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  1. I cannot get excited by the crab-like passing, which results in a complete lack of opportunities. The last 10 minutes showed what we can do when we abandon the strategy and go direct. We have the players who can get us promoted, but the system is flaccid..... But I''ll take an away draw on the first day of the season
  2. Whoops.... Barren Munich.... But over those two legs it surely was....
  3. Surely the whole ''special'' thing is down to who sees anything as special, not what the criteria are for being so. Ipswich are just as special to the people who misguidedly support that team. I don''t mind. The Mighty Yellows are special to me because I remember buying my first rosette and rattle v Cardiff the year we first got promoted to the top tier. The night the fog came down against Chelsea in the semi final of the League Cup. The pain of two lost League Cup finals. The greater pain of two lost FA Cup Semi Finals. Barren Munich. The punch up on the pitch versus Arsenal. Steve Grapes. Michael Theoklitas. Special isn''t better. It''s just different. And I love our love all of it. I agree, a temporary Sporting Director saying we''re special is a bit blaaaah, but just because we don''t believe him doesn''t mean we should not wallow in and celebrate our weird kind of uniqueness. And our colours will always make us special. COYY
  4. Lincoln Canary, I think you''re absolutely right that it''s fine to make judgments, be they good or bad. But to be so negative, so soon and with so much certainty seems way premature. If we had a striker who had scored two goals a game for the first four we would naturally be ecstatic, and it might rightly be suggested that he would score 20+ goals and be a massive boost to the team, giving us a better chance of promotion. But I don''t think we''d be saying that because of this (and maybe some other new signings who had also hit the ground running) that we would be odds on for automatic promotion, after four games. Judgment in what we''ve seen is entirely reasonable. As is your own judgment on how you see the season working out from here. But this ''it''s obvious that so many of them are not good enough and the whole-scale changes that we made are clearly not working'' seems a very premature overreaction. Of course we don''t like losing, nor playing poorly, but I think a bit more context (no, I don''t think pre-season and four games gives us enough evidence to accurately predict end of season standings) and more time (Christmas in my view to get all this newness working properly) needs to be allowed to enable any of our judgments to be more credible.
  5. [quote user="Herman"]4 games and you are acting like this. What are you proposing we should do now? Get rid of this lot, get in another load, wait 4 games and if they''re not good enough get in another load? It is not enough time to make a stupid judgement like you have made. The 4 you are picking on have only been in England for a couple of months, and are still learning how frantic the English game is FFS.Stop making ridiculous knee-jerk reactions and give the guys a break.[/quote] I mean, I agree with all this...
  6. Nonsense re saying new signings are not good enough. What is certainly true is that some of them have not played well enough to date. But many are young. Many are new to English football. Many are playing together for the first time. Most are adapting to new system. That does NOT mean we should all sit back and just wait for it all to miraculously get better: a lot of hard work needs to be put into this. If not we will continue to see the kind of defending we saw in the first half at Villa. The point is we really don''t know whether they''re good enough or not yet. That will be evident on the basis of whether, over time, they improve and adapt. I guess our views are shaped by what we expected from this season. I expected it to be a learning exercise, with some bumps and mistakes along the way. Certainly not promotion. So, as long as we see improvements over time, and the system beginning to gel, and the new players being able to better understand each other, and that they''re generally learning from errors, then I would be happy with that. And - in my opinion - we cannot come close to judging how the season might pan out from 4 games. If it doesn''t improve markedly over a sensible time period (I would say by Christmas) then I''ll be worried and maybe alternative action will be needed, but four games, with so many injuries and all the other factors mentioned? Yes, much has been poor, but to extrapolate that over half a season / a season is highly presumptuous I feel.
