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  1. Yep the quality of balls to the two up front has been so poor today. Definitely one of our weakest performances i''ve seen this year. Was good to see Vaughan play though..
  2. Get Pilkington on, I just don''t understand why he doesn''t start if fit, he''s by far our most threatening player.
  3. To be fair to Redknapp I don''t think he meant it in a negative way, I think he was fair in his comments and fully admitted we deserved to win...
  4. Game of the season for me, I thought we were completely bossing from beginning to end, Spurs never looked that threatening. Outstanding performance from Russell Martin today, the whole back line was great, closing down real quick and making Spurs look proper average. Good bit of recovery this week amongst the guys and get set for another big team upset next Saturday!
  5. I agree that without Holt we look pretty toothless in a goal threat sense. As hardworking as Jackson has been he''s never going to tally up goal wise, but i do think he offers some great hold up play and has provided plenty of assists. I''d be inclined to cut Vaughan loose, I have sympathy for hi but to be honest we can''t afford to have someone who is just constantly going to be out injured, he''s been like this throughout much of his career from what i''ve heard and I don''t see that changing. And Morison, well same again, he just looks like he really can''t be assed to be honest and we need something different that compliments Holt in a second striker role, and I don''t think Morison fits the bill!
  6. He got sent off anyway in the end... Justice was served!
  7. I think he got his 5th yellow today (should have been sent off for one of his challenges), so we won''t have the pleasure of his company next week i guess?
  8. Did Johnson ever make the long list for England? I think he''s been very poor, passing hasn''t been great, not particularly creative and seems to smash it over the bar a lot which is. Trait I dislike in any player! Would have tO agree that him and Crofts have not showered themselves in glory this season
  9. I think Ward had to pull out of that one because if he connected it would have been a penalty. I thought defensively we were pretty good today, but were definitely missing Fox, things started to turn more in our favor when he came on. Also thought Ruddy was really great today, some good reflex saves. Not all bud, but was an ugly game to watch, especially after watching liverpool arsenal earlier on!
  10. No not a chance of them letting play in a hypothetical game against Spurs. Would be great if he cam here though, been getting a lot better going forward too recently.
  11. Are there any audio ones then for those outside of norfolk too?
  12. Yea i''ve got a mac so no chance of me watching it today, bummer!
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