , long may it continue.
  10. I'd still keep them both to be honest , apart from the 3 already mentioned I'd also look at shifting Vrancic and Stierperman now . Get those 5 off the wage bill and i'd be happy.
  11. Totally agree with this sentiment , or maybe a newly promoted team to championship with a recall clause in January if hes banging goals in for fun 🙂 Pukki , Hugill and Sinani should have us covered and Idah needs regular game time to develop.
  12. I would much rather see Leitner in Germany , have a big soft spot for that guy. I think he would upgrade most championship teams and certainly dont want to see him play against us.
  13. Top 2 - Watford , Norwich Play Offs - Brentford , Forest , Preston , Bournemouth Relegation - Derby , Sheff Wed , Coventry New signing with biggest impact - Skipp Top Scorer - Pukki Player of the Season - Buendia Will we have a cup run? - no Stay: Godfrey , Aarons , Buendia Go: Lewis , Cantwell
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