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Only reason sporting

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Lesbon are considerd a big club,is because of being in a ppoor league with not much competition!

So therefore nearly always qualify for major euro tourns!

For me it''s the fa base,which should be considered as the yardstick for size!

Not trophies,unless won in a very competitive nature,and frequently

Fa cups one once or twice don''t cut it for me,if it did then teams who averaged under 5thou for most of their existence like the mk dons,and Wigan would be considered..

Also winning the old div one once again don''t cut it,especially if they won it the year 3 Sheffield wed defenders threw 7 matches!

The Dutch,Belgian,ans Scottish can fall into the " easier to grow" status,though Celtic and Rangers became big through a way to show bigotry with their misguided views...

Our next development isn''t just the signings of the Wolf etc it will be when the board builds a new stand,and or extension...


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The Potruguese league is ranked fifth best in Europe, higher than the French League so can everyone get this idea out of their heads that it is a tinpot league? Also Lisbon finished about 8th this year there by no means the best in that league

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