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  1. I''ve got a better idea - let''s not even think about this -we are Norwich City with over a century of tradition, shared memories and stories, not a franchise to be bought and sold.That''s worth more then selling a few shirts.
  2. After another shambles he could scarcely do worse
  3. Escape goat??? I think its Scape - sorry to be pedantic but the image of a goat fleeing its captors is a bit bizarre
  4. Reports suggest Southampton are planning a cut price bid for the unsettled Juve striker who was dropped for tonight''s Europa Cup tie. Never out of our thoughts for long - he should resist the allure of the south coast (after all Southampton is a dive) and come to his true home in Norfolk!
  5. This was our worst away defeat since 1938 and fourth worst ever. The defence ha collapsed - and that''s under a manager who puts it as top priority. Hughton is an honorable man and good bloke but another defence collapsed today; the defence of his record. I''m afraid he must go.
  6. Vaguely mentioned on Radio 5 live - presumably Norwich being beaten 7:0 is hardly worth comment. last but one on MOD?
  7. Love the Kett idea - but he met his end at Moushold I think so could perhaps be linked with a group in(inspired by the Burghers of Calais) to include Duncan Forbes and David Stringer and led by Ron Saunders who always trained the lads up there in our early days in the top flight
  8. Out for weeks with an adductor longus injury - always knew that getting such an old player would be a disaster - well rid. (That''s a lie of course) Anyway would never get the ball playing for us let alone score so we saved that fee..
  9. Yes a real legend who played a critical part in that period when we first became a top flight club. Norwich through and through. Reviving the song is a great idea.Mind you this puts into a proper perspective the daily angst we feel about the prospects of the team and the next match - some things really do matter more.
  10. August 2023: Fabio Quagliarella today made his debut for Norwich City scoring a hat trick in a 5:0 thrashing of Arsenal. In the post match interview Fabio (40) revealed he had finally been persuaded to join the Canaries following the decade long campaign on the Pinkun Message Board which now has 3,552 pages dedicated to the one time Juventus hit man. Fabio of course retired from professional football in 2019 but still looks a snip at the £15million signing on fee. Norwich manager Chris Hughton (the premiership longest serving manager) praised his striker''s efforts but insisted he would need to up his game so far as his "defensive duties" were concerned.
  11. Mark Barham anyone? product of the youth team, Milk Cup winner, capped for England. On the other hand always had a soft spot for Dale Gordon - bootiful third goal v West Ham in FA Cup quarter final reply
  12. Have people seen LF tweet? Leroy Fer ‏@LeroyFer8 2h So proud to be a Canary! The fans are already amazing!!! Looking forward to the 1st training and the PL-games! Feeling blessed. #ThankGod How about that?!
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