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  1. Found this on the BBC website, Hucks will be in trouble after this one! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/gossip_and_transfers/default.stm (See bottom of the page under the "And Finally"Section "New San Jose Earthquakes signing Darren Huckerby''s dinner might have been with the dog when he returned from an interview on American TV. " When asked: "Do you have a famous girlfriend - anybody we can help promote?" The former Norwich and Coventry striker replied: "I am married but is a bit late for her - she is too old." (Daily Mail)
  2. To be fair mate I think Beckford would do well at this level, and if we have got as little to spend on transfers as we think and at least 8 players to bring in, spending 2-3 mill on the likes of Ameobi seems unrealistic. Anyway if you''re happy calling everyone who posts on hear a muppet fair play fella, but I really hope Beckford gets signed by a Championship club and if by Jan he''s banging in the goals, guess what I''ll be digging out this email for your viewing!
  3. Have any of you come across this site before? http://www.footballtransferleague.co.uk/football_club.aspx?football_club=Norwich Latest rumours has us linked with Jermaine Beckford of Leeds and Andrew Carroll of Newcastle. Jermaine Beckford would certainly be an excellent signing if it happened, not so sure about Andrew Carroll, very unproven!
  4. I have to say some of you lot are unbelievable and the reason I haven''t been on this fanzine message board for a while! Roeder describes keeping us up as his biggest achievement in football and some fans on here seem upset we didn''t make the playoffs or something! We had a tiny squad of crap players when Roeder came and 9 points, our performance at QPR when we lost when Grant was manager was shocking and appalling. After that Plymouth game he installed belief, determination and a quality of football for 13 or so games which given the players at his disposal was phenomenal. Yes we went on a poor run, and performance level dropped, but we stayed up on a year when Leicester went down and Southampton (both big clubs) nearly joined them. The Championship is a tough league full of teams who think they belong in the Premiership and with more clubs coming down from the big league with a huge financial advantage, and clubs coming up from League 1 more than capable of a promotion challenge next year it isn''t going to get any easier. A top 10 finish next year would in my opinion be a success and I believe we should applaud Roeder if he does this. If any of you think this is failure I suggest you become a Manchester City fan and join their owner in his deluded wonderland. Sorry to be so blunt, but I think it needed to be said. Come on you Yellows
  5. Have to say I watched Scunthorpe play Forest on Sat and was very impressed, they ended up winning 4-0 at the City Ground and played some great football. He has been there for 10 years one of the league''s longest serving managers and has turned prem and championship cast offs into very useful players on a shoe string budget. They have a front two in Keogh and Sharp who are worth a heck of a lot of money, scoring goals and have some of the best link up play I have ever seen. They also play good passing football and made Forest look a very average side. Okay they had a very poor start to the season (but now sit second in the table) , but I feel he would be a very good appointment and also is one of those who played under Brian Clough which in my opinion is always a massive bonus.
  6.  http://www.corriere.it/Primo_Piano/Sport/2006/07_Luglio/10/pop_zidane.shtmllol!
  7. Okay I understand this will fly in the face of the views of many of you members on here, but at the end of the day I am not overly concerned we have not bought anyone yet. At the end of the day we bought so many players last year that didn''t improve our team or even really the squad so for us to have not bought anyone for the sake of buying someone I think is a positive thing.I am also convinced that the new coach will be quite persuasive in the case for bringing in the younger players such as Henderson, Rossi and Ryan Jarvis and if these lads can come in and do a job whats the point of buying anyone? Okay yes the right signings at the right place would certainly help, but buying much of the same just won''t do. One or two quality signings will make a difference, but buying another Andy Hughes or Peter Thorne would be a waste of money and also stunt the growth of the younger players, look what Danny Crow did when he was given a chance.As for the manager I''m prepared to give him some time, maybe till Christmas, but I think we need to be realistic we had a very poor season last year and now teams of more quality have been added to the division. Playoffs should be the aim, but certainly not a given. However, if we fuse a team and add some young enthusiasm then their is no reason why we can''t do as well as Watford or even Reading did last year. If we are below mid table at Christmas though I think even Delia and Co will know its time for Mr Worthington to say his goodbyes.
  8. Yeah no problems Rossi. I clapped because I appreciated the quality shown by the two QPR wide players in their well taken goals. I have never clapped or appluaded an away goal before, but we were playing so badly that I think I and a number of fans wanted to show that they were displaying the skill and ability we, as the promotion favourites at the beginning of the season, should have been showing. This also happened at the Bernabeu earlier in the season when Real Madrid fans stood up and clapped Ronaldinho''s goal (Norm they throw pigs heads at opposition players) because they were so fed up of their supposed galacticos performing like a bunch of pampered losers. I still can''t quite believe we won, but it goes to show that with Earnshaw and Huckerby we have two very talented players, who with the right service and the right tactics could fire us to promotion next year.
