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  1. 2.500 away fans were fantastic again today #12th man!
  2. Brums equalise 2-2 two goals in stoppage time for Brum. Thank you!
  3. Once again the away fans have been loud and proud!
  4. Can see the headlines tomorrow. H-Bombs destroy the the Millwall docks 70 years after Hitler & 45 years after container ships!
  5. Before todays game, his Premier League Stats for this season were, Starting eleven: 19, Substituted in: 2, On the bench: 1, so very much part of their 1st 11 until now.
  6. Les said........"Did anyone just hear the Stoke fans singing ''There''s only one Neil Baldwin'' at tonights game, ''cos I''m sure I did" The real life Neil Baldwin was paraded in front of the fans just before the start of tonights game. Marvellous!
  7. If there''s no Link, and you can''t get Radio Norfolk, Chris Gorehams commentary is here http://www.bbc.co.uk/5livesportsextra
  8. If there''s no Link, and you can''t get Radio Norfolk, Chris Gorehams commentry is here http://www.bbc.co.uk/5livesportsextra
  9. Nothing on Sky, BT, or even featured game on the Football League Show for the next couple of months. Scandalous! Loads of Leeds, Sheffield Wednesday, Barnsley, Huddersfield, (See a pattern?) Notts Forest also loads of air time, but us nothing. It''s a conspiracy i tells ya! Mind you, Chris Goreman looks like he''s got a captive audience of us that are not fortunate enough to be at Carrow Road in person.
  10. Robin Hood canary wrote........... Reasons to be positive 1) Neil has us playing attractive football. = Just wait 2) the squad are clearly happy and united = As above 3) the fans are happy and united = As above 4) we are going back up = Lose a game and the usual suspects will be forecasting consecutive relegations. 5) we beat the scum at portaloo road = We will win at portaloo road every season for ever more. 6) we are still in the cup in sept = cup? League games mean more. I can''t remember ever feeling like this under Hughton . Even if we were relegated down to the Eastern Counties League (or whatever it''s called these days) i will support The Canaries, will you?
  11. You can bet they''ll all be back once we lose a game or two!
  12. Snoddy out for up to 6 months with a dislocated kneecap.
  13. Just 2 days until it all kicks off again. http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ I''ve tried all the other Fantasy Leagues (Sun, Sky etc) and believe me, The Premier League one is by far the best. Once again it''s that time of the year, and i''ve set up a normal league and a Head 2 Head league again. Many of you have been playing in the leagues below for a few years now, if you haven''t please feel free to join. There are sure to be more leagues to join but you can be in 15 private leagues with your team. The Best League. Code to join this league: 77484 - 24497 Best Head 2 Head League. Code to join this league: 77484 - 28235 Any questions regarding joining, please ask.
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