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  1. We interviewed Oliver Skipp for the ACN podcast this week, if anyone here is interested. Plnety about Jose, Farke, VAR and loads more. Available here, the link should take you to your favourite podcast player http://podfollow.com/alongcomenorwich
  2. Hi All, Hope it's ok to post here but we've just released issue 4 of our print fanzine for pre-sale. Loads of brilliant original writing and artwork, from the best and brightest NCFC people (in our view) Anyway, if you're interested, available at the link below. alongcomenorwich.com/merch P.S. Thanks to everyone who bought a face mask, in the end we raised £6,100 for local charities. OTBC
  3. Hi Guys, given the government guidance around visiting shops, we'll be ordering a few more NCFC face masks in, pre-order yours at alongcomenorwich.com/merch They should be arriving with us around 27 July and we'll post them as soon as they arrive. A couple of pictures of the masks from the last run below. Thanks to all who purchased previously, we have managed to donate over £3000 to charities like Leeway, New Routes and Norwich CIty's Community Sports Foundation. with some of the profits.
  4. Actually so many people have asked we've just ordered some more from the supplier. Fill your boots here: alongcomenorwich.com/merch
  5. sorry, they are all sold out now.
  6. I believe this has been done Bill, you know the answer
  7. Hopefully this is allowed here. In case anyone likes their content in physical form still, we've just put issue 3 of our print fanzine out for pre-order. Features published authors, radio commentators, an interview with Robert Fleck and loads of great writing. Alongcomenorwich.com/merch
  8. For anyone that visited the site and saw we'd sold out - we've just placed another order with the supplier so all varieties now available again...
  9. Thanks to everyone who has bought a mask, it will allow us to make a significant donation to local charities very soon. In case anyone is interested we released a couple of new designs for pre-order yesterday, available at http://Alongcomenorwich.com/merch
  10. We're still undecided whether to donate all the proceeds to one (something like Norwich City's CSF) or to support other projects such as food banks, etc.
  11. Half the profits in fairness Diane, I wish we could do half the £12!
  12. Plus shipping at £3.50. Still cheaper than ours, but they're not egg and cress ;)
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