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  1. Looks solid but do you think we''ll get away with it?
  2. I''ve just watched the game for the third time, the first was at Carrow Rd, the next were Sky recordings. I thought all the starting lineup were as good as can be expected (some were excellent) with the exception of RM. He must know that he is limited with his pace. Watching him jog back towards his defensive position as WH scored their first was hardly an inspiration to his team mates. We still need a decent, quick right back, and a natural leader as captain. I''m baffled by his inclusion... again.
  3. Mbokani needs to practice running. Looked lethargic compared with the energy of Jerome, who was excellent today
  4. Not much to chose between them. Both decent keepers. The problems lie in the line to the front of them
  5. He has bought a load of new players in... trouble is when you look at our squad it''s packed with players that weren''t needed by the team we got them from. What''s that tell you? Are they good enough collectively to keep us up? Maybe, but only if they are all pulling in the same direction and guided by a manager who knows what he''s doing. Far too many odd lineups and substitutions for my liking. The buck has to stop somewhere. With a 7 figure salary being earned I don''t think he''s delivering value for money atm.
  6. Never mind coaching or as a forward.... give him the armband and stick him in the centre of defence. Hic
  7. King Canary, I''m afraid you''re exactly right. That game will be watched and watched again. The only thing that can be drawn from it is the valuable lessons learned... let''s hope they are.
  8. I''m afraid you''re right. We''re not bad going forward, but defensively we are absolutely shocking. I can''t fathom why Hoolahan didn''t start either.
  9. Apologies, but I can''t believe nobody wants it...
  10. Single ticket available for tomorrow. Upper Barclay, meet at 11.45, please pm me if anyone is interested
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