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Being Jan Kristiansen...

Poll: If we sell Ashton what is our first priority?

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1) Buy an equivalent classy forward with the money.

2} Buy 2 or 3 players in different positions to increase compition in the squad.

3) Pay Worthy off and compensate a club for a decent manager.

4) Pay off a good chunk of our debt.

I would go for option 3. Worthy, we salute you for the plenty that you

have achieved with Norwich but for the past year and half Norwich have

only played well in patches (and appalingly quiet a few times). I would

not be happy giving him the money to spend.

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1) Impossible.

2) Desperately needed.

3) First priority.  Theres no point signing any players if Worthington is going to do it.

4) Inevitable but should be spent on the team.

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