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  1. Hi all, I am having a little clear-out and last night sorted through my collection of matchday programs which date back to the early 1970''s. I am considering whether or not to part with them. There are over 350 in total and wonder what their value would be. If anyone on here would like to make an offer I will consider it if it is sensible. The quality of the condition varies from excellent to a few which are pretty tardy!! Thanks
  2. Nice! Some fellow cool dads and I stumped up for the two boxes in the above groupon deal and have planned evening playing cards, drinking beer and doing some swapsies on Thursday night!!! Of course we will allow our lads to view the books from a safe distance the following morning!!!!
  3. I think there are just over 600 in the book this year and yea the new prices are a scandal. However the way me and my pals and several colleagues look at it is when you spread it over the coming months leading up to the World Cup and get together to watch the CL final/ FA cup final over a few stickers its a good bit of harmless fun! Anyway I am clearly collecting them with my boy haha!
  4. I appreciate this isn''t NCFC related but I just wanted to see if anyone is likely to collect the World Cup Stickers this year? I am told they are to be available from tomorrow and I understand they are likely to be more expensive this time around at 80p per pack but I am still tempted to collect them. If there are others maybe a little pink un online ''swap-shop'' could be formed to help keep the surplus down! Cheers & OTBC
  5. You are right but I am sure I have seen similar posts on here chastising and mocking them over the years. Anyway are we really that worried about what they have to say?
  6. Having read and taken part in Archant''s survey it is painfully obvious that the vast majority are not at all happy with the matchday experience at Carrow Road. I am no longer a season ticket holder due to work commitments and a lengthy house renovation but I hope to return when my boy is old enough to join me. I have had season tickets however from the age of 8 for the next 28 plus years so I am coming from experience. In the handful of games I have been able to get to over the past few years I have been thoroughly unimpressed with the lack of atmosphere within the stadium and I feel it has a lot to do with the state of football in this country at the moment. The prices we have to pay to support our teams are an absolute scandal considering the amount the clubs receive from television rights and other mediums. Rather than going to players, agents et al these increases to the coffers should be filtered down as savings to the fans. I recently had the fortune of attending a Bundesliga game at the tail end of last season and it is a footballing experience like I have never witnessed before. The atmosphere both inside the ground and outside was absolutely electric. Fans setting up gazebos selling beer for less than £2 and bratwurst for even less than that. Music playing and fans just meeting up and mingling hours before the game. There were no signs of trouble and the Police presence seemingly low. Live music was playing inside the ground prior to kickoff and the stands full of flags were constantly waving and in full voice. It was the best football day out I have ever had and that includes our recent trip to Wembley! With us introducing a German flavour to our line up and backroom team, I would love nothing more for us to embrace their culture and attitude towards fans and not continually look for ways to exploit and milk for our hard earned cash. The former Bayern President said that the difference between £200 and £500 to their fan is a lot of money over a season ticket however across the stadium it is a few million pounds which is nothing to a club like them. What a positive PR exercise it would be for our club to come out with something similar.... you never know it could catch on and completely revitalise the game in this country and boy could we do with it. Give the fans something back, I am positive the atmosphere would crank up with it.
  7. Thanks Unique....Sadly it appears mobs rule when it comes to this forum these days.
  8. Yes exactly like those and many others.... but I don''t give a hoot about them. I do however give a hoot about NCFC.
  9. I think that was what moved me to post when I checked the website at lunch time - boredom and frustration and it''s just a shame in my eyes we haven''t capitalised on an amazing chance.
  10. Brilliant response. So you are happy with how things are going at the club are you?
  11. Cor some of you lot don''t half get your panties in a bunch easily! If this 28 year old journeyman turns out to be the next Dele Ali then I will be amazed! And yes we do get the odd gem from the lower leagues but I don''t hold out much hope with our recruitment record. The last time we had lower league transfer success with the likes of Holt, Fox, Tierney, Pilkington et all they were all buying into something rather special. I wonder what these poor beggers will be buying into? I just can''t help but thinking we have really let go of such a good opportunity to establish ourselves in the top flight having worked so hard to get back there and now it looks a hell of a long way away now. But hey let''s just keep lapping up all the bull$hit from the board and the social media dross thrown our way and be happy with our lot. After all we must stay part of the Little Norwich family eh!
  12. So in a couple of transfer windows we have gone from being linked to the likes of Alderweireld and Van Dyke to a couple of lads from Bradford and Barnsley! Isn''t it great to have Prudence back at Carrow Road, or do you think perhaps she never really left? Well played the Board, well played!
