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  1. Bradders Vs Barton round 2. Quite a few ex canaries playing for Derby now.
  2. Yet we''ve scored more goals than Liverpool, so do they need a new striker?
  3. [quote user="canary_1902"]The bloke is paid a fortune which means getting around isnt an issue and he was able to use a private jet.Good goal but he was at fault for LFC''s goal and was able to tap into resources the normal man on the street doesnt have. Let''s not go over board..[/quote]Like to see you travel for 4 hours, stay up all night, fly back then play 90 minutes of football. No amount of money will make that easy. Was a good goal, someone else might have over hit that.
  4. I''m happy with our transfers so far. I wouldn''t want us to do what Watford did and pretty much get in a new team, you want to keep the team spirit and momentum but just adding 3 or 4 players that can improve the team. Which I think we have done.
  5. I thought they did a good piece on us and on Alex Neil and gave us plenty of praise. Think some NCFC are too needy, as long as we win and play well then I don''t care how much praise or coverage we get.
  6. Think we can win this game, Southampton not looking good this season thanks to them being in Europe (the curse). I don''t usually bet but I signed up to Coral because apparently you''ll get a free NCFC home kit if you sign up and bet. So put 5 pounds on Jerome to score first then used the £20 free bet for a NCFC win, so fingers crossed they do win lol.
  7. His been doing the same on the NOT606 forums, posting all over the different football forums. Although I see no harm trying to get your work out there, but there is such a thing called too much. Here''s why he is spamming his http://www.theguardian.com/media/media-blog/2014/feb/11/news-hub-online-journalism-freelance if he''s in the top 10% he gets £6 a month...
  8. Oops, that''ll teach me, I didn''t notice or even looked at the date to the starting thread lol.
  9. Sometimes I wonder why I don''t post on here much, then I see threads like this and it reminds me why.Hughton is building a solid premier league team to keep us in the top flight in the long run, there will be a few bad games, but overall it''s not that bad as some people like to believe.
  10. If you noticed when we played Hull away, Hughton used his subs early on because we needed something to change, but when the team is playing well, then why try changing it?
  11. I was at the game, I thought all the defenders did well, but I was overly impressed with Olsson.
  12. Pre-season games is just meant to get the team up to game fitness and some play time, so really, it''s doesn''t matter who the team is. It''s a good warm up game before Everton.
  13. I can''t see an truth in this rumour at all.Guzan was excellent last season and would be very harsh to drop him. Ruddy would want to be 1st team choice and not 2nd and also just signed a 4yr deal to stay. Newspapers just getting bored and making stuff up, poor journalism.
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