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  1. we are going to have a shell of a former team and need to rebuild soon so they can gel. The board have already said we have to sell before we can buy. Did AN leave the same note Gordon Brown did when he vacated No 10 "sorry all the money has gone"
  2. fast becoming a forgotten man and no one will want to touch him
  3. Back in the 90''s you could park on street and the local lads would ask for a few quid to "look after" your car. I always said if car is ok when I get back I''ll pay you and they would be there after the match and I would give them a couple of quid. Street Parking has now ceased, but pub car parks and local factories have signs up for parking for about £4, but do say your leaving early or they will block you in. See you all there on Saturday [quote user="city4eva"] Went last year, loads of parking for around a fiver, all within 10 minutes of ground and just off M6, on way back was on motorway within 10 minutes. do a search of aston villa parking and it lists loads of spots   we parked in a gargae yard that was locked during the game   [/quote]
  4. I had a similar thread a few weeks ago and the more Ithink about it, I have moved on and feel we shouldn''t even give it a second thought. PL got us where we are today granted, did he have the bottle to see how far he could have taken us....well no. We now have CH who I hope can take us to the next stage and beyond COYY OTBC.
  5. Will we Boo Lambert ? For Me I think we should maybe cheer some sort of thanks for about a minute, then never mention it again in the game or again. Theirs only one Chris Whoton (I think thats how its spelt)  COYY OTBC
  6. To Quote Lambert " I have never said I want to leave, I''m very happy here and you can post as much as you like on message boards, I can''t stop that" .................Spurs he I come lol
  7. With the side PL was building are Villa really a better prospect that Norwich. Neither sides have had much league or european success over the passed few years and I feel PL was on the brink of something very big here at Norwich. PL had already released some players (which a new manager may feel have a place in his team) and he must have been 90% sure then that he would be off. I just feel PL has jumped ship 2 seasons too soon for Norwich and himself. I thought PL would not be with us after seeing him shake everyones hand in the Norwich dug out on tthe final whistle on the last game of the season, it really looked like a thank you and good bye. I''m really not sure who I''d like to see in his place, as 3 years ago who would have had PL at the top of their list. Anyway heres to next season win or lose hit the booze COYY
  8. Good manager but a arrogant big head sort of a chap.
  9. £40 quid a seat £43 for a family ticket (that''s 1 adult and 1 child) £23 for under 16 and we stood for the whole game lol
  10. How great was the chant "Empty seats my lord empty seat oh ohhhhhhhh empty seats" by the Norwich fans
  11. Taking my 2 boys to their first ever Premier Leauge game as I said to them their first Premier Leauge game must be Norwich. Our Seat No are Lower Q Block Q2 Row S sEATS 3, 4 AND 5 See you all there COYY OTBC.
  12. bradders heres a few questions for you. What do you think the score will be? Have you ever left a game early and wished you hadn''t? What did you think of Martin O''neil  as a manager? Current best player and why? Best ever player and why? Whats the parking like around Villa these days years back it was street parking and a quid to a kid to look after the motor? How long before Villa get a crack at the title again and of Silver wear? That will do for now I''m surte I''ll think of more soon.  
  13. 1. How long have you been a Norwich City Supporter? 40 years 2. Who is your best player? Wes 3. Who you think is Villa''s best player? Given 4. What is your perception of Aston Villa? As I live in the midlands I grew up with Villa fans so I haven''t a high opinion of them ...sorry 5. What do you think the score will be? 1-2 6. What do you think your final position will be? mid table 7. What do you think Aston Villa position will be? 11th 8. Who introduced you to norwich city? my late Grandad 9.What was your first game and what made you want to follow then and made you return? Coventry v Norwich Greg Downs scored 10.What stadium you most looking forward too and why? I only attend a few games so it would have to be Villa park 11.How many games do you visit a season? 3ish 12.Away days for yourselves expensive this season in particular, but do you think Norwich FC are doing all they can to encourage you? Yes 13. What would you define as a good season? Staying Up 14. Has promotion to the premier league attracted new fans Yes my boys suddenly think Norwich are cool 15. Do you think Alex McLeish moving from Birmingham to Villa was a good move for us? No
  14. we were originally in the lower tier but I asked for 1 audult and 2 childrens tickets and youve guessed it I only got 1 adult and 1childs sent, however Norwich are taking them back and sending 3 to me I bet these will be the restricted view tickets :-(
  15. He never said if the away end had stantions or not but seeing some tickets say restricted views I would guess so
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