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  1. For me, Hooper was very good. He seems to never lose the ball, his first touch is exquisite.
  2. Would love him here, a couple of reasons i don''t think it will happen though.1) I seem to remember we couldn''t agree personal terms, did he want   more money than we are willing to offer?2) He says that he misses his team mates and style of play at Ajax.  Do we play the same way as Ajax, does this really matter or is it just an excuse that Toby has come up with to get out of Madrid?
  3. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]I agree that there should not be a need for gay players to come out,   but nor should there be the need to hide that they are.   So while players feel a pressure to hide their sexuality there remains a problem both in and out of football that needs addressing.   When a footballer comes out and its not news then we know we dont need to discuss it. [/quote]Agree, would it be such an issue if the media didn''t make it front page headlines?
  4. To be honest, I''m not sure I agree with all this players that are gay need to come out rubbish.I don''t care who a player is bedding as long as he can score on the pitch too! Whilst the support for Mr Hitzlsperger has been mostly positive they all seem to be messages of support and how the fans are right behind him. He isn''t dying, he is just gay.I honestly believe that whilst people apply pressure for players to come out as gay, there will always be a backdrop of homophobia in football.Maybe some of the heterosexual players should let us know they are so that we can rally around them.
  5. [quote user="hazza9"]Centre back, midfielder and if Becchio leaves then we would need to replace him.[/quote]Hi Hazza9Interesting that you would like to replace Becchio if he left, for what reason?As far as I can see he doesn''t play anyway and we seem to use the same 3 strikers, we also have Carlton Morris.Would there be much point in replacing him? I would rather give our own youth a chance if we ever got as desperate as needing becchio.
  6. We need a winger, a Central Midfielder and I would like to see a new Center Half, albeit that could wait until the summer.Some suggestions: Harry Arter - Decent ball playing midfielder, perhaps not the type of CM we need at the minute.Wilson Palacios - Media Reports suggesting that he is available for 500k, not sure how accurate the reports are and must be on a fair old whack!Abdi Ibrahim- Think i''ve spelt that wrong. See the other thread(s) about him.John Guidetti- can play wide or out and out striker. Loan?Dedrick Boyata - Wouldn''t mind signing him as future/first team competition. him and Bennett could be the future.Other than that I am not sure who we can realistically go for, hoping McNally and friends surprise us all though!
  7. I''ve seen the lad play a couple of times, you can tell that he has a certain amount of class about him. In the two games I watched him play he did try some stupid things and end up costing a goal on one occasion and giving away a dangerous free kick in another.To be honest with you, whilst I can see him developing into a decent player, would rather have some experienced players at the minute.
  8. I think the answer to the OP needs to be based on what you ambition/expectation is for Norwich as a club.If you could Guarantee Chris would keep us in the league year in year out, then yes, I would keep him.If you believe that we can build on that and maintain top half finishes, cup runs etc then I am not sure I would. It would be silly to sacrifice safety for the risk a new manager would bring though. I think every team in the bottom half of our league would be saying they have a realistic chance of cup runs and improving on league position though.
  9. I''d like to see Luciano given 90 minutes.Put out a team like:                                BunnMartin     Bennett      Turner           Garrido J Murphy    McGheehan   Johnson        J Muprhy                       Bechio     Wolkswinkel Give the youth a chance and match fitness for wolfy
  10. I''d like to see the following team:                                        RuddyMartin           Bennett                     Bassong         Olson                                                 Johnson             Fer Redmond                                                 Snodgrass                       Wolfy                                           Hooper Redmond put in some good balls with his right foot over the last couple of games, not so much with his left.I think we can get a draw out of the game but it will be a score draw.COME ON YOU YELLOWS
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