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  1. [quote user="if youre rubbish and you know it clap your hands"]i really must take issue with this Helveg was great nonsense...on paper yes...but crab like lethargic passing to opposition forwards was his speciality[/quote]   don''t start on Helveg, that was the biggest bout of mis management I have witnessed at carrow road.   The guy played the opening two games and in my "opinion" didn''t do anything that bad, Giggs would and does give most right backs a hard time and bear in mind this was his first ever game in any English league let alone the prem.   He was then dropped and we were subjected to weeks of Edworthy, not a bad championship player, but certainly didn''t play any better than Helveg and against weaker opposition.   Helveg eventually gets another crack, but this time out of position in midfield!!!   By now his international coach is causing ruptions and the pressure is building.   Helveg actually has 2 or 3 pretty decent games in the middle and that conicides with an upturn in our fortunes  (I think, memory already fading).  He played a few more games towards the end of the season in his preferred position and we were doing okay then.  Just imagine what would have happened if he had been given a decent 8 straight games at right back and not had all the pressure of his international coach etc.   To say his passing was awful is short sighted like the players he was trying to pass to.  Helveg was actually passing into the spaces players should have been moving into, but weren''t.  After a few games he realised this and started passing appropiately, still far better than the favoured Holt and the lazy Francis. Anyway the biggest problem is that Helveg and Edworthy were both let go.  Okay Eddy wanted a better deal, but Helveg only left because of all the rubbish from his international coach about not getting games etc.  Imagine being Helveg and watching Eddy, Holt, Flemming and Charlton start before you!!!  We are then lumbered with Colin and.........who was that other guy, anyone seen him????  
  2. [quote user="chicken"][quote user="StevenageFan"] a1 used to post interesting facts and opinions, now seems hell bent on rubbishing anyone that doesn''t like Worthy, scratching head...... [/quote] I''m sorry - since when have your comments been squeeky clean? I seem to remember you can shoot down people who post supporting Worthington so why cant A1 shoot down those that don''t? No thats just how the outers want it -their voice only so they can dictate what is good or not good for this club! Well and truly behind you on this one A1. [/quote] Chicken, show me a post where I have shot someone down for having an opinion and I will apologise.  I only ever express my opinion and I also asume that everyone else does the same, but of late more and more people are getting damn right offensive on here.  Categorising all WO as rabble, morons etc. and then getting all upset and offended is someone disagrees, its all childish tosh. The only reason I picked up on A1''s comments is because he/she has always posted well thought out and interesting posts that I enjoy reading.   If you had typed the same I would have just ignored it because you have taken the whole WO V KTF situation way too far and sometimes way too personally.
  3. it''s not about stopping being a supporter.   That''s the big problem with this whole WO out Versus KTF rubbish.   Allot of KTF''ers think that because some fans are screaming for Nigels head they are not proper supporters.  The ones screaming for Nigel''s head do so because they are so passionate about the future of the club they want someone they beleive to be more capable in charge. If you haven''t already guessed I am a Worthy outer and that doesn''t make me any less of a supporter.  I sing for the team from kick off until the point when I realise the team just aren''t putting in the effort I and thousands of others around me are.  Then I usually choose to remain quiet, but since the second half of the QPR game I beleive being more vocal against Worthy will do more good than harm.
  4. a1 used to post interesting facts and opinions, now seems hell bent on rubbishing anyone that doesn''t like Worthy, scratching head......
  5. I seem to remember starting this season saying that with a little bit of money spent on right back, right midfield and someone to replace Francis and we would be fine.   Now another season later someone is saying it again.   Nigel has spent over £5M, how much more are we going to let him waste. We need a Manager that can hang onto decent players, not have to keep buying and getting in loans at every opportunity. I must admit, although I openly said Nigel was a poor tactical and people manager last season, I still thought we would get straight back up this season.   I do not thing we have any chance with the current shambles this time around.
