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  1. When the big clubs come along they always leave. It''s all happened before and it''s a depressing time IMO.
  2. Vaughan, Butterfield and Becchio are the forgotten men of the club. I just hope for their own sakes they get a chance to leave this summer.
  3. Didn''t mean to put M down. I meant to put Mr J S TIL. For Jolly stalking TIL.
  4. Mr M TIL, shouldn''t your friends come along soon? The weak do tend to band together.
  5. The thing is, the club need to be tested before the season starts. This greek amateur team are going to be smashed by the lads, so what do we say to actually testing ourselves against a team like say, Valencia?
  6. Don''t worry archie. It seems to be common practise on this forum to attack any opinion that seems to rock the boat a bit. I agree with you by the way, last season showed Holts limitations. Time to let go.
  7. Not exactly dissapointed. I am hoping for us to sign a stronger centre back to be honest. Someone like Mertesacker.
  8. I''ve been on this planet for 69 years. For 60 of those years I have supported NCFC. I have seen so much and at times so little. I''ve been with the club every step of the way and I won''t have little brats attempt to undermine me or label me or insult me.
  9. Learn your place. I''ve seen more than you lot ever will in life.
  10. Typical from what I expected from Houghton. Nothing to see here.
  11. I doubt it''s true. My info tells me something very different.
  12. Not a bad question. There is every chance that RVW will be a flop, get injured, become homesick or fights with the club regarding wages. I trust that the club will have somebody as a plan B....but I wouldnt bet on it.
  13. Your obviously some sort of local village nutter. Perhaps I should call the nurse and alert them of the binner walking around spouting rubbish on an NCFC forum? Come and talk to me when you''ve been supporting the club for over 60 years young lad.
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