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  1. [quote user="LifeLongCanary"]£5million bid from Chelsea turned down, according to sky sources. Would want at least that for him![/quote] Sun sources I mean!
  2. £5million bid from Chelsea turned down, according to sky sources. Would want at least that for him!
  3. Does seem a strange one. With Ruddy coming back in a couple of months, are either Bunn or Camp going to be wanting to sit in the reserves? Or could it mean Ruddy is off? Hope not, more likely that he desperately wants to loan Steer & Rudd off but just seeing other people''s take on the situation?
  4. IMO realistic targets for January Will Hughes, Derby - At 17 years old, he shows great potential and watching him yesterday was Derby''s best player (even with that hair!) Derby would want good money for the youngster though. But could be worth it. Danny Graham, Swansea - Name has been thrown around several times and is a proven goal scorer. Would be a great signing. Charlie Austin - Championship top scorer. Burnley are unlikely to let him go in January, but a good offer may tempt them. Cameron Jerome - Heavily linked last window and with playing a bit-part at Stoke. Quick and powerful striker which could be what we need.
  5. Haven''t really been following his loan deal and looked a promising singing. I know he was on the bench today but does anyone know how he''s been getting on?
  6. I heard a song about Tettey sung away at Villa last weekend but didn''t quite catch the words, anyone know ''em?
  7. Hmm. That said, I''m sure everything will work out and we will have a striker in before 11pm (hopefully). Jerome being linked - wouldn''t mind him!
  8. I''ve always liked Jerome, strong, fast, powerful player.
  9. [quote] user="The Pink''un Role Model"]Sack Hughton.Stick a couple of million on a bookies 50-1 outsider and then employ him.Sack him.Employ Hughton.[/quote] good idea that!
  10. If Hughton is willing to loan out Morison to Nottingham Forest; surely he has someone in line? He wouldn''t be stupid enough to rely on Holt, Jackson and Martin would he?
  11. [quote user="Indy_Bones"]Yet Holt outscored all of them, Moro wasn''t far behind and Jackson and Martin aren''t really any worse than players like Dobbie and Luke Moore.Also, West Ham are selling Maynard to Cardiff and Nolan is a midfielder, and out of the remaining 3, only Carroll is even close to Holt or Moro.All the Southampton players are totally unproven at this level and that includes big money Ramirez and Rodriguez, and Cisse is the only player at QPR who''s likely to guarantee double figures.Nowhere near as bleak a picture as you paint, but we do still need another striker as we couldn''t rely on Jackson and Martin to carry us if Moro and Holt were injured for a lengthy spell...[/quote] Would you put Morison ahead of Jackson? Interesting.
  12. Our strikers pip Swansea''s. But I still feel we are worse off than them.
  13. Yes, I agree, but I thought four comparisons was enough!
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