  6. [quote user="chicken"]I think what he is trying to say is that our form has picked up some. To be honest with you I really dont get that people arnt happy with the style of football. Last season people wanted a more rough and ready Norwich to battle their way to safety like Bolton/Blackburn. I think if we were in the play-offs or auto spot playing this sort of football there would be no complaints. To me all of the issues are releated. Few of the players have confidence especially because of the booing and insults which means they probably arnt enjoying their football right now. If you dont enjoy your football then you wont be playing to your best. When I am on form for my team I am confident - I do the simple things well and even pull off more of the difficult things. This season has been tough most people say a season to forget. I wont forget it - I will remember it as the season that a section of the crowd didnt get behind the team, didnt support the team and effectively undermined any chances we had of achieving this season. I will put down to learning though and hope that next season is an improvement in all departments . . . [/quote]   I wasn''t even going to bother posting on yet another spin the stats thread until I saw Chickens reply. Chicken, honestly, have you been to all the home games and if yes where do you sit? I sit in the upper Barclay and from where I sit, virtually next to the away fans, Norwich fans have consistantly outsung them and been positive minded week in week out.   The only game where there was a frosty atmosphere has been the QPR game.   A few games before that the atmosphere was dull to say the least, but there is absolutely no way you can blame portions of the crowd for our results, that is ridiculous.  I am fed up with seeing you trying to blame supporters for the teams rubbish performances.   Nigel and the team have delivered consistantly poor performances and poor tactics for over 2 seasons now , that cannot be blamed on the crowd who 99.9% of the time are in fine voice. If a player of a professional football club can only play well if the fans sing for him, what kind of player is he????  Ridiculous. I will say it again, the paying fans have every right to voice concerns at a time of the season when there has been nothing left to play for.  Had the team and Nigel done the job and we had still been in with a chance you wouldn''t have seen the negatitve atmosphere as you did against QPR.   I for one and I know Zipper too, voiced concerns over Nigel''s ability as a top flight Manager well before Xmas last season when he made ridiculous squad selections then.  He hasn''t shown any signs of learning from his mistakes and finally a lot more fans recognise the guy cannot take us any further.   For goodness sake he has spent £5M and we still turn out rubbish performance, after rubbish performance. I have nothing against Nigel, he has been a great servant of the club and we have enjoyed some good times with him, but in terms of taking the club forward just what has he acheived????   Is the squad any better?   NO Are the performances better?  NO Have we gone forwards in terms of leagues?  NO Are our finances better?  A bit, but that shouldn''t be the Managers job anyway. You talk about players needing time to bed in, well ask why?   Because he has been unable to get a squad that wants to play for him, for Norwich and stay together and move forwards.  He is always juggling the team with new journeymen, rejects from other ambitious clubs, loan signings etc.  I don''t know all the stats, but just how much has he spent and just what have we got to show for it?   Huckerby, Earshaw, Doc and Safri the only signings he has made that I rate. 
  7. as usual that is hearsay.  Just becaused "some" people you know think Norwich''s name is being dragged through the mud you think it is okay to come on here and blame all the WO fans. I sit next to a QPR fan at work and he doesn''t think Norwich are a laughing stock at all.  He can see why our fans are upset and has sympathy for us.   That doesn''t mean everyone feels the same, of course some people will think we are stupid, especially opposition fans.  It is a chance for opposition fans to get on our backs and make a bad season worse. Think before you post majority based opinions just because one or two people say so.
  8. [quote user="a1canary"]i just can''t imagine what it''s like playing at CR at the moment. i''ve never seen nor heard anything like it before anywhere. the players have said the same and i can only guess what it does for how they feel about playing there and for norwich generally. personally, if i was a player my attitude would be "s*d you then, i''m off to play for a club where the fans appreciate the players..." yes, those who boo the players, the team, cheer the opposition''s goals etc can say it''s only directed at the manger but the fact is it''s not. that might be the intent but the effect is exactly the same as booing the players and blaming the players. it seems to me that the team will have to win every game from start to finish next season to get CR back to how it was in our promotion season and i find that very depressing. the team is behind the manager, the board is behind the manager and he''s not going anywhere. we start next season with a clean slate, so i just pray the fans can unite behind the whole club next season. otherwise, we could be in for another season like this one, which will see players leaving, and only then might people see the manager leave, but at a terrible cost of having to rebuild on a shoestring, minus the parachute payments. and who will want to come and manage us then? this season has been a write off, no question, but we had no divine right to come back up and we have got another chance next season with a still strong squad that is starting to bed in. it''s time people woke up to where we are heading if the current atmosphere and attitude remains. [/quote]   OMG talk about make a mountain out of a mole hill.   The so called terrible atmosphere that you talk about at Carrow has only been at the last 4 or 5 home matches and only really been in the minority until the QPR game.   STOP PRESS people our season is over, the supposed WO brigade only started its protesting once our chances of the play offs were out of sight and well done them.  The first few protests were outside the ground not in it.  The QPR game has been the only real show of unrest inside the ground.  Yes there has been boo''ing of certain players (which I don''t agree with) all season, but from small sections of the ground.  The majority of fans have been giving there all to support the team all season, blind faith some might say.   All this rubbish about fans appreciating players, do you really think Andy Hughes gives a flying wotsit when he looks at his bank balance?  Do you think he goes home and cries to his family that the nasty fans boo''ed him and he wants to leave and find a new club?  I can see from the mans character there is no way he does that, he tries his hardest God bless him to win the crowd back over.   If the crowd has been on his back all season long then I would have some sympathy for him, but they haven''t.  I think some people hear some fans in their area boo''ing or moaning about a player and automatically think the whole ground is doing it, there are 25,000 people in the ground not just the 20 or so around you that moan all season long. We fans pay thousands of pounds to support this team and if we are unhappy with a poor season when our potential has not been met, then it is our right to voice our protests and may I add when our season is over, nothing to play for.  I have supported City all my life and always will do, but I agree with the Worthy Out chants because I can''t see him improving this team and I want someone else to have a crack at it.  If Worthy is still in charge next season I will be back to singing OTBC etc as I have done every match apart from the QPR one.   I am fed with all these do gooders making out the WO fans are causing poor performances and maybe causing players to leave - hahaha that''s the biggest load of tosh I have ever read on here.   If you think Andy Hughes leaving cos he gets boo''ed is bad then what do you think about Paul McVeigh having to prove his worth to Mr Worthington week in week out and fight for his contract?????   Utter nonsense. STOP making mountains out of mole hills.  The season is over.  Let people air their frustrations now, it is their right to do so.  When the new season starts whoever is in charge the mighty Carrow Road faithfull and the fantastic travelling Yella and Green Army will be back in full voice.  If any players leave because the last few games have had a bad atmosphere and they don''t look at themselves and think about why has there been a bad atmosphere, then they don''t deserve to wear the City kit anyway and good riddance. 
