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  1. We were out sung on Saturday by a thousand or so Wednesday fans, and imagine the crap they''ve been watching week after week. I''m sorry but for the last 18 months carrow road has been decidedly quiet for long spells in the game. The fans could be a lot louder. If the players played with any kind of passion we may well get behind them. Sadly I just don''t think many of the players really give a damn.
  2. "not entirely his fault". McVeigh has been given more than enough chances in the last two years, and is simply bone idle. We''ve played him up front, just behind the front two, left wing, right wing, and he still just doesn''t put the effort in. Not wanting to be accused of rumour instigation, but Worthy (who almost never criticises players) said McVeigh wasn''t working hard enough last season, and from what I have heard, and seen, he spent a year on the sauce.
  3. Believe it or not, we appear to have decided to turn Thorne into a right winger. Every substitute appearance this season he''s been shoved on the right wing! Bizarre I know.
  4. We show faith in this board because they pretty much saved us from bankrupcy. I suppose we should have let Palace sign Ashton, and saved our money. The board spent all our money last season, partly because the "supporters" were demanding new players. You people are ridiculous. All the board are doing is refusing to make a knee jerk reaction, after two heavy defeats. It is looking bad, but if it continues like this the board will sack him by christmas. I know the position we''re in, and I am worried Worthington has "lost the dressing room" and quite possibly the plot, but why are the board suddenly to blame? It seems to me like some of you won''t be happy until, we''ve got the Scottish Scummer in as manager, Chase back as chairman. And the club has gone under because we''ve spent too much money. Just so you can say I told you so.
  5. i say play BOTH of them on Saturday. Much of our problems stem from the lack of defensive cover when Huckerby plays left midfield so lets play up him up front in 4-42 instead. My team for Soton :- Green Colin Fleming Shackell Charlton Marney Safri Hughes Brennan Ashton Huckerby.   Yes a very sensible suggestion. Would play both, away from home especially. Most opposition attacks so far this season have been a direct result of our left flank vulnerability. Play Hucks up front with Ashton, a pairing I don''t think we''ve actually seen!? Leon to come off the bench. I''d probably put Jarret in for Hughes aswell, although his dodgy few minutes against palace probably mean he''ll be hounded by our supporters until he loses all confidence.
  6. URRRGHH. I feel ill. Quality player no doubt but a nasty peice of work. If we can get him then I guess we''d be stupid not to, but I''d make sure his attitude is spot on, something I doubt. Do we really want West Brom rejects?
  8. Shut up. This is beyond ridiculous. Everyone wanted a better start it hasn''t happened. Worthington has been brilliant for this club, he''s building a new side, and we have drawn our first three games! We haven''t even lost yet.  Any team who sacks their manager 6 games into a season is clearly run by morons. Remember Newcastle sacking Robson? Southampton sacking whatsisname? Who do you suppose we replace Worthy with? I can''t believe you people who supposedly watch football, can''t realise that you cannot just go sacking managers willy nilly. I don''t want to sit through 6 years of dross, waiting for us to get someone as good as Worthy again. REMEMBER HAMILTON!!"!??? You don''t see Palace fans booing their team and calling for Dowie''s head, and they outsung us in the second half. If you''re looking for answers as to why we haven''t won a game. Look to the crowd, constant pressure, groans after every misplaced pass, booing even when we''ve played well, and silence as soon as we''ve scored, no wonder the players begin to back off. We''re not Man. United, we''re Norwich City, we''re a good division 1 side, nothing more, we have no divine right to play in the premiership. Hopefully we can go up again this year, but if not I''d rather keep the ship steady. I can see nobody who would have a better chance of leading this side to promotion than Worthy. Get off the players backs, support your team. DON''T TURN US INTO WOLVES! STOP BEING SO ARROGANT!
  9. we have an appalling habit of turning against our own players, and ruining already fragile confidence levels with booing and groaning. Strangely it seems it is the kind of player who is committed, gives 100% and shows loyalty who becomes ridiculed. Holt, Sutch, Flem, etc. These players are booed for not being up to the job, even though they give their all. When anybody dares to have a go at the flash, lazy players, there''s uproar, how dare we boo Francis, he scored seven goals last season, a similar thing with Mulryne when he wanted to leave a few years ago then changed his mind when nobody wanted him. I think all players should be given our full support except in situations a la Francis. We''re two games into the season, we have 4-6 new players to settle into the side, we are yet to lose and are improving rapidly. Please reserve your hatred and hounding out of the club until we''ve played 10-15 games.
  10. we haven''t started the season yet, and you''re already criticising worthy''s selections. Give him a chance. Give all the lads a chance, Fleming has been a great servent to this club, and diserves his chance as much as Doherty or anyone else for that matter. Doherty may be young, but is (on last seasons evidence) no faster than flem. Also if Doherty was 2 stone overweight why couldn''t he lose the weight last year? and why did we sign a fatty. Hopefully Doherty will do a Iwan and suddenly become brilliant and slimmer in his second season. All I''m saying is if we don''t win the first three games, don''t start getting on Flemings back. Holty was bad last year but stood no chance once the boo boys got stuck in. I think players should be booed for lack of effort or loyalty. Goodbye Damien and good riddance. Flem will always give his all and as was previously mentioned he was part of the best defense in the division in the championship season.
  11. you have a very short memory. Before last season, Gary Holt was vital to the City midfield. Francis was as inconsistent as ever and Mulryne was in and out of the team. Gary Holt is no longer good enough to play for NC judging on last season''s form. Really though, the guy was loyal and hardworking, and nobody seems to take into account he nearly died from some blockage in his lung last season. If every player in the squad had the attitude and commitment of Gary Holt we would have stayed up last year. Anyway I wish Holt luck at Forest, and the sooner we can get rid of Francis the better. He is beyond contempt.
  12. I can''t believe this. The guy is completely overrated anyway. He was laughing after that Fulham game, and a lot of Norwich fans seem to think that it''s all his agents fault, and poor old damien just wants to play for norwich. Francis employs his agent to speak on his behalf. If Francis doesn''t come out and say his agent was wrong (like Huckerby did) then he may aswell be saying these things himself. The guy is lazy, arrogant and I don''t want him here. He''ll end up at Wolves eventually, where all the players think they''re in the premiership.
  13. Francis employs the agent to represent him, this agent has been shooting his mouth off for weeks and Francis has said nothing. He is not disagreeing with what his agent is saying, so essentially he is condoning the agents actions. Francis is an arrogant and lazy player. he is overrated and inconsistant (even in division 1). If we can scrape 2 million for him I will be delighted. Get rid.
  14. GK: Bryan Gunn RB: Darren Kenton CB: Malky Mackay CB: John Polston LB: Mark Bowen RW: Ruel Fox CM: Craig Bellamy CM: Ian Crook LW: Darren Eadie FW: Darren Huckerby FW: Dean Aston      
  15. So I suppose the best idea would be for Worthy to say to the press "yes, I have a couple of million to spend and want to do so, in the next few weeks." Worthy always says we''re skint, he did so about a week before we bought Ashton. If he says we''ve got money to spend then clubs will overcharge. I would rather not waste the money on players who aren''t good enough. If there''s nobody suitable out there then we''ll have to wait. Am I right in thinking we can still buy players throughout the season? They haven''t got the stupid, ignorant, biased to the big sides transfer windows yet, in division 1? Anyway basically stop moaning I''d rather Worthy waited than go and throw money at arsenal to get that lazy waste of space bentley back or something equally misguided. Have faith. We''ll get in three players before the season starts I think. Two freebee''s and one for about half a million or so. Two midfielders and a defender.
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