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  1. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Villa Park-ing?

    See what i did there, in all seriousness, any recommendations for car parks?  Do they let cars into the away coaches park?
  2. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Is one, old, frail woman blocking true investment in City?

    [quote user="Wiz"]

    Even the three newly promoted sides have more financial clout than us, in fact, we''re the paupers of the Prem, a fact I believe is courtessy of Delia Smith''s stubben refusal to retire and stand down.


    Don''t kid yourself that the board run things now, the real power still lies with the Stomarket two.


    And she will NEVER allow some rich foreigner to take away her favourite toy.....and as a Premiership club don''t tell me we''re not ripe and attractive to a foreign prospective investor or owner. 


    Just remember this as other clubs complete their buisness


    Surely you must see this.[:@]

    [/quote]Never a truer word spoken.  Now all the Bovril drinkers will try and chop you down, and defend her highness.  Noone wants a sugar daddy to run the club into non-existence, but investment to give us a competitive budget each year is desperatley needed.Her highness'' grip on our yellow and green balls needs to be loosened.
  3. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    So Lamberts left?

    Robert Chase hasn''t made a press conference, yet. 


    He''s still flicking through his "Liverpool are on the telly again" mag.


    Hold on a minute, what time did Rosario score that goal, i need to check my golden Goal ticket.

  4. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    - Nikola Zigic - wants to follow Hughton - CH wants him

    I hope it was written into CH''s contract, that under no circumstances does he go back for Zigic.


    Awful player.

  5. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Judas's Staff at Villa

    [quote user="TIL 1010"]

    I really think some people need to get out more. What exactly is the point the OP is trying to make here or engage in debate ? [:@]

    Lambert got us to thrash the scum twice in one season,gave 3,000 fans an unforgettable night in Portsmouth and for those two outstanding achievements alone he does not deserve to be called Judas.

    [/quote]Yet in the same breathe we say "No-one is bigger than the club".  Thanks, now fall on your backside Lambert!Judas!
  6. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Steve Morrison FACTS!!!!

    FACT 1st 45 minutes vs Fulham.2 completed passes.FACTUseless
  7. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Why doesn't the BBC iplayer not have MOTD highlights???


  8. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Forster to Celtic Done deal

    1 year loan with view to permanent apparentlyhttp://twitter.com/#!/BBCchrismclaug
  9. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Still gives me goosebumps

    I know we lost but still, it''s got a touch of the nessun dorma''s about it.

  10. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Friendly against Crystal Palace announced

    [quote user="ryan1992"]

    We always play them! Usually in the same League, apart from this season and 2 years ago, and both times we aren''t in their League we play them in a friendly!


    I''ve tried and tried, but nope cannot understand you boyo!
  11. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Giant canary in the crowd

    Sign HIM up, even if it''s just to smack the Aviva Lemur about!
  12. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Player of the season- Should be the team

    I''d give it to Russell Martin.  Why over anyone else?  Most improved player in a team of outstanding performers. Plus the last full back to win it was Mark Bowen all those years ago!
  13. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Sounds like we're going up as Champions

    I would prefer a points deduction next season.If it has to be this season, then yes make us champions, but keep QPR second. The thought of Cardiff and posiibly Swansea in the "English" Premier League is about as appealing as Rangers or Celtic joining it.
  14. Chris Gorehams Alter Ego

    Why are posters slagging off former players.

    Disgusting, Peter Mendham, what a twat!