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  1. Beginning to feel sorry for Hooper. Seems to have swapped a Premier League bench for a Championship bench. Surely that''s not why he''s gone there?
  2. Many of us here are watching with interest the progress at your club. A proper football club. Close run thing against Celtic. Weird stats at Aberdeen with only 6 shots all match, all on target and all goals. Assumes the BBC stats are accurate of course. Best of luck this season.
  3. Was reading an interesting article looking at key errors made by Premier teams so far. We were shown with 10 errors, of which 8 were clear goal scoring opportunities not taken, the other 2 were defence errors but neither led to a goal scored against us. So perhaps the focus on forward players in the transfer window was indeed spot on.
  4. Surprising just how many 25 man squads are well below 25 in number.
  5. Sadly this messageboard has become infected with morons, binners and many are names we recognise who just have a natural dislike of our Club for whatever reason. Limited knowledge demonstrated by the OP by his comments clearly not knowing that Crystal Palace are presently 2nd in the Premier League, having also beaten Chelsea away by 2-1 and deservedly so. And but for an appalling display of refereeing, we would have at least got a draw. We have played some decent football in 3 of the 4 matches so far, outplayed a good Stoke City team, and I for one am happy that we can still field the same starting XI plus Mulumbu, Mbokani, Brady, Jarvis, Wisdom. Nowhere near as bad as the negative brigade are making out.
  6. Suspect they both said no, despite deals agreed, because they read the negative comments here. Sadly we are getting a reputation of being a bunch of moaners!!
  7. Yes, it would have been good to have found another central defender, but not at any price. Nearly £12M for that Celtic guy absolutely way over the top. His poor defending helped Celtic crash out of Europe. Some deals we nearly got through failed because the other teams could not get their replacements in and that cannot be blamed on our Club! Anyway looking at our performances so far, esp Stoke and Sunderland, I am not concerned as those players all remain here and in addition we have Olsson due back from injury also Mulumbu, who looks a great acquisition, plus new boys Mbokani and Jarvis, all good additions to the squad. And best of all we have Alex Neil. So for goodness sake moaners stop all this squit!!
  8. He was responding to Q. "Who had a hit with Baggy Trousers?"
  9. Just fail to see what all the fuss is about. Have checked the teamsheets for the impressive win at Sunderland and the pummeling we gave Stoke, and all those players are still here plus Mbokani and Jarvis and of course Olsson about to return. Deals were close to being done, but broke down late on and frankly why spend such ludicrous amounts of money at these inflated "window" prices. We''ll be fine!
  10. Its a problem position, no doubt. Wisdom was shown by the Sky pundits to be nowhere near his man for goals 2 and 3.
  11. Gee, I see your away at Brentford first match, Burgess. How many tickets have you bought?
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