  9. I thought it would go without saying that fans would start backing the team again come next season whoever is in charge.   The real momentum behind the Worthy Out campaign started when we had nothing left to play for and we were still witnessing rubbish football and poor tactics.   Come a new season of course support is the order of the day. Like Zipper said surely now is the time to protest especially on the last game of the season with the result being meaningless.   If there are no protests Delia bless her will think we are all happy with our first away win this year and everything is okay agian. All those that think Worthy is okay, just sit back and take a long hard look.  If we do beat Wolves we will have finished 10 points off the play offs, thats only 3 more wins and a draw away from the play offs with what has been an absolute pile of rubbish football that I watched at virtually every home match this season.  My point is this league has been awful, we should and could have beaten every single team we have played at home, I haven''t seen one decent side come to Carrow Road.  The only person responsible for such consistantly bad performances is Nigel.  That doesn''t even include our away form which has been even worse, we could and should have done it at home.  If any of you accept 7th place as an okay season, well I don''t know what to say to you apart from did you actually watch those displays?
  10. Peter Reid said he is looking to come back into Managing and would be looking at the Championship, had lots of offers already, but none he liked. What do you think of him?   Too expensive?  I don''t honestly know.
  11. Rossi I have read the thread again and apologies, credit where credit is due it was you that raised the point in the first place, well done that man :-)
  12. Ay, you''re right there Navman, the bells you hear are mine. Invites are hopefully out soon, also the stag do at Carrow Road invite as soon as I can pin point a date.
  13. good post with very good points Rossi, I agree with everything you say there. I have renewed my ticket, but fortunately won''t have to make tough decisions because due to weekend work commitments this coming year will be letting my 2 Uncle''s use it more than me.  One point you didn''t make is that even if Worthy does go in the summer and a new man comes in , what happens if they make little, no, or worse difference to Nigel?  The current KTF''ers will be even more at the throats of those that wanted Nigel gone.  There are more scenarios that will see this board and possibly most of the fans split down the middle for a long time.  The only thing that will unite us all again is improvement, but even then the "I told you so" people will keep some level of rift going.
  14. Sons of Bodicea hit the nail on the head in another thread and I felt it was worth a new thread. When Delia, God love her, thought the fans were not doing their job she marched onto the pitch with Microphone in hand and screamed like a Banshee at us all. At the time it was bloomin embarrasing, loads of criticism from opposition fans, media etc.  However, we turned an embarrasing situation into a positive one.  The club made Delia "let''s be havin you" T-shirts which sold and made the club more money.  The fans now sing "Lets be avin you" loud and proud. However, when the fans think the Manager is not doing his job and call for his sacking, they are called mindless yobs, rabble and whatever else by half the crowd that disagree apparently with freedom of speech.  Maybe because they think it is embarrasing, maybe because they don''t agree, that''s not clear because no one actually explains why they are so disgusted with the chants (excluding boo''ing Hughes). If they think it''s embarrasing, then so what, it''s the fans choice to stand up and sing/chant, so why be embarrassed about it?  Do what we did before and turn it into a positive thing instead of attacking with personal and stereo typing insults i.e. everyone that sang those awful chants are morons and village idiots. If you disagree and in fact think the Manager is doing a great job, then fine, construct your opinion and debate as usual, but don''t resort to name calling just because you don''t agree. I know both sides have resorted into name calling, that''s why I have been off the boards for ages, but two wrongs don''t make a right you know, didn''t your mothers teach you anything? :-)
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