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  1. I think the only answer is to sack Alex and appoint grefstad as he seems to have all the knowledge of a premier league manager. Do me a favour.............
  2. Three wise monkeys get ready for Sheffield United.
  3. Regulation! I see the schools in Ipshite are still as good as ever.
  4. [quote user="Stiflers Mom"]Once again thetford I can''t argue with a word you have said[/quote] You really are a to55er!
  5. Newton Let me see if I have understood your points. Firstly every manager that has been a failure at our club has been down to Delia Every manager that has been appointed by HER has been a cheap option Lambert was appointed by McNally. But the biggest appointment of all was McNally who you explain is certainly not a cheap option. Therefor she cannot appoint managers but she can appoint CEOs. I will now await an answer along the lines that perhaps she didn''t appoint McNally , or she got lucky.
  6. Kyle naughton will be coming for a years loan . So that is one position covered.
  7. I joined this board expecting sensible discussions about the club I have supported for nearly fifty years. All we get on here is petty arguments about who''s right and inane point scoring. Some people really need their egos massaging. Seriously people take a look at yourselves.
  8. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]12. The bloke who boycotts the pub under the current landlord and doesn''t believe a word the brewery say about the place, but buys a raffle ticket once a year so has a stake in the place. He remembers when the beer garden was uncovered on three sides.[/quote] Ok I give up YOU are the landlord. Bor.
  9. If the football club was a pub and our posters on here were the patrons ,who would be the following? 1. The old boy that sits at the bar and reckons that the place has gone down hill since the last landlord left. 2. The upstart ,who when somebody disagrees with him, offers them out in the car park. 3. The fellow who can remember the dark days when the brewery had no money and the pub nearly ceased to exist. 4. The well educated office stationary rep , who likes to put everyone right about their grammar. 5. The spiv who knows everything about running a pub but has never done it. 6. The two workmates who totally disagree about everything. 7. The chap that lives quite close who only visits the pub once in a blue moon ,but can see the reasons why trade has dropped off. 8. The interloper from the pub down the road , who has called in to see what a proper pub looks like. 9. The old chap that has sat in the same seat for forty years and yearns for when beer was two bob a pint. 10. The local totty who thinks everybody in the house should hang on her every word. Answers on a postcard please .
  10. [quote user="bringbackchippy"]Browno, lve sung more NCFC football songs than youve had hot dinners! [/quote] I take it browno is heavily into salads then!
  11. [quote user="Darth Catbeard The Old"]Agreed. Not only have they been poor all season, most of them couldn''t be arsed today, shows what they think of the fans and the club yet they still get applauded! Yea because what happened this season was totally acceptable...[/quote] I applauded those players that had seemed to give effort throughout the season. As they were together it was difficult to pick out the individuals. If the club had let them out one at a time we could have applauded the ones who gave a toss and ignored those that didn''t. I would never boo! OTBC.
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