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  1. If there are so many people who want Worthy to stay, why has there been no support for him inside the ground for weeks now? Not one single chant of his name from the alleged "silent majority". People come on here and say what a disgrace the Worthy Outers are, but they go strangely silent at the games. Or is it that they don''t go and therefore haven''t seen how utterly rubbish we''ve been lately?
  2. the man''s a legend. he seems so mature for a 21-year-old. the way he celebrated the penalty - with a wipe of the brow and no hystrionics - sums the man up. cool and calm, and the next alan shearer.
  3. Actually DD, a minority seems to have agreed with your MITS nomination. And no it''s not me - but as its author has changed several times over the years you sure do dislike a lot of different people, all with their own writing styles and differing opinions. For the record, your username is pretty embarrasing...
  4. In for the rest of this season - if he persists in playing Holt, Fleming, Edie ahead of Safri, Charlton, Helveg and there is no improvement between now and the end of the season then out in the summer. Whole place needs shaking up - too cosy for some players, while others lamguish with apparently no hope of ever playing no matter how badly those in the team perform. Worthy appears to have lost the plot.
  5. Anyone who thinks Roy Waller is anything other than an embarrassment to Norwich City Football Club is a "sad loser". Like you.
  6. Saint Canary, I''m just interested because I still fail to see the hypocrisy in the article. Could you point it out to me please because I''m clearly missing something. Maybe I''m a moron.
  7. In reply to Tumbleweed and one or two others, I think you''re misreading The Man''s column. It isn''t HIM who said anything about hiding behind internet usernames, it was Joe Kinnear who was quoted as saying that. The Man didn''t say he agreed with that aspect of his quote, so it is not hypocritical of him to go under a pseudonym himself. I think the point of the piece was really that football people read these boards and maybe people should be more measured in their criticisms. Certainly footballers should accept criticism from the people who pay their wages, but some of it can be a little over the top, and how would you feel if you were the subject of it?
  8. the wizard''s first rule: "be a complete idiot at all times."
  9. Staggering. Truly staggering. Read. My. Lips. The Man In The Stands does not say anywhere in his piece that fans do not have the right to criticise. Got that? Good. So he can''t be a hypocrite because he''s not accusing you of criticising players. Of course he criticises players when it''s deserved - it''s his job for heaven''s sake. Now please explain how he is a hypocrite.
  10. Excellent - you haven''t answered any of the logical reasons why your previous postings and accusations against MITS were inaccurate. Didn''t think you would.
  11. Having read the "offending" piece, I can''t find anywhere in it that MITS says that fans don''t have a right to air their views on message boards. Indeed, that would be rather hypocritical given the nature of the column. It merely states that footballers should disgregard the all-too-obvious moronic element. Also, the alleged hypocrisy about "hiding behind internet user names" and using a pseudonym himself is also erroneous - it may have escaped the moronic attentions of 1st Wizard and DDiM that this was a quote from Joe Kinnear, and not the direct opinion of MITS. Indeed the only direct opinion I could find was the final paragraph which said that 90% of users are morons - a little harsh maybe - but nevertheless a bona fide opinion. And there was me thinking you were all for freedom of speech. You think MITS is a moron - you''re entitled to that opinion. It seems he thinks you''re one, and I tend to agree.
  12. yep, some people are just unspeakably thick. what a sorry state to be in.
  13. I have seen two people - probably on a wind up - with "worthy out" or "delia out" posts. get a sense of proportion mate. 99.9% of "moaners" are just concerned at how totally inept we were yesterday and have been since the diamond formation was introduced. and why do people feel the need to fill their posts with these stupid things? are people really that thick that they can''t understand when someone''s telling a joke or asking a question?
  14. yes, that''s right, anyone offering constructive criticism is a "moaner". who''s not supporting the team? we all are - but sometimes things need to be said. just recently worthy has lost the plot with this stupid diamond formation and his refusal to leave gary holt out of the team - even it means playing him on the left of the midfield diamond. why bother having a message board if people are not allowed to voice their opinions?
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