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  1. Yes, they will be. Should have enough volunteers for now, but if anyone wants to help with putting them out for future matches just email alongcomenorwich @ gmail.com
  2. Thanks - yes you can come in ahead of turnstiles and leave before the match usually.
  3. Good suggestion @TIL 1010, we are talking to them about getting some flags for away games too.
  4. Thanks FTW. It's a tricky one, we have definitely struggled to get enough people to put out and collect flags of late, which, coupled with some general apathy and dare I say it, disconnect in the fanbase, has meant we didn't necessarily think it was the best thing to do. Last season we stopped doing flags because a lot of people just seemed to have had enough of them, they were barely being waved in the Barclay. I acknowledge that has probably changed now. Due to a change in personal circumstances I can't be there to put them out as often as I'd like and others have had similar things crop up as well. I think this is the same for the Barclay End Norwich gents too. In summary, we definitely want to get back to doing displays and the club are keen too, but we might need to rethink how we do it and whether we need additional volunteers. @TIL 1010 - I don't log in here often but I did see your other recent post when I signed in today. If you're up for helping for games moving forward it would be very much appreciated. Maybe email us at alongcomenorwich@gmail.com and we can add your name in for future lists? Might be good to target the first game back after the World Cup but I'll discuss that with our group and the BEN guys as well. Also re the crowd surfers that's a whole other thing, and some of them might be in a state of disrepair for various reasons around the lack of appropriate storage we've been provided, but we need to check out the condition of them soon to confirm this.
  5. Hi All Jon here from ACN, I don't really post here anymorre but someone alerted me to the fact the flags were being debated, so hopefully we can provide some clarity for people. 1. The small waving flags are indeed kept in a cupboard through the men's toilets in the Lower Barclay. Some of them have been broken, got dirty or have just been taken home by people, so the numbers of them have dwindled a bit, but we still have enough for a good coverage of the Barclay Lower. There was an intention to have them out for Saturday, but the number of volunteers who were available was limited (early kick off time compounded this) so we took a call not to put them out. We'd rather a full display than something half hearted. Hope people can appreciate that. There was also a strong feeling toward the end of last season that people were getting annoyed with them and they were barely being waved. We can appreciate that and took the decision for one game to relocate them to the River End which actually worked really well. 2. The surfers - we'd love to re-use them and have actively been exploring that with the club, along with some possible new surfers. The only issue here is that there was never really a proper place to store them, which meant at least a couple of them lived outside in all weathers and need repair or jet washing. We're following up on that. 3. Funding - the flag displays were previously subject to a crowdfunder but more recently we've just used revenue from merch sales. 4. The displays are usually a joint effort between ACN and Barclay End Norwich. 5. I still attend every home game, but have often moved my season ticket into the South Stand from my usual seat in the Lower Barclay so I can take my 10 year old who has just started attending. Lawny makes a few matches each season too. Hope that answers everybody's questions. If people have any suggestions for what they'd like to see on matchdays, or would like to get involved with volunteering to put flags out or help with displays (it really does take quite a lot of time and many hands make light work) then get in touch, alongcomenorwich@gmail.com OTBC
  6. HI All For anyone interested we recorded a pod last night with everyone's favourite Norwich City defensive mid, Alex Tettey Link below, or available on your usual podcast players: https://soundcloud.com/along-come/we-are-norwich-acn-pod-88?si=bd2c237dfb5245a1b5bf91eccf4f465e
  7. For anyone interested, we're asking people to bring their scarves on Saturday and to hold them aloft as the players enter the pitch and during the pre-match OTBC. Here's why: https://www.alongcomenorwich.com/articles/acn-barclay-end-norwich-plans-for-watford/
  8. Hi All, In case any of you are interested we have a signed #ForTheFans shirt available. For a chance to win it tickets can be purchased for £5 at alongcomenorwich.com/merch Tickets available until midday tomorrow, 8 July, all procceeds going to NCFC's Community Sports Foundation. Cheers Jon
  9. In case anyone is interested, we started taking pre-orders for issue 5 of our print fanzine today. Loads of great original writing and artwork, available at the link below: alongcomenorwich.com/merch
  10. We interviewed Oliver Skipp for the ACN podcast this week, if anyone here is interested. Plnety about Jose, Farke, VAR and loads more. Available here, the link should take you to your favourite podcast player http://podfollow.com/alongcomenorwich
  11. Hi All, Hope it's ok to post here but we've just released issue 4 of our print fanzine for pre-sale. Loads of brilliant original writing and artwork, from the best and brightest NCFC people (in our view) Anyway, if you're interested, available at the link below. alongcomenorwich.com/merch P.S. Thanks to everyone who bought a face mask, in the end we raised £6,100 for local charities. OTBC
  12. Hi Guys, given the government guidance around visiting shops, we'll be ordering a few more NCFC face masks in, pre-order yours at alongcomenorwich.com/merch They should be arriving with us around 27 July and we'll post them as soon as they arrive. A couple of pictures of the masks from the last run below. Thanks to all who purchased previously, we have managed to donate over £3000 to charities like Leeway, New Routes and Norwich CIty's Community Sports Foundation. with some of the profits.
  13. Actually so many people have asked we've just ordered some more from the supplier. Fill your boots here: alongcomenorwich.com/merch
  14. sorry, they are all sold out now.
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