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  1. Just in case anyone wants to see then again... http://www.mysoccerplace.net/video/norwich-vs-everton-2-2-motd    
  2. I have to agree to be honest, what is the point? I appreciate the time the guys have taken to do this, but they are just opinions like everyone else.
  3. Happy for anyone to join the league http://fantasy.football-league.co.uk/Index.aspx league: PINK UN CHALLENGE PIN: 2239
  4. at 27, he still must be worth a punt at that price? And if anyone could get him playing well again, it is Lambert. Any thoughts......if you were Lambert would you take the risk?
  5. I guess there may be a few interesting friendlies along the way?
  6. In my opinion... H Southampton DRAW (1pt) H Southend WIN (4pts) A Oldham WIN (7pts) H Yeovil WIN (10pts) A Huddersfield LOSE (10pts) A Swindon DRAW (11pts) H Leeds WIN (14pts) A Tranmere WIN (17pts) H Stockport WIN (20pts) H MK Dons DRAW (21pts) A L. Orient DRAW (22pts) A Charlton DRAW (23pts) H Gillingham WIN (26pts) A Bristol Rovers DRAW (27pts) H Carlisle WIN (30pts) Will 96 pts take us up as Champions?
  7. My thoughts for Yeovil                              Alnwick Spillane    Askou       Doc (no option)    Lappin Whalley               Adeyemi         Hoolahan                                    McDonald                      Holt             Maric   
  8. Now that worries me. It was 9 games, 8, 7, 6 etc....last year, and look what happened. Some of those players were not god enough yeaterday, but more worrying is that the tactics were Sunday League. Square at the back, no movement in midfield (apart from Wes), and all in all we are all going to be angry. I am worried for the next 2 games, because if we follow this up with more defeats then this could be a hard season, after what has been an optomistic pre-season. PS: Bryan, I don''t think the ''Sitting in the stands view'' can be used again, you need to be pitchside, and telling those players in yellow and green what to do. PPS: Please sort out your use of subs, I know you put the same 11 out as they would have been responsible for the first half, but shouldn''t it have been more about reducing the embarassment? Finger crossed for an improvement and for an 11 to be found that we know are good enough, and can work as a team.
  9. I think all in all, the management team have brought in players who will make us competitive in League 1. I think so far the balance of players hasn''t been too bad at all. Goalkeeping Think 2 first choices now, and 2 young boys who are good enough Right Back Probably the only place where we haven''t signed anyone specific for the role. Spillane can go there but not sure on consistency, and maybe the Danish trialist could move right? Left Back Wiggins is a good foil for Drury and may make the shirt his, as we move into the season Midfield Strong competition, and we have a blend of playmeker, height and strenght Left Wing Whalley,  Hoolahan Lappin, or Pattison Right Wing Whalley or Semi? Or one of the other midfielders So that leave the strike force, we all know we still need that big man, and have enought in Cureton, McDonald, Martin etc   All in all, not something I expected after Charlton, but something I have to say am pretty happy about. We''re not going to pull up trees, but with a consistent run, we could make it.   Views?
  10. Sorry for the large text, just thought a majority of our fans are of senior age, and would aid their reading of the post.
  11. I met the cousin of Ian Breckin of Nottingham Forest yesterday. He was in talks with City and came down to meet Gunn last week. His Cousin said he wasn''t sure that Brekin would sign, as his preference is to stay close to Nottingham, and Chesterfield have also shown an interest. I guess with Nelson signing it probably won''t happen, but does show talks wih players is happening, and even ones we don''t hear about Thought I would share this with you all
  12. No critisim of players, and just my thoughts... Bell - Huge positive, and thought his delivery was extremely good. No afraid to take on  man, and had  few shots Clingan - Bit dissapointed today, he gave the ball away a little too much for me, and didn''t really show the composure we know he has Bertrand - His touch wasn''t great today Marshall - Been a bit at sorts since Derby, and was a bit indecisive today. Doc - Did well, solid throughout Kennedy - Big positive again, and as good as we all thought Taylor was, John has certainly excelled in this team Otsemebor - Looked solid Rusty - Why oh why did you raise your hand Lita - Still looking sharp, and goals are making him better Croft - Up against it if Bell continues on this form. Got the energy and the want, just the application in his crosses missing Jamie - Really sad for him, but think he is now out of plans   Anyone agree / dis-agree?
  13. Sounds like he had a fair game, so credit where it''s due. Just don''t think he has been a consistent performer, and he and Fotheringham have the jury out for me. He had a good 20 mins against Blackpool granted, but I am hoping he does kick on from here, just have my doubts at present. I''m no boo boy, and will support the team, as I have since I was 5 (32 years ago!), but I am entitled to my opinion on these boards, as I will not shout at the players on a match day, there is no value in that. Good point, but still look at the next 6 fixtures, and cannot see many positives in them.....totally hope I am eating humble pie then as well
  14. If I wanted a boo boy Fotheringham would be top of the list.
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