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  1. Hi FTW, it's definitely something that we're looking into over at ACN and BEN. Canaries Trust are keen too. We'd also want to try and ensure other fan groups nationally participate. Bournemouth is a good call, my personal fear would be that it's a mammoth game for the team, and is that the best time to do something and possibly overshadow actually backing the boys? All efforts will probably be focused from our end on creating the best visual display in the ground to let the team know we're right behind them. However, we want to do something impactful, and we want to do it soon.
  2. Puntino

    ACN print fanzine issue 2

    Just for anyone still interested, the fanzines are available in Blades of Norwich on Pottergate now, and PW Sears on Unthank Road. £5.00 for pick up, obviously a bit more online to cover P and P.
  3. Puntino

    ACN print fanzine issue 2

    Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy so far. Should be shipped next week.
  4. Hi all, for anyone that enjoys ACN (realise there's a few that don't) we've just launched issue 2 of our print fanzine. Available to pre-order at the link below, all profits going towards future flag displays at the Carra Alongcomenorwich.com/merch
  5. Puntino

    ACN live event on Saturday

    I know mate, taken in that spirit
  6. Puntino

    ACN live event on Saturday

    The music and q and a is £5, the pint is free Jim
  7. Hi All We're doing a live event at the club for anyone interested. Live music, Q and A with Darren Huckerby/Michael Bailey, a free pint and discounted ACN merch. Link to tickets below, just £5 for all that. Come and join us from 2pm (if you like, obvs) https://www.alongcomenorwich.com/product/acn-live-14th-september-tickets/
  8. Puntino


    Just in case anyone is still interested, still available online in ever diminishing numbers. Alongcomenowich.com/merch You can also pick them up from Blades on Pottergate or P W Sears on Unthank Road, and avoid P and P.
  9. Puntino


    You're saying that like he hasn't been to meetings already.....
  10. 'Dismissed out of hand'. Either that or explained why it's probably not possible and even if it was would be extremely difficult to pull off.
  11. Great idea Dunc. It also comes in a massive pallet, so probably more like 30 stone all told. In all seriousness though, if the hurdles we have to jump with NCFC (often for very good reason) are in place at Wigan, then the effort isn't worth it for one individual game. Couple that with the fact we don't know where various members of the group will be situated, whether a surfer would actually fit the stand properly and it becomes even more of a headache. Not sure I know a Norwich fan who doesn't own a scarf. Hopefully they can all bring one. Or wear something yellow and green. Job done. Oh and TIL - you seem to have loads of ideas. Maybe contact the club with them?
  12. In fairness there's still plenty of those £5 scarves I think. Plus most people have a scarf. Reckon that's the way forward.
  13. Hi TIL, I'll be at the game, although logistically I'm not sure we could do the surfer and would require a fair amount of goodwill from Wigan's end. Add to that it weighs nearly 10 stone so actually transporting it is a bit of a nightmare too. A wall of scarves and shirts is probably much more achieveable and easier.