  9. Just wanted to say that we need to make sure we guard against becoming apathetic as that is exactly what the board would like. If we continue to be proactive and demonstrating to them that we are not happy, and keep builing momentum and pressure, eventually they will be forced into making some changes. And I completely agree with a previous poster, the protesting needs to enter the ground itself. Lets not have a quiet Carrow Road, lets create a proper atmosphere where we show we are backing the team, but certainly not the management. Lets not become dis-illusioned, but lets show that we should and will be listened to, as we have a right to exercise our views, especially as many of you went deep into your pockets to buy the shares that helped the Board and Manager purchase certain players. They owe us some answers, and lets not stop asking until the appropriate one is given.
  10. Okay, if we have 2 million to spend next year, would you: (a) Give it to Worthington to spend (B) Get Aidy Boothroyd and give him just under a million to spend (baring in mind thats how much Worthy paid for Hughes and Etuhu and how much Boothroyd has spent this season in the transfer market)  
  11. To be honest, he might come back because we are a bigger club than Watford, we could also offer him Im sure a bigger transfer budget, more chance of promotion, and he would probably get paid more. We''re a bigger club with more potential than you realise and we are only bout two players short (notably centre mids) offf automatic promotion. Yes if a Prem club came in we would have no chance, but at the moment I believe we could still make a move for him. If we didn''t get someone like Boothroyd we might as well stick with Worthy, forget it. If we show no ambition, then okay fine lets just forget about where we could be and settle for second class performances. Does Simon Jordan think Andrew Johnson is too good for Crystal Palace, so why should Boothroyd be too good for Norwich?
  12. This is nothing new, and I''m sure this is exactly what a lot of you are thinking, but when Watford fail in the Playoffs (Which I believe they will, Palace look very good to win it where I am standing) we need to act and start the Aidy Boothroyd campaign. Not only has he done an absolutely stunning job at Watford, he is a brilliant coach, man manager and motivator, Watford also play some of the best football in the division. In short we should keep hassling the board until they eventually decide to act. Unfortunately I feel like always the board will act too late and he''ll become a Premiership manager.    
  13. I went and saw Leeds play Palace last week at Elland Road with my house mate who is a Leeds fan and I have to say I wasn''t overly impressed. Leeds had very little creativity in the final third and just didn''t have the players to break Palace down. As for Palace they defended well, looked solid and very sharp on the break. So why are Norwich not up there with Leeds and Palace? Well it seems to me Leed''s season has been built upon a very good solid unit that is difficult to beat and very difficult to score against, the same can hardly be said about our defence and midfield! As for Palace on their day they are one of the best teams in the division, and they also have a far better home record than we do. Against Leeds they were solid at the back, and very quick and creative on the break. We still are not far off being a good team, but we are so poor in central midfield that we leak so many goals, and fail to control and stamp our authority on games. This needs to be addressed if we have any hope of sorting ourselves out next season. 
  14. If Preston beat Crewe in the week, that''s it, chance gone! If they don''t however, I think we can certainly make their life uncomfortable if we finally get our act together. Problem is our midfield is just nowhere near good enough!
  15.     Okay, what I''m going to right is what I''m feeling at the moment....Yesterday''s performance was an utter disgrace, we were playing Ipswich Town our most bitter rivals and we showed no attac king ambition, we sat off their pretty midfielders and let them play and ball watched. We then proceded to try and play an ill fated counter attacking style which meant we constantly gave the ball away, and consequently sunk deeper and deeper. And then Worthington has the nerve to say we didn''t pass the ball well enough, it was his tactics that caused this, not the players! Utter rubbish, Royle got his tactics just right, Worthy hasn''t got a clue. I mean I think most of us could have done a better team talk, and showed better tactical knowledge than he did yesterday. What did we need to do? Get stuck into their midfielders, push their defensive line back so they couldn''t play the offside, and ourselves control the game and set the tempo from the midfield. We did none of the sort, in the second half we watched them. If we had showed some ambition we could have won quite easily, but to be honest Worthy has bought some absolutely shocking centre mids in the last couple of months!He has to go, we have to stand up as Norwich fans and say enough is enough! We have gone from a very promising footballing side, to a distinctly average one. The situation is by no means terminal, but we have to act now. When was the last time I could say honestly that Ipswich deserved to beat Norwich? And that is what I had to say, Very Sad day against, make no mistake about it, a very average, ordinary Ipswich side, in fact the worst for many a year, MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!
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