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  1. What a great result today! I have just listened to the canary call in on radio Norfolk and there was a clown called ''Baz'', having a go at the performance and the manager - what a joke he really is! We do not need so called supporters like him anywhere near our football club!
  2. Arrogant - what are you talking back, I have total respect for all teams in the premier league - its the best in the world and we are in it. So does that mean we have to get 10 men behind the ball and defend just to show respect to so called bigger clubs???
  3. Excluding the top 6 prem teams (Man Utd / Chelsea etc), surely with the players we now have when we are away from home we should go all out attack and try to win games. We have 19 away games and I would much rather we pick up 5 wins and lose the rest, rather than pick up 10 draws and 9 defeats playing defensive football. Our home form will be fine - I just want to see us have a go at teams away from home and if we concede a few goals along the way then so be it! Your thoughts.
  4. Just been going through the squad for the coming season - it looks like we have two players in every position plus several who can play in a number of positions (maybe another left back could be needed). Do we keep the remaining budget until January or spend now? Maybe a new striker with genuine pace?   Also, just watched the you tube footage of Robert Snodgrass - he looks a class player espcially!
  5. You make a fair point, I was not expecting a Norwich City show, but why show us constantly getting beaten. What about Newcastle at home, Liverpool away etc!
  6. Just watched the above on Sky Sports earlier today for the first time. I was looking forward to seeing lots of highlights of Norwich as they had had such a fantastic season! What a joke, I saw us beaten by Man City twice, Man Utd, Spurs and Arsenal, the only goals / wins from Norwich was Bolton away, QPR away (only because Warnock got sacked after the game), Spurs away and Arsenal away (Morison''s goal). Surely we desreved more credit than that or do Sky favour the ''Big 6'' and forget the others! Be interested in your thoughts????
  7. Love to get your views!!! Paul Lambert did a fantastic job at Norwich and I will always be greatful for what he has done, however, in reality he has jumped ship at the first oppotunity to join a so called bigger club. How should the fans react when sky camera''s are watching, for me I would like to see a hostile atmosphere for Paul Lambert - Im not interested in a happy hand clap for a once great manager - he made his choice and I am now 100% be hind Chris and his management team! Villa 0 - 2 Norwich     Morison 2!!!!! 
  8. Would you not favour a 4-2-3-1 with Wes in the middle of the 3 attacking mid-fielders?
  9. In my opinion, Wes has to play a high percentage of games this coming season, he is our most gifted player and a real match winner. The problem is, how do we fit him into the team, can he play in central mid-field in a 4-4-2? For me no, I feel his best position is playing just off a lone striker or behind a front two, playing in wide positions is a none starter. I pray we continue our policy of going to win games both home and away including the so called ''big'' 4 or is it 6 now. I believe if we play the likes of Hoolahan, E Bennett, Pilkington, Howson we are going to suprize a few more teams this season, if we get a few thumpings along the way then so be it! Be interested in other peoples thoughts?
  10. Unfortunatley I can not get to every game - I would be interested in your thoughts on Jonny Howson?   I have seen his games on Sky plus the highlights shows and to me he looks like a fantastic player, work rate is great, good on the ball and gets forward to create chances for the forward line.   Can he be a premier league star this season and is could he be the captain for 2012/13?   Be really interested in the opinion of those who have seen him since he signed in the January transfer window?
  11. I have a feeling this will be a fantastic appointment - no more talk of Paul Lambert, I thank him for what he did for our club but now it is time to move on! Lets get behind Chris Hughton, I have seen him interviewed, read the threads from both Newcastle and Birmingham supporters who speak very highly of him, everything looks positive. I am really interested to see what he does during the transfer window, in my opinion, players who could go include Crofts, Surman, Holt (no problems with that), Lappin, Drury and Barnett. If he keeps us in the premier league next year he has done a fantastice job but if the worse happens, he has proved with both Newcastle and Birmingham that he has the ability to have a real go at getting out of the Championship. Total respect to Mcinally - he has done a fantastic job at our club and I have total faith in him for Norwich City in the future! Norwich 3 - 0 Aston Villa ( Steve Morison hat-trick - season 2012 / 13) - I thank you!
  12. Was Hughton not in charge of Newcastle Utd! Ok, so who do you suggest - please dont say a young manager, we can risk that in league 1 but this is the premier leaugue - get real!
  13. We must go for an experienced manager now! Forget Mckay, Lee Clarke, Robinson! Lets look at Hughton, Curbishley, Bruce - they know what they are doing in the premier league. There is money available for new signings and I feel that an experienced manager would know how best to spend this money.
  14. I wander how Paul Lambert is feeling, Villa wanted Solskear, then Martinez and now they have gone for Lambert! Third choice for an average Villa team who have been poor this last season. I know Villa have a good history but that counts for nothing, if he wants to go then so be it but I really believe that he will regret leaving Norwich City. So who next, Norwich is a great club with fantastic support and there will be a long list of managers who would love to manage this club, if I''m honest I''m not sure, do we go for an experienced premier league manager ( Curbishley / Bruce ) or a young manager ( Clark / Mckay ), would be interested in your thoughts!
  15. Just had to come on line and say my piece! What a season................ Grant Holt - Fantastic, deserves a chance at EURO 2012. Elliot Bennett - Never played in the Championship and noew performing in the premier league. Anthony Pilkington - As above, top quality, scores goals - what a signing. John Ruddy - Great Goal Keeper! Wes Hoolahan - he has the skills to pay the bills! Surman, R Martin, Fox, Morison, Johnson, have performed well all season, Howson - a real sar in the making! I can not wait for next season, the players / management have been amazing! But please, please be realistic, we will never pay 50K per week for a player! I am so proud and if anybody disagrees I would love to discuss!
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