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  1. To the theme of D I S C O A S K O U, A S K O U A he''s an animal S he is strong K he will kick you O he is ours U ooh ooh A S K O U
  2. The Hotel has definitely made a difference in terms of volume and the noise from Home fans in the lower Barclay and the away fans bounces off the hotel sending it back into the ground. Personally I think this makes the hotel a positive addition to ''The Cage''. I know there are loads of fans that would have rather seen an infill but the cost per seat associated with this development just doesn''t make financial sense. It is much better to wait and stick another tier on the city stand. When this should happen though is another issue entirely. We are now in a state of transition with a new manager who will clearly have an idea of the types of players he wants to sign and of course the board will have an idea of what they are willing to spend. Prudence with ambition dictates that the higher up the tabel we are come January the more likely we are to spend. In recent years we have become a club that likes to bring players in on loan, this costs money and sometimes some fans seem to forget this whan talking about the money from Francis etc. Given Grants recent quotes about youth, he is either clearly going to give a few of them a try, and if they prove succesful we can save the money to spend it on the ground.
  3. We did sit back in the second half but i don''t think that this was on Grants orders. Sitting in the city stand, I was able to see Grant screaming at players but also see the line our defence and midfiled held in the first half. It was so refreshing to see us play so high up the park and mean''t that Cardiff had no real rime on the ball. My only concern was that a great through ball would split our defence, however Docherty and Shackell were brilliant and Grant was constantly reminding them to keep up the pitch. The second half though was poor, we dropped deep and allowed Cardiff time to come at us, something that really worried me. Grant was still shouting at the players to move up the pitch so either they didn''t understand or more likely they are lacking in confidence. If they can sort out the line in training and get a few more clean sheets then the confidence will come back, I just hope that Earnie starts scoring again soon, he should have had a hatrick! 
  4. Anyone that talks about hard work and fitness players but doesn''t pick players that could clearly make a difference. How long was it before Safri was picked in the premiership? What was wrong with Paul McVeigh last year? Definitely not: O''Leary or  Robson.
  5. But what about all that lovely money that we have to pay Mr Worthington for terminating his contract. Wasn''t Nigel given a three year contract when we got relegated? So by my reckoing (i could be wrong) we still have to pay him until the end of this season and then the next. No wonder it took it so long for us to sack him.
  6. These guys are shocking; what ever you think of Sven he is in charge and will be at the World Cup, so why not allow him and his player’s proper preparation time. I''m sure that they have backed the 4 weeks at the end of the season so that the team can prepare and rest? So why contradict themselves with this nonsense!   I agree with certain aspects of expose by the media, but this is a complete waste of everybody’s time. They would rather sell a few thousand more papers than actually get behind the team.   Everyone knows that:   1. Michael Owen wanted to go to Liverpool.   2. Wayne Rooney is from a poor area.   3. Aston Villa is for sale.   4. Mourhinio earns £5m a year   5. Sven has quite a high opinion of himself.   All ''those'' leading questions by the NOTW just illustrate their desperation to try and snare the Sven.   Show how you feel by purchasing a different Sunday paper, or even donate the money to charity or by the kids some sweets.   If you don''t like Sven, which I''m sure many don''t just imagine for a minute that we have a manager that you do like, and the same thing happens, because it undoubtedly would, papers get bored.   End of rant      
  7. Just a thought, but with Marney and now Davenport having joined city on loan, has this been just good business by the board with a club that have a huge squad, or is there something deeper such as them being given first option on Ashton? Apparently they were interested in him before the start of the season. ??????????
  8. A bit petty but, great article on the Pinkun Home Page about Damien Francis - Where''s your head at etc etc. I thought that Basement Jaxx worte that tune, not the Chemical Brothers. Petty I know, but ruins the point in the article.
  9. Anyone know any good pubs where Canaries are getting together to watch the game on Saturday? I heared reports of 10,000 NC fans coming to watch the game and only 6,500 with tickets. There will surely be a great atmosphere on the Kings Road before and after the game (fingers crossed). Perhaps a sea of yellow can engulf a pub with a big screen!!!!
  10. Why will Worthington not play McVeigh even as a sub. I like Worthington, but I think he has to admit he was wrong last night. Johnson looked like he was going to get booked from minute one, and johnson is the kind of player who should have been taken off when he was booked. He is a very committed and aggressive player which is great to see, however when he has been booked it becomes worrying. He either cools off and loses the aggression that makes him great, or as happened last night he gets a second yellow, and means we have to play with ten men. Surely Mcveigh would have been the perfect player to bring on in this situation to play on the left against Wright Phillips, (both small, quick, low centre of gravity etc). We would have finished the game with eleven, and maybe would have snatched three points back rather than get nothing. Surely its all about the club (not Worthington vs Mcveigh), and maybe Mcveigh isn''t working hard enough, but if last night wasn''t a great time to reintroduce someone to the fray and give them something to be enthused about, then I dont think I can think of a better one. He''s obviously off at the end of the season, so thats how much wasted on wages.? Oh and the other thing, I seem to remember he scored at Old Trafford - and how many Norwich players can lay claim to that.?  
  11. I agree, a bit of a bad name but Norwich Union would have had to pay for the right to do so, so probably will help pay for Bentleys wages for a week or two. This is the problem with the modern game. It is good to see that the club are so comercially aware of these opportunities and prepared to milk them (Proton garage in the Jarrold stand).
  12. I know I have put this post on a couple of times, but I am keen to see the progress. Did anyone take any pictures before they left early on Saturday?
  13. Anyone got any updated pics so e can all see the progress. ???    
  14. Why not call it the Bear Pit. Now Living in London you really miss a Norfolk accent and it always makes me smile when I hear one. I say `Bear Pit` as at the Palace game last year when we had the whole stand, at halftime everyone was queing for a drink at the understaffed bars, suddenly up came the shout. "Hurry up mate, all i wants is a ****in BEAR" Awesome
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