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    Out of our reach is putting it lightly.

    He''s said before that he would only consider moving to Britain if the manure job was available.
  2. Bws Cat

    The season starts here.

    The season started ten games ago. No amount of wishing is going to make it go away.
  3. " I don''t wish it or court it, but if thats what is needed then I''m prepared to suffer it.

    Anyone else this desperate yet?"

    There''s actually a Freudian slip wiz makes here.

    Wiz makes the statement that he doesn''t want to "wish it or court it" yet only a few sentences later he states "anyone else this desperate yet?"

    "Anyone else" being the key here.

    Surely if wiz was not of this opinion he would say something more akin to " does anybody think this?" ?

    Anyone else suggests he''s made his mind up.

  4. Wizs track record in recent days has been unkind to him.

    Firs he established that he has ''never wanted city to loose'' but Lapps dispelled that myth.

    Then he has a little contradiction from his own account of how old he is to spice things up.
  5. Bws Cat

    Managerial Shopping List

    If Rijkaard came here I think I would wet my pants. Not sure with what type of fluid either...

    It would be a dream appointment. Which is why it isn''t going to happen.
  6. Bws Cat

    Neil Lennon please

    I would be happy with Lennon. But it would be a massive gamble.
  7. Bws Cat

    MOTD Lowlights

    "His head hasn''t been right this season - think that gun stunt has done his head."

    I highly doubt it.
  8. Bws Cat

    My take on the game

    I love the fact people use ''goalkeeping errors'' as almost unavoidable accidents, as if they just happened and it''s not our fault.

    Well I''m sorry, but ruddy is part of the squad too. He was crap today. Same as everyone else.
  9. These threads are extremely childish.

    Hopefully pete will clean up the forum tonight.
  10. Similar, javier. But there was a large group of people who said they would give Hughton ten games to make a verdict on whether he stays or leaves. I''m interested to see the response from them.

    My other thread is more about people who were ''inners'' and have immediately changed allegiance.
  11. Verdict?

    For me it''s obvious...

  12. Bws Cat

    match thread

    The only way it could be worse is if Hughton comes out and announces he has signed a 70 year contract with the club dressed as a mermaid with scallops on his ti ts.
  13. Bws Cat

    match thread

    I think I''d be less humiliated if I ran naked through the city centre.
  14. Bws Cat

    match thread

    7-0. Dzeko.

  15. Bws Cat

    match thread

    Even LDC can''t defend this.
  16. Bws Cat

    match thread

    "Sacked in the morning" ringing through the Etihad.
  17. Bws Cat

    match thread

    6-0. Aguero.

  18. Bws Cat

    match thread

    The board and canary call are going to be fun tonight...
  19. Bws Cat

    match thread

    I agree Ricardo, but the point is that our performance has been dire. This is reflected in the result.
  20. Bws Cat

    match thread

    5-0. Toure free kick.
  21. Bws Cat

    match thread



    Citeh- 70%

    City- 30%


    Citeh- 15

    City- 4

    On target (Citeh)- 5

    On target (city)- 1


    Citeh- 6

    City- 2


    Citeh- 5

    City- 3
  22. Bws Cat

    match thread

    What a miss by Elmander.

    What a useless signing.
  23. Bws Cat

    match thread

    City4ever have you ever seen what Waveney/ river end canary posts?

    He''s just a troll, he''s openly admitted it on twitter.