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  1. CanaryChris

    Ratings v Man City

    I applaud the attempt wacky. Very hard to be objective in such circumstances but I honestly feel that you might have swung too far the other way with some of these. Krul getting 6.5 for instance seems very hard on him. His positioning and command of the area was superb. His only real mistake was not saving rodris shot that he got a good hand to. Hardly a 6.5 performance more like a 9. Similarly Amadous rating of 8 seems low given he was immense as was Godfrey (although I concede that both could have done better for Agueros goal) both deserve at least 9s as well. Really tough to pick a man of the match. Too many had amazing games. Tettey wound back the clock and was terrific. Buendia back to his magical best and steeps looked his usual awkward to play against self from last year. Special about out to Byram for completely negating sterling through the first half. I did think he found a little more joy against Lewis but not much more. This was a win for the ages. If you are not going to give every man on that pitch a 10 purely for securing that result then when would you?
  2. CanaryChris

    Mclean's header

    Give me a player that didn't perform. I couldn't be prouder of this team. McLean has always been great in the air. Many times last season where either Krul or an opposition goal keeper has lumped the ball into the middle of the park Kenny has won a vital header and started an attacking move. Just think some of his ground play and decision making could be better and is a less technically gifted player than either vrancic or leitner.
  3. CanaryChris

    How many will man city get

    Eleventy two
  4. Is anyone else sick of Efan Ekoku's mindless drivel, infrequently interspersed with derogatory comments about Norwich? I know our last match was not great, but for a man who used to wear the vaulted yellow and green, he seems utterly clueless about our club. One glaring instance of his utter incompetence and lack of understanding regarding our club was this little gem: "If I were a Norwich City fan, I would be really concerned about the number of goals being scored against them." Perhaps he was hibernating between the months of August 2018 and May 2019 and did not see that the way we play means we concede goals, but we score plenty too. There was also the cringe worthy correction when told he was the last man to score a hat-trick for Norwich in the Prem since Pukki and he said "I scored four." Seriously just Effin Eff of Efan. Rant over...
  5. CanaryChris

    We need to talk about Efan

    I just don't like his commentary. Fair point about his 4 goals thing I was miserable this morning. But I am definitely not concerned about the goals against when 40% came away to a rampant Liverpool and three conceded to a good Chelsea team. We had the highest goals against for a championship winning team in the modern era. We leak cause our defence is young. We also leak because our style is to attack. Not to say we dont need to address things like turning over the ball too easily and our young team being exposed and somewhat naive. But I believe that we need to stand by the players and the system as it will take time to bed in and for players to make the leap that I feel most are capable of making given enough time. Just thought Efans comments were either bland or ill informed overall. Love him or loathe him he is here to stay and what was a miserable gits rant seems to have generated some lively discussion so hey not all bad!
  6. CanaryChris

    I Told You So

    Seriously can we ban this drivel spawning was monkey? It's tiresome.
  7. CanaryChris

    Jack Butland

    So...you're skeptical of the rumour then?
  8. CanaryChris

    New ways to hassle the binners.

    L1pswich: the Pompeii of East Anglia. All it is is history.
  9. CanaryChris

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    None of us are in Farke's head. Don't know what will happen when TK and CZ are back fit, but past behaviour suggests he will stick with Hanley until something goes wrong. Guarantee that if TK or CZ were fit last week, Hanley would have been ditched, like McLean was (don't buy the injury, he was on the bench). But he acquitted himself well and I do think Farke will see how he does against Chelsea.
  10. CanaryChris

    VAR at Carrow Road yesterday

    Yep - the ref has the final say. VAR is only there to inform the referee/assistants if they failed to see something OR if they have awarded something, but may not have seen the whole story (i.e. review of a penalty decision). If Oliver says he saw the incident and did not deem it a penalty, it is not going to be reviewed. Which, in my opinion, is fine. Otherwise it will be all reviewing and no game. I do think that shoulders offside are contentious, but I am sure I will mellow about it in time. It is just that we have the technology now to ensure rules are enforced to their maximum ability. If players are playing that close to the final defender, they now run the risk that they will be called offside if their move leads to a goal.
  11. CanaryChris

