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  1. I feel that I have to throw my two pence worth in the pot..... Delia may not be the greatest tactician, or football brain in the world ( are any of us in reality???) but no-one can say that she is not passionate about the club that we all love and support.... OK" the lets be having you thing" was a bit of a pxxx take from rival fans but she showed she cared about the club! To say that you hate her because of Mike Walker and her support of Worthless is a wee bit drastic to say the least.. I literally bumped into her before the Cov away match and she is as Naaarwich as any of us. If you have read any of my previous posts on here it would be of no surprise of my thoughts about Worthless and how we should now have another manager but to slate her is not the way forward, do I understand her support of him, errrrr do I heck as like, but loyalties are a strange thing, ask any wierdo who supports ipshxx..... :) The one thing we can all agree on is this season is done and dusted and hopefully we can look forward to a new season with a new bloke at the helm.... Heres hoping anyway!!!!!!! And yes ok I have got her cook books too!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
  2. If the club needs a theme to step on to the pitch what about "here comes the clowns"? or the theme of Billy Smarts circus??? Any suggestions anyone?????
  3. Can there be any doubt anymore?????????????????????
  4. Every single person who spends a bit of their time writing on here is passionate about the club, a club that will never be fashionable, or the kind of club that kids outside of East Anglia would rush to buy the latest footie top. BUT it is our club never the less. A club that most of us here will stick with come hell or high water, but the days of us travelling the length and breadth of the country to be insulted by a pish poor performance are numbered... I, like many, travelled to Hull, Cov,Crewe, Derby, Wolves and and and...... Not for much longer because how much of a fool did I feel yesterday. To say that for 75 mins we made Burnley look good would be an understatement. What the heXX was the hoofing the ball up the field about? We were awful (and thats being kind), and to add salt in the wounds Huckers said in the pink un that it was a must win match, really ?????? At least we could, or rather should, have seen a bit of passion. Gutted, Gutted, Gutted................ Go Now NIGE, just be a memory please..............( and a bad one at that)!
  5. Well said Wiz, I too would love to see Worthless take a walk but that doesnt mean I would like to see the club lose....Happens too often as it is :-(
  6. I would like to think that players like Huckers do understand how the fans feel, I would like to believe that it would not cause a player to walk. Otherwise how many players would be left at teams like Newcastle, Boro etc etc etc...........
  7. Whats all this talk about banning people ????? Unless someone is a ipsxxt fan and is posting cack about the club, then surely everyone has a right here to say what they want? If I see a thread written by someone who''s style of writing winds me up I have the right to either read it or as I do in most cases ignore it....Come on lad''s and lasses we are still one club and I know that the vast majority of posters here love the club.....Free speech is a great thing [:D]
  8. Saw this and wondered what you would all make of it, seems that the team are getting more and more rattled by the atmosphere at the ruud........  Oh well :), such is life, maybe the club will one day take notice of the fans ?????      http://new.edp24.co.uk/content/sport/story.aspx?brand=EDPOnline&category=Sport&tBrand=EDPOnline&tCategory=sport&itemid=NOED03%20Mar%202006%2020%3A31%3A55%3A330    
  9. I agree that it must be frustrating to be in a reserve team like Chelsea, but on the other hand, after watching the lads playing last week I can say that most of them would not look out of place in a Championship team already. The skills that they must pick up training with the first team must make it worthwhile. A few of the lads in particular sticks in mind and would love to see them in a Yellow shirt, Nicklas Bendtner and Arturo Lupoli (Arsenal). Both the keepers were excellant. Danny Hollands and  Jimmy Smith (Chelsea). As I stated earlier the match was a refreshing change to see players battling like mad and not going for freekicks, staying on their feet and giving 100 percent all through the match. I dont know if this is normal in a reserve match or if it being a London derby helped spur the lads on, as it was the first reserve fixture I have attended. It certainly wont be the last.....
  10. Ok, this season hasnt produced many truely magical moments BUT, in an attempt to post a positive thread, howabout we all on (KTFs and WOs) think back to a moment that still makes you smile and think only good things??? For me, showing the big bad boys of Bayern Munchen (especially Lothar Mattias) that a little known team from  Norfolk could work miracles again a supposed unbeatable squad of superstars, was close...... The winner would be as a young(ish) lad watching Fash score the goal of the century against Liverpool. The stunned silence from the crowd until a massive roar erupted not only from the Norwich end but also from the scousers too. A moment that will be a bench mark for me when judging awesome goals. Spent a bit of time thinking aout this and it certainly brought some good moments to mind (and a few bad....), I hope that it brings a smile to a few of you too........
  11. If you actually read my post you might sense a wee bit of irony and, dare I say it, humour???????
  12. Was in Aldershot on tuesday evening and watched the Arsenal V Chelsea reserves match, some of the talent on the pitch from both sides was great. Infact the worst player on the pitch was Carlton Cole, Paulo Ferreira played too.  
  13. [quote user="bethan sommerfield"]they do wanna play 4 worthy, if you have read some other posts some people have sai they obviously feel sorry 4 worthy because when SOME fans started singin WORTHY OUT they started 2 preform better!!![/quote]   Thats it then, for the sake of the club no matter which camp you sit in (WO or KTF), if some of the players performance improves by the "Worthy out" chants..... then after three ladies and gents " We want Worthy out we want Worthy out". Remember you are not being disloyal you are helping the club out of a sticky situation........   [:P]
  14. I would tend to disagree Squit, everyone I spoke to at Hull said that the sooner that Worthless goes the better. I would not doubt your commitment to the club, but as you seem to be rather outspoken on this topic I would ask that you spend a few minutes speaking to other canaries and see if they agree, judging by what I have heard during the last few weeks and months they do not. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, however, just because we East Anglians dont go mad like Newcastle, Sunderland, Southampton et al doesnt mean that we do not care, just means that we are generally supportive of the 11 lads on the pitch.    As for a lot of people leaving before the end of the match at Hull, I disagree.  In fact there was a mass exodus of Hull support leaving way ahead of Norwich fans.  We stayed and applauded the players, as they did us.  A gesture that didnt go unnoticed or unappreciated.        
  15. I couldnt agree more with you Silverfox, after the Wolves match when Nigel stated that he was angered by the players lack of passion and apologised for the lacklustre performance of the squad I (misguidedly) changed my view of the bloke and thought wow, this is a new start and maybe he does mean business and could this be a u turn for the fortunes of the lub. Alas a few months on and it really hasnt changed one bit. The team perform badly, then the unchosen one bleats that some players did excellant and the one player who i thought did an above average performance (PMV) ws said to be ok......Grrrrrrrrrr.  Maybe he has a playstation in the dugout and is playing a different game to the one we are watching on the pitch ?????? Your reference to being a laughing stock couldnt be more spot on it you tried. The terraces in the last few away games have echoed to "your shxx and you know you are" and "premiership you having a laugh" chants that sometimes as an ardent NCFC lad I have with embaressment have to agree with. I love the club and to watch them getting beaten by lesser teams is hurting like mad.
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