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  1. [quote user="julian hudson"][quote user="Haggerdoo"][quote user="julian hudson"]Both Mbokani & Olsson deserve to make team of the week, but it really was a great team effort against the toon. Even Howson put in a good performance.[/quote]Howson has been outstanding for the last few weeks - playing in the centre really suits his style of play[/quote]Well, I wouldn''t say outstanding, but he''s definitely improved over the last few games and by God he needed to. I, like many other fans, had been getting extremely frustrated with AN''s insistence on Howsons inclusion in the team for the majority of the season. Really pleased he''s come good.[/quote] Really? He has been outstanding for a while now.
  2. Lol, try it from 6.12,,https://youtu.be/v6vFkAocfWc
  3. Tim Klose, Olsson back in and Rm nowhere near a CB position with the cover he needs to disguise his inadequacy.
  4. Class act, going to be of the prems best.
  5. [quote user="Hull Canary"]I never ever understand the bile aimed at our captain and one of our most loyal players Like all players he has his strengths and his weaknesses but he always gives 100 percent For me I hope he soon gets admitted to the hall of fame as a minimum as his efforts over a number of seasons richly deserve the accolade[/quote] What exactly are the strength?
  6. To answer the op -I really don''t know how AN has escaped press criticism. He has proven himself to be stubborn, clueless and any other club experiencing his form would have sacked him.
  7. I saw nothing to suggest Wes should have been anywhere near the mom accolade, several ahead of him. Redmond had a really good game, dragging three Chelski players in his wake many times and well deserved his goal. Wes lost the ball in the final third as usual.
  8. [quote user="king canary"]Bit dispiriting how well they and the players the came up with have adapted to live in the Premier League with significantly less Premier League experience. Players like Arter, Cook, Daniels and Richie have come up the leagues with them and play without fear. All a bit similar of that season under Lambert. If we do go down I think it may well be time to cut ties with the players that have been at the core of two relegations for this club. I''m looking particularly at the likes of Bassong, Howson and even Wes. A new team without the baggage focusing on some of our younger players. Could be fun.[/quote] No Howson, really your opinion is now invalid. Had you had the misfortune of being at Villa Park on Saturday you would have seen another fine performance from him. The problem was Wes, Mulumbu and Jarvis. That and continually playing Brady in Lb instead of Olsson. I just can''t believe you haven''t included the hapless useless Mr Nice in that list.
  9. Anyone got one they want to sell? Please pm me asap, tia
  10. Anyone got one they want to sell, please pm me asap, tia
  11. [quote user="iron_stan"]rudd is a promising talent but hes not experienced enough to cope with a relegation battle in the top flight [/quote] Just no. Rudd all the way.
  12. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]Reckon it might be Ed Balls encouraging the loosening of the purse strings to keep us up, he would put a strong case across in the boardroom for sure.[/quote] Ed Balls up in having any hand in finances, lmfao, if he was party to bankruptcy on the grandest scale he could ruin ncfc in months.
  13. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]Wow anyone see that miss by Grabban on MOTD, £7m strikers don''t miss them......[/quote] Saw that, think our replacement 7 would have made short work of that.
  14. [quote user="canarycop"][quote user="Lord Nelson"]We tended to be much more dependable when Paul Lambert was the Manager. Maybe that is the answer to get the best out of Martin?[/quote] Best send RM to Blackburn then. Guarantee he won''t ever play for City again.[/quote] Lambert has enough problems up there already. Are they recruiting for kit boy?
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