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  1. With Adam Drury out for a couple of weeks, we obviously need a replacement. I''ve always been a huge fan of Jimmy B and feel he can do a good job for us. Having watched training at Colney last week I can see why Worthy doesn''t seem to pick him. Jimmy scored a few cracking goals but also gave a bit of lip to Worthy and was first off the pitch. So maybe Nigel feels he has a bit of an attitude problem. But putting those minor issues to one side, I would be much more confident with Jimmy in the team than Charly - especially taking Charly''s ''performance'' on Saturday into account. He''s got a cultured left foot, great crossing ability and loads of energy which we need to cover Huck''s defensive abilities. So come on - who would you rather have?
  2. Do any of you people out there know when the new fixture list is out and when the new season starts? I''m just as gutted as the rest of you but we have to look forward.
  3. If you want to have a real go at predicting who has the hardest/easiest run-in, try looking at the bbc footy website and try their premiership predictor. According to me we''ll finish six points clear of relegation! Then again, my predictions may have been ever so slightly biased! The great escape is going to happen!! EASY!EASY!EASY!EASY!
  4. Well it''s Friday and we all need a laugh before our triumph tomorrow lifts our moods even more. But until then, thought this might cheer you all up!! ‘Football’ Club seeks expert in rubbish An expert in rubbish and the history of waste is being sought by a so called ‘football’ club. I*****h Tahn has organised the post of "garbology officer", with a salary of about £21,000 a year. The successful candidate will need to know about rubbish and its effects on society today and in the past. A detailed knowledge of history and archaeology is also required because a key part of the job will involve teaching in schools. David  Sheepsha**er from I*****h Tahn  said a major part of the job would be talking to children about rubbish. "Our supporters are notoriously minging and braindead, so the only way we feel that we can communicate with them is to fill their simple minds with the biggest load of garbage going. We have a programme of education directed at school pupils and the garbology officer is key to this," he said. "The officer will visit schools to talk about how our policy of rubbish and waste today will affect future generations. "They will also discuss how we never learn about the past from examining rubbish tips from previous generations." Big Fat Joe Royle commented “I thought that I was already providing this service to our fast diminishing fan base and the local media. But hey, the money we saved by screwing hundreds of local companies for 5p in the pound, means that we can use this resource to spread our rubbish to the braindead of S*****k.”  
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