  7. Agreed. The team / individual players have a lot of shaping up to do. Some parts of yesterday''s game were worrying, in part because it reminded us of some of the same weaknesses as last year. But, wow, how the general tide of opinion has turned. The more extreme views will probably stay quite constant. The ''False Dawn'' brigade will say ''told you so'' and the less critical folks may just say ''we played some lovely possession football''. But the general feeling after Fulham was majorly positive. The feeling after yesterday majorly negative. Some good reasons for some concerns. But I feel like we''ve all been in The Titanic. Last week after Fulham we were setting out optimistically from port and this week we''re sinking. It''s not the change of tone, but the extent of that change. The extent of the anger. Everyone is entitled to it, but it doesn''t half feel extreme. There were times last season when I vented and gnashed re what was going on, but after one game, and after the positives of Fulham? Scarily unbalanced.
  8. Thanks for all the info all... so looks like I have a live game to look forward to.
  9. I''ve got the iFollow Gizmo, but haven''t been able to work out whether the Sunderland game is on it. I am assuming that the game is on Sky... does that prevent it being on iFollow? Don''t want to have to resort to the dreaded stream... last Saturday cut out entirely with 10 minutes to go....missed goal and all that went after it... Anyone know the answer? Thanks
  10. Zoe Nalmarking for defensive coach? More like Neina Markierung...
  11. A good player. Plenty of flair. Plenty of passion. If that can be harnessed to inspire the team more, great. But, if in some small way he becomes a regular disruption / distraction to the team he has to go. Not worth sacrificing the sense of togetherness, particularly in a season where so few first team players have played together and need gelling. It''s not about how good he is or how motivated he may be, but whether he is the catalyst or saboteur of the team love-in. If the players are saying ''Ooooh, bless Nelson, he''s bonkers, love him to death, but someone stop him from self-destructing'' then let''s have more. If, on the other hand, they''re all whispering ''Arrogant little Portuguese Plucker'' then, then probably au revoir if it carries on. And that comes down partly to how he''s managed and partly what his actual personality is below the goal celebration. We''ve all got friends who, if they behaved that way, we''d be wetting our pants. But, others we''d be sharpening our knives... Nothing to do with what they did or how they did it, but more based on who they are and how the group view them. Anyone know what he''s like and whether he''s The Lovable Clown or The Arrogant Plick?
  12. Surely the point is that no coach joins a club because of its history, but because of its current set up and potential. Which is why he would not have joined them.
  13. I think Daniel F looks like Roger Federer''s ever-so-slightly-evil older brother, and Eddie Riemer looks like a younger Schumacher. Anyway, the whole thing is certainly a Far''kry from the days of AN....
  14. Well, bad or good, this has at least given us some entertainment. Maybe McNally thought he should do what the players haven''t. But a seemingly daft I''ve resigned / no I haven''t / oh all right then, I have, seems a tad bizarre even by Stephen Fry''s comedic standards. Next it will be revealed that Neil (Doncs, not Alex) is coming back as Chief Scout and Mike Phelan is coming down from the stand to replace Alex Neil in the middle of the second half of the Watford game....
  15. How can you simply say he''s made ''few mistakes'' when his avoidable errors led to Arsenal and Man City''s goals. I think that''s way too charitable
  16. Ruddy is Number One on past merit, not present. I do not have confidence in him right now and he needs replacing.... His head has gone
  17. Many seem to think they were a tad lucky, some thought a draw was a fair result, but there were several compliments, including "I thought they were very very good this afternoon. A solid premiership opposition in the making''.
  18. Here we are again, breezing into things, occasionally frustrating, some signs of promise, but no major dramas   Your one sentence comment on the match please......
  19. Look (as all Australians start sentences with, and look how good they are at predicting outcomes) , it may feel shitty if we lose this game, but nothing will clarify how much has to be done and the additional players that need to be brought in before the transfer deadline than a sobering home loss. I don''t want it, but it may just be the reality check that is needed very early on to get things in focus before it''s too late.
  20. ...errrr, I should have perhaps added, those who live in Hong Kong....
  21. Was wondering if there were any other souls from Norfolk and beyond who would like to get together for games this season? Let me know!
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