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  1. 1. Go to last post option on thread 2. View last read post on thread 3. Edit post 4. Ability to post images 5. Ability to post videos
  2. Given that Madderz is almost certain to leave and we are interested in Liverpool''s Danny Ward, perhaps we could ask for £20M in a swap deal ?
  3. Well said, three days until the new season kicks off and we have one striker who''s any good at this level and a decimated defence which is about to get worse with the imminent departure of Ollsson
  4. Joined this forum a few weeks back but have hardly posted as the format is so archaic and difficult to use. To be honest the old BBC 606 forum appeared more modern than this and that''s saying something ! It''s a shame because although there are forums out there with far better formats http://www.not606.com/forums/norwich-city.48/  this place is always going to be the first port of call for many City fans.
  5. Either McNasty is playing a blinder or extremely naive at best if he thinks he''s going to land Brady for £3M. If Mings who has played just the one full season in the Championship is worth £8M (cough), IMO we won''t get Brady for anything less than £4.5M with add ons. We''re also debating this at the back end of this thread: http://www.not606.com/threads/transfer-thread-summer-2015.300700/    
  6. Roy had so many of his own sayings, three that spring to mind are "he fly kicks the ball", "it''s an up and under" (he must have also been a fan of Rugby League) and in true Norfolk dialect "acrorst the pitch." When Chris Goreham took over from Roy it took a lot of getting used to at first but I have to say that I now think that Chris is a better commentator and with all due respect to Roy he also seems to have a better knowledge of the game. Co-incidently although I never met Roy personally I did speak to him on several ocassions on the phone, sold him a shower for his bathroom too.
  7. In answer to the OP and speaking as one who is not fortunate enough to have a season ticket and is also unable to get to many away games, hopefully nothing at all <ok>
  8. Well that''s 20 minutes of my life I won''t get back, with respect it''s all complete b01l0cks you should get out more mate ;-)
  9. Sunderland are after him now so at least we know the first team which will be relegated from the EPL next year
  10. I think that we should be aiming a bit higher than Gestede he''s no better than what we have IMHO then again top strikers cost serious money and are simply out of our price range. I mean an average at best full back has just been transfered for £8M FFS !!   (first post on here btw guys, long time lurker ;-) 
  11. Evening Guys, first time poster on here. IMO Hughton has the next two home games to save his job, furthermore we really need 20 points at least by Christmas otherwise relegation will be an almost certainty with our run in. .....................sorry that my first post is a negative one but I am really worried
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