    Simon Hooper - VAR

    By far and away the single worst refereeing performance I have ever witnessed. You could give that man 200 camera angles and until the universe breathes its last and he still wouldn't get the decision right.
  12. Liverpool have looked almost perfect going forward and our defending has been dreadful. Hanley at fault for 2 of 4 goals. What the logic is with Lewis on Van Dijk I will never know. But going forward we have looked very good. This was always going to be a baptism of fire so we need to stick to our guns which I feel sure Farke will.
  13. CanaryChris

    New Kit???

    The psychology of gambling is nefarious. I like a punt, and sometimes do get a little carried away (spending more than I meant to), but I, luckily, have the ability to reel myself in before it becomes detrimental. However, it would be very easy for me to "slip" in a big way. I get that advertising does not in itself promote dangerous gambling behaviours, but it does, in a sense, normalise the behaviour that can lead someone to those behaviours. Imagine, if you will, someone who has had their live wrecked by compulsive gambling, does everything they can to remove themselves from temptation, but then goes to the game to see it splattered all over their team's shirt and ground advertising boards. It must be a nightmare. I have seen second hand (luckily not first) how gambling can destroy a family, as a good friend of mine's brother lost everything: his job, his home, his family. By all accounts one of the last people you would think would succumb. Gambling addiction, more than any other, is nefarious because it is so easy to hide. There are none of the physical symptoms that are associated with any other addiction, and when they are finally found out, it is because their life is in ruins (or worse). For me, gambling companies should not be able to advertise so pervasively in sports. Like tobacco and alcohol, they can ruin people's lives. And just like those two vices the behaviour is so intrinsically linked to the industry (perhaps even more so). It associates an activity you are passionate about with one that is addictive and is specifically designed to heighten your investment from emotional to financial. And it is a high when not only does your team win, but because they won to nil and Teemu Pukki scored and they were level at half time, you have also won a bundle of cash to go with it (yes, this really happened). I can attest that gambling can suck you in, and if you are not careful, can destroy your life.
  14. CanaryChris

    Love Island

    God it's a slow time in football.
  15. CanaryChris

    A Misconception

    Do you think he was projecting. I mean if you apply what he said to L1pswich and change the names a bit he was well right wasn't he?
  16. CanaryChris


    Great work. Nice to have the board back.
  17. CanaryChris

    Help appreciated

    Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spamity spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam. In short dunno.
  18. CanaryChris

    Josip Drmic signs

    Savvy bit of business I reckon.
  19. CanaryChris

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    Think he was one for the future if we signed him. Basically we were somewhat used to bump up his pay packet to Celtic for whom he will presumably start in the first team far more often than he would here. Don't see this one as a great loss really. We are well stocked in that part of the field anyway.
  20. CanaryChris

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    Thanks Ricardo. That was an amazing retelling of some of our club's history through the eyes of a supporter. Roll on part 2.
  21. CanaryChris

    Grant Hanley

    I honestly believe that any player movements by players considered in and around the first team last season will be player driven. There is a very delicate balance of the right people in that dressing room right now; a real sense of togetherness, and I am sure Farke and Webber will want to preserve that as much as possible. If Hanley wants to move for first team football, I am sure this will be accommodated, but I do not think the club will be seeking to offload anyone from our magnificent season. The fewer changes the better.
  22. CanaryChris

    Official 2019/20 fixtures thread!

    Our first 5 fixtures are...hard.
  23. CanaryChris

    Sky TV

    Liverpool at Anfield eh? Does it get any easier than that?
  24. CanaryChris

    Timm Klose on Ipswich

    Well said, Timm.
  25. CanaryChris

    'Baptism of Fire' v 'Eased in Gently'

    Didn't we tonk the gunners on their pumpkin patch in game 1 of that amazing 92.93 season? Bring em on!