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  1. You also all seem to be overlooking that Jacob is the first City player in a long time who actually takes a corner that goes into the danger area, rather than too long or short. He''s a real talent and his brother ain''t half bad either, just needs a little more time to find his feet.
  2. Fox will get his chance during the season.  He''s not surplus to requirements, he''s been injured so was down the pecking list.  We have a big squad and a lot of games coming up over the course of the season, so they will all get opportunities at some time.  When he does get back in he''ll be raring to go and determined to prove a point, so as not to be dropped.    All the above happended last season also if I remember rightly, and has happended with Wessi already this season, when some of the dimwits on here were saying he''s out the door, before he was rightly re-installed as the best thing since sliced bread.   Patience is a virtue, somewhat overlooked in Norfolk.
  3. Whao there Nelly.  All slow down please.  We just had one good game, we dont want to be thinking of getting rid of anybody.  What happens if we pick up a couple of injuries, loss of form (seems quiet common) or a suspension?  Lets just let things settle down, see if we can get that winning habit back and progress from there first.  Then we can maybe think of where the squad needs tweaking, but at the moment no-one is surplus and will all have important roles to play this season.
  4. Paul were not likely to win against Aarsenal at the Emirates.  They are on good from, we are not.  I''d be more than happy with a draw, and I''d clap like hell if we do if thats OK with you?  This is not defeatism, this is being a realist.  We need to make sure we get the results we need from Villa game onward through November or we will be big trouble.    I understand what your saying about putting out a team to win, and I trust he will now put out our best team with Holt and Hoolahan up front, Pilks and Bennett on the wings, Fox and Tetty central midfield and the same back four/ five as last game, even though theyve shipped 9 goals.  I dont know if this a winning team, I hope it is, and maybe its better than the team thats played the last couple of games.  But this is just my opinion, and we all like to think we know best dont we?   However, what you''ve also got to look at to see where I''m coming from is the league. Luckily the teams around us havent exactly left us behind after 7 games.  I''m extremly relieved by this, otherwise I may have been having hissy fits like others on this board, wanting the manager changed, Holt dropped, Holt back, new strikers, new defenders weeks after saying the defence looked so much better this year than last, Snoddy in, Snoddy out, Messi in, Ronaldo out.  Everyones entitled to their opinion, and my personal opinion is to give it a little more time and see if we can get back to the form we had at Spurs and the optimism we were all feeling after that game.   Basically I''m going to be patient enough to give it a reasonable amount of time before jumping to conclusions, and demanding changes.  To me this period is end of November, and If we are still struggling then I will definetly have a more vocal, though hopefully balanced view of what needs to be done, but as I say I''m happy to wait a little longer for the manager to get it right.    Just out of interest I wanted Gus Poyet, not Chris Hughton, but I''m still going to back him for the forseeable future and I really hope he goes onto be a big big sucess at our club for years to come. 
  5. The three posts above are correct.  We''re not being ruthless or professional enough.  When we finally do make that takle it is too late as the opposition are in the danger area.  We need to man-up in midfield and defence, and do what other will happily do to us, bu cutting you down and stopping the attack before it gathers momentum.   Its nice to see some constructive sensible posts!
  6. I''m sure some were panicking at the start of last season with us giving away about 15 penalties in 3 games or something stupid.  Look lets get this in perspective.  We''re not about to win our next game either against Arsenal, so everyone needs to put their negatitivity on a backburner.  Our season starts with the Villa game and then the month of November.  If were still in the mire after November I''ll be panicking also and look to the board and the current management for solutions.    But some positives can be taken from the QPR, WHU and Spurs games.  Newcastle wasnt too bad either.  Fulham was not good.  What did Liverpool do to us at home last season?  0-3, this year it was 2-5, same difference.  Chelsea beat us 3-1 last year, when they were poor.  This year as European Champions and top of the table it was 4-1.   Im not overly disappointed, as I''m a realist.  In fact Im seeing the green shots.  Holt has now scored in two games running, so hes coming into form at the right time.  Some of you were saying he wasnt up to it just two weeks ago.  Defense needs tightening, but hopeful Bassong can get going again and bring that stability that was being crowed about just two weeks ago also.  You all need to get a grip and get behind the team.
  7. Bill Hicks - I only deal in facts, thats why Im a cocky fackin'' bustard! On to the original subject matter, Im with you on this OP on this.  Lets get some perspective here.  We player poorly against Fulham, as we always do.  So not a surprise really.  Weve then played well without having that bit of luck for four games, and a couple of results that would have settled nerves.  Then we capsized against a Liverpool team, as we have done many times in our history.  We didnt lose to the teams that matter being West Ham and QPR.  Did anyone expect a result against Spurs or the Toon?  Well we got an extra point there.  Half full not half empty in my opinion, or fact! If we now get 1 point out of our next 2 games weve done well.  Lets not panick for the next few games.  Lets get behind the team.  Holts off the mark now, so inshallah the goals will begin to flow regularly. November is when we really need to start to kick on, and we should be able to get some points that month looking at the fixture list.  If we dont, then Im all for manning the lifeboats!
