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  1. I don''t believe that flukes exist, neither ''luck'' or ''bad luck''. So no.I''d still like to know why you felt the need to compare Hughton with Lambert for the thousandth time though to illustrate your point, what does Lambert have to do with it?Just another opportunity for you to tell us, for the thousandth time, about how Hughton did a bit better than Lambert in 2012/13.... if we ignore their FA Cup semi-final, and our failure to beat them once.
  2. I didn''t think it needed to be delivered.
  3. "Is it against some sort of law for a priest to drink?"They are permitted to drink alcohol in moderation. Only celibate unmarried men are ordained into the clergy, and it takes six years to qualify as a priest. Mulryne was once banging the girl in the middle: http://img.thesun.co.uk/aidemitlum/archive/00196/2612_nicola_chapman_196025a.jpgGood grief, if nobody can see the humour in a hard drinking sports car driving smoking footballer with a typical big boobed milf becoming a celibate priest then they haven''t watched enough Father Ted.
  4. "Even more unbelievable is that he could gain more points at this level than a master tactician like Paul Lambert over an identical period"Are you still flogging that argument Nigel? I don''t know if you realise Nutty but we can''t carry over last seasons surplus into this season and we currently sit in 17th with four impossible fixtures, Hughton left us here. Do you really think that this is an appropriate time to tell us all that us getting three more points than Villa last season is going to help in any way whatsoever? If you can''t find a legal loophole which allows us to bring those three points into this seasons league table then shut up.
  5. Who would you have then?Because a relegated team lumbered with overpaid deadwood who will lose a lot of its talent is not an attractive proposition to any manager who could realistically expect to get a Premier League job. We are manager shopping as a Championship club now, not as a Premier League club, we won''t get much/any better than Malky.
  6. "Pro footballer becomes priest, discuss? A huge change in the job description"Not just any pro footballer either, any Norwich fan who didn''t spend six years with their head stuck up their ar*e will know that Mulryne liked a drink or fifteen and was a regular in more pubs than most of us have got fingers. Then there was that rank chewing tobacco that he''d chew and spit everywhere. Bloke was a proper p*sshead, if there is anybody that can''t find something slightly funny about our version of George Best becoming a priest then they need their head checked!
  7. "Gunn... Adams... Malky..."How can you even attempt to link the three? This isn''t an episode of Have I Got News For You, where the odd one out is Freddie Starr because he hasn''t played for Norwich.Malky took over a skint relegation threatened Watford side and got them in the play-offs using their youth team, he then took Cardiff straight up, and yes so they had a bit of money but Leicester have had money for five or six years, and QPR have money and are not going up through the automatics.He then guided Cardiff to 12th before being sacked, and now they sit in 19th and are going back down. He has a good five years of managerial experience, a very successful five years, and you are comparing him with an overweight commercial manager who hadn''t been anywhere near a football pitch for 20 years and our youth team coach. Give it a break Jas FFS, if there is any reason why Malky would fail it is because he wouldn''t be given a chance by morons like you. Hughton got a season and a half before losing the majority of fans, Malky has more to his CV than Hughton, so he would deserve a chance too if appointed. 
  8. Pretty sure Adams already knows that he isn''t going to be the permanent manager, easy to read between the lines in the press conference where McNally said he was only part of the plan, and being deliberately coy about whether he is a temporary or permanent manager.I hope that Adams stays at the club though, maybe with a snazzy new job title and a pay rise, don''t want him heading off to become manager at Oldham or somewhere because he is an important part of the clubs fabric.
  9. Have to agree with Morty there (doesn''t happen much).Especially at the time he was appointed (November), I think by January people would have taken just about anybody, but if we''d have appointed Pulis in November there would have been chaos.Ironically Poyet would have gone down pretty well, although I don''t think being 20th necessarily makes him a bad manager because Sunderland were in a complete mess and seem to have accrued a fair number of complete pr*cks in their squad.Pulis is unlucky that Liverpool are going to win the league, because otherwise he''d have been a serious contender for manager of the year.
