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  1. Adams: "We want 6 points not 4", "Our quality showed in the end" "No disrespect to Brentford" "I thought