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  2. out of eighty signings in 5yrs how many have come off, less than 15? he keeps chopping and changing bringing in players that are worth diddly squat and you say we should give him a chance? how do you call the last TWO seasons one bad season, or do you consider relegation a success? you are just another person living in the past, whats gone is gone yes he did well for 3 seasons but for 2 seasons its been poor, and that is what is alarming. not many people can see it changing under the present management team. you talk about motivation of players, whose job is that? the managers i think! i am a worthy outer but as i said on a previous poster i am prepared to give him a chance if he would accept hes made mistakes and tries to turn things around, but sadly i cant see either of those things happening. this after all is the team that worthy built so the fault lies mainly, although not completely, at his feet.   CAN U BLAME HIM FOR BRINGING INNEW PLAYERS, ALL THE GOODS PLAYERS WE HAVE ASHTON, FRANICS, HELVEG, JONSON, SVENSON THEY ALL WANT OUT. CONSIDERING THE BUDGET HE HAS HAD OVER THE YEARS TO GET US TO THE PREMIERSHIP, BEATING MAN UTD 2-0  I WAS AT CARDIFF LAST WEEKEND, I THOUGHT IT WAS A SOLID PREFORMANCE AND A FANTASTIC WIN, AND THE QPR GAME THATS WHAT FOOTBALL IS ALL ABOUT. EVEN WITH A BAD PREFORMANCE WE MANAGED TO PULL OF A WIN. I HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING NORWICH ALL MY LIFE AND TRUST ME THERE HAVE BEEN SOME MUCH WORSE TIMES THEN THIS. WHEN WORTHY TOOK OVER WE WERE NOTHING, A TEAM IN DECLINE NOW WE ARE MOANING THAT WE ARE NOT IN THE PLAYOFFS. WE AHEAD OF IPSWICH...SURLEY THAT MUST COUNT FOR SOMETHING. GIVE WORTHY A BREAK AND STOP MOANING AND GET BEHIND HIM AND THE TEAM....I SUGGEST YOU RENEW YOUR SEASON TICKET FOR NEXT SEASON IF U GOT 1, I KNOW IM RENEWING MINE. GET BEHIND THE TEAM. COME ON MATE "LETS BE HAVING YOU"
  4. After reading some of the posts on this message board, i feel i should post my thoughts as a home and away season ticket holder. There is alot of negitivity amongst angry supporters which is understandable. However, alot of these negitive comments are coming from supporters who ''want'' worthy out. What i would like to say is where was this club the day he took over? The answer to that is a stuggling championship club. Since Nigel took over we have had 3 good seasons in the championship and eventually got promoted (with limited funds) taking us to the ''promised'' land. Against all odds we got relegated on the last day as you all know - but worthington should be thanked for giving us the experience of watching our team play in the top flight. I know expectations are now high within Norwich, but one bad season shouldn''t result in Worthington leaving. Yes, we possibly should of done better this season and got promoted but things just havn''t happened and this is not all down to worthington. Although i think he has done a bad job this season (just missing out on the playoffs) this is due to a lack of passion on the pitch due to low motivational levels, and the wrong signings - e.g Andy Hughes, Jason Jarret and Dickson etethu. However due to this i don''t believe Nigel should leave as one bad season can be put right the following season. Alot of you may think its going to be the same next season (e.g same old rubish signings), but you should give the guy a chance. After all one bad season in many good years can be forgiven surely??. I can also think of alot more good signings than bad since Worthington has arrived. Give him a chance for next season and i think alot of you will be surprised. A few signitures arriving at the club could lead to sucess - if he brings in the correct ones i.e. a right sided midfielder as well as strengthanging at the back (right back needed in my opinion). Im unsure over Worthington now but i do belive we should give him another season, after all the years he has gave us since he arrived at the club have been decent in contrast to previous years. OTBC    
  5. we need support at this moment! hope you are all going tomorrow!
  6. I think robert earnshaw would partner deano perfectly. As much as i like mckeznie''s works rate, i think it would give us great options. West brom would sell him - He through his shirt in temper when he didnt come on againt man city! and with west broms strike options - Horsfield Campbell Camara Earnshaw Kanu Ellington   i think we could get him and there is no question of his quality   11 GOALS IN THE PREMIERSHIP
  7. 1ST WIZARD - dtill defend francis he is class without him, no chance in promotion TOP 12 MAXIMUM WITH NO FRANCIS
  8. its bruce the scummer again! another ridiculos comment get a life
  9. dont mind as long as we get good replacement but i meen good
  10. we should extend our stadium due to the demand for tickets even in the championship. we should develop a corner infil by the barclay and the new south stand.. it is clear people want tickets for games. It has even resoorted to ticket touts around the riverside!!
  11. any news on further expansion of the ground?
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