  8. It''s got to be the Milk Cup Semi in ''85.    They were the better team in those days and the favourites, and we done them at the last to secure a trip to the final.  You can''t write a better script than that night. 
  9. Are some of you for real?  Wes is a match winner, like Holt, like Morison, like a lot of other players you are continually bitching and knocking for one reason or another.  Why are you so intent on knocking players who perform, and commaring to other players you have yet to see?   If you havent got anything positive to say, dont bother.   Unfuckingbelievable.
  10. Why would we want to sell him to West Ham, helping them stay up at our expense?  Look at the bigger picture.  We need to stay in this league, so its not helping our cause if we give our best players to a rival.  Doesnt make sense.   Give Holty a small pay rise for his remaining two years.  Hes earnt it.  Hes far exceeded everbodies expectations, and is a legend who we need to keep on board.   Note to Holts agent: theres right ways and wrong ways to go about your business.  You actions fall squarely into one of those catagories.
  11. Why would you want to sell him to West Ham?  Doesnt make sense to sell our star stiker to a potential relegation rival.  We need to keep our squad together and not make other squads stronger.   If he does have to leave let it be on our terms to a side at the top or outside the division.  If not Im quiet happy for him to see out the reamining two years of a very good contract and leave on a free.  We''d have still got better value than him helping someone else get more points than us.    The only thing that matters here is Norwich, not what others want, whether that be players or teams. 
  12. FourFourTwo, with all due respect, they have "massive commercial incomes", yet are still making massive losses and have massive debts on the books.  How are they going balance that?  By paying more wages for more stars?  No they will have to cut there cloth accordingly.  Trim senior player numbers form the squads and the wages for non-star players will also fall into line.  Youll always want to pay as much as you can for a top top player like a Ronney, Gerrard or a Holt, but for squad players is there a need to pay 50 or 100k pw?    The only other alternative is if the top clubs seek a higher proportion of the TV income, which I cant see the rest of the PL accepting, just to make the top 6s lives easier, when theyre already killing the game with their financial (debt) muscle.   Anyway, back to the point, with City debt free (2013) and other clubs paying interest on their debts and not allowed to increase that debt, we should be in a better position to compete.  We need some positivity, its been a tough couple of weeks!   Paul Moy, when you walk in a pub do you make your mates who were there 10 minutes earlier recount the conversations they had prior to your arrival?  Or do they say no we cant have that conversation we had it last week/ month/ year?  It would be even more boring on here if there were only 6 threads on this forum.  Lambert, Holt, McNally, Morisson/ Tearny, ground expansion, and now FFP.  Have I missed anything?
  13. So its agreed there will be less big names on the benches and more youth players making up the squads?   All clubs will have to abide, because theres 9 clubs going for the Eurpoean places and 6-8 normally fighting relagation for much of the season.   Our income if we finish next season in similar position to the past, together with a decent size match-day income will make us competitive if were all on similar budget/expenditure laws.  However, in our advantage is the fact we shall have no debts to service from the end of 2012 - 13 season, whereas other clubs are 10s - 100s of millions in debt.
  14. Sorry if theres already another thread, but I cant be arsed to trawl through. With the UEFA Financial Fair Play now caluclauating against all clubs, with penalties being applicable from the seaon after next i.e 2013 -14, what will be the remifications for us compared to other clubs?  Assuming we stay in the Permier League after this coming season, how will affect our departed manager to a club with 100million+ of debt and counting, compared to ourselves who expect to be debt free at the end of next season?  The season after next is the key, dependant on us staying up this coming season. The key points as I understand are: 3 years to break even, starting from 2011 - 12 (last season) - NCFC are well on target, how many others are? Till the year 2014 clubs can only accrue losses of 39.5m - NCFC again are not troubled by this. Owners cannot bail out clus with personal wealth - Oh dear for certain midland clubs spending beyon there means (sorry I''m bitter really) I think we safely meet all the requirements and more with a minimum income of 40m+ next season, but the impact on the top/ bigger teams is going to be massive.  Why are they still giving out big contracts that are unsustainable under the new rules?  100 - 200k per week just doesnt stack up. I think theres going to be a lot of squad players looking for alternative clubs, if the star players are still drawing the big salaries, as there wont be enough money to go around.  Will it be just the star players and youth teams players coming through in some of these squads?  Your not going to pay 30, 40, 50k for a sub are you? I''m actually looking forward to it, as it should give us a chance to play on a more level field, pardon the pun.  I think our boards long term strategy is correct, though after the kick in the nads we''ve had off two of our idols in recent weeks it may not be as clear to us at the moment.  We''ve got to look at the bigger picture, get the right manager, being Gus Poyet in my eyes, though I am warming to Chris Hughton after talks with some blue noses. What are your thoughts?  Anyone know the accounts of other teams compared to ours and the potetial impact this will have?    
  15. [quote user="CanaryDodge84"]Heard a few lads trying to get this going in Weatherspoons before a match last season. Simple and i like it: - To Coldplays "Yellow" Look at the stars Look how they shine for you We hate the scum in blue Cos'' we''re all yellow! [/quote] Yeah that''s got some legs in it. Don''t know if we need the third line as it is. Maybe "Look how they play for us" or "And everything City do"
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