  13. Completely agree with the OP. Only a couple of weeks ago we were sitting at the top of the tree. In two weeks time we could be there once again. Next week will show a great deal about whether Neil has ''lost the dressing room'' but I think it''s imperative we give him a chance from our end of the bargain. Reactions are taken too quickly these days. We need to support the team and manager rather be than just sitting there waiting for them to fail. Football is a results based business and until the Fulham second half, results were good. The level of expectancy which has crept into the ground over recent seasons has meant that there is no atmosphere and despite our winning run and getting the right results there were many who were blarring their eyes out because we weren''t hitting 5 or 6 goals to nought each week and despite the 3 points the ground atmosphere was awful. lets turn Carrow Road into the fortress it once was once again as with that the results will soon follow. The players and the boss will grow from it and we will certainly do what everyone outside the club expects of us this year and return to the top flight. OTBC
  14. [quote user="Horse Renoir"] We probably wouldn''t have to pay much to poach Moyes from Sunderland either. We could do what Palace did with Pardew and offer him an escape route while allowing Sunderland to save face and money. Moyes gets out of a basket case club and gets a chance to rebuild his reputation at a quieter, less demanding club. Would be my second choice.[/quote] Less demanding club?? Have you heard our fans lately. ''Sing when you are winning'' comes to mind! We have a perfectly good manager in AN. There is no one else out there available who I would switch him with and I''m am confident he can turn this minor blip around soon. Once again- quit with the knee jerk pant wetting reactions and enjoy the ride!
  15. Let''s hope this debacle is the one that makes some of the players and the fans realise we are not going to stroll to promotion. We do have the squad and I still firmly believe, the manager to do the job but I think there has been an almost arrogance that we are too good for this league. I don''t think AN will let us tumble down the league but I expect him to light a few rockets now and hopefully our blip is now done... Saying that though - very tough game next week!
  16. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Zip still posts Bob and is a PUP. I''m glad you''re back. You''d make a terrific PUP too...[/quote] good to hear and yes tell me more! would like to be more active on forum having been a bit of a lurker for the past 13 years haha!
  17. Agreed but in his defence he needs to be backed at Board level to ensure the shambles that has been our recruitment process over the past few seasons does not continue.
  18. I think AN is a lot stronger mentally than Adams was and can man manage the players better too. Tactically he will improve and the addition of Alan Irvine will prove shrewd as the season goes on. AN is still a very young manager and will make ''rookie'' mistakes but I firmly believe he will go down as one of our greats by the time he leaves Carrow Road for the last time. We just need to be patient and let him work with the team and am sure we will be where we want to be come the end of the season. would be interested to know who the OP would rather we have at the helm?
  19. Sorry has First Wiz passed away? I used to enjoy his posts back when I used started using this forum back in the early days when we had just signed Hucks etc on loan and were storming towards the prem for the first time in years!! Used to be some good posters on here back then.... Dumbledelia, Zippers Left Foot and Gazzathegreat to name a few!
  20. I think that one has actually been uploaded to Youtube. Such a good watch as takes me back to when I was first supporting the club as a 6 year old back in the late 80s! Would love to convert some old VHS''s before they are beyond help. I think I also have some of the early 90s vids too.
  21. I have a couple including the Christmas video which came with the dodgy photocopied sleeve! Would never part with it though!
  22. Agreed wholeheartedly with the original poster here. It is something I have thought of for a long time. Unfortunately it seems to be well ingrained now into a lot of fans and seems to be spreading. I think Social Media plays a big part in that lots of folk these days now have a forum where they can reach a lot of people including players and fellow supporters and spill vitriol from behind the safety of their keyboard and this is spilling on to the terraces. Regarding the whole Customer/Fan thing: I think it has almost come to the point where football as a whole in this country needs to press the reset button. We are customers at the end of the day and to be honest get fleeced. I think the fact that we have to shell out so much to support a team contributes to the higher expectancy. Reduce the costs fans have to pay then the expectancy will also reduce and maybe the fans would perhaps be a little happier?
  23. Bit harsh on some in that list and as has already been said, every club will have heaps of strikers that for whatever reason didn''t work out. On the flipside how many great strikers have we had too...Iwan, Flecky, Sutton, Ashton, Earnshaw etc etc......
  24. Is this for real? I can''t believe some of our supporters are making such knee jerk reactions already. This is a vibrant young squad and we are going to get the odd poor performance/result on the way. We will be absolutely fine with AN at the helm. Also very young and on a learning curve. We don''t have a divine right to steamroll everyone we come up against in this league!!
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