  10. "Just what you find funny over this"Where did I say that I found it funny? Stop making stuff up.
  11. "What is the reason for the op?"To share a photo of Phil Mulryne dressed as a trainee priest, why did you need to ask?
  12. http://www.lesenfantsterribles.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/phil_mulryne.jpg
  13. The club needs to appoint a manager.The manager then needs to choose his assistants and first team coach.By all means discuss the merits of appointing Culverhouse as manager if you wish, but why would you immediately want to undermine the manager stating that they must work with people that they may not even like yet alone be on the same wavelength as tactically?
  14. How is it a good thing for us? We''d need them to get 0 points, and us to get 3 points, for us to go above them in the league.Neither is going to happen.
  15. Culverhouse and Cowans had a fight about not giving youth players a chance, Agbonlahor and Delph stuck up with Cowans, Karsa got involved, Lambert took sides with Culverhouse and dropped Agbonlahor and Delph for the Palace game. The players revolted and now Culverhouse and Karsa have been suspended, Cowans has been made assistant. That''s the most popular rumour on the Villa forums.
  16. This is the part of the season where Howson looks like Lionel Messi for a few games, so that we spend all summer saying how he has reached his potential and will play for England.So Howson.
  17. Cardiff have made a complaint yesterday to the FA about a Crystal Palace director contacting numerous Cardiff staff for information about team line ups and formations (presumably for payment) http://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league-investigate-cardiff-city-6989018Is it just a coincidence that Lambert and Karsa have been suspended on the same day, just two days after playing Crystal Palace?
  18. Glad you can remember cusdp... burst onto the scene, great at England youth level, but hardly played for most of his first four years and then out on loan at 20/21.From being our youngest ever player..... his first four seasons gave him 33 games including a short loan spell at Leyton Orient. Most of them substitute appearances. Not enough football.
  19. You mean tragic and pointless bump of a thread?
  20. I''ve been following and going to games since 1989.25 years. Tell me Lakey.... how many times have I been able to go to Wembley, our national stadium, to watch our team?
  21. If you must know I was a "10 gamer", and I turned after the 11th or 12th game in November, I didn''t look back. Not long after this thread (a few days) I watched us fail to score in 33 shots against Cardiff, and then pull out two of the most disgraceful and passionless displays of football I have ever seen by a Norwich team on 29th October and 2nd November - both in Manchester. It was then, or not long after then, that I realised he was incapable of fixing our issues and was losing the players. At this point in the season the outers were the minority, many people were "10 gamers", and within a few weeks of this date the outers became the majority - and I was one of them.I don''t think that this position in any way contradicts my frequent assertions that the mistake made this season was not sacking Hughton in early to Mid December. It wouldn''t be hard for anybody sad enough to trawl through page 1789 of the forum  to find many posters who turned around the same time as I did. Norwich 0-0 CardiffNorwich 0-4 Manchester UnitedNorwich 0-7 Manchester City
  22. http://www.pinkun.com/opinion/impressed_with_the_success_of_the_academy_this_year_1_679812Sounds like things were going alright under Lambert to me.
  23. Maybe he should be prepared to take a pay cut then, with a bonus which gives him back the money in a lump sum if we get promoted with him scoring at least 15 of our goals.
  24. I said: "handing debuts to or using various kids"I just want to know which of our managers didn''t take any interest in the youth system. Was it Glenn Roeder who handed the first professional contract to Tom Adeyemi? Bryan Gunn who gave Korey Smith his Norwich debut? or Peter Grant who gave Kris Renton his debut? Or Paul Lambert who gave Jed Steer his first professional contract, his debut, and then stole him for Villa?Just want to know which ''couple'' of managers in between Worthington and Hughton had no interest in the youth system? You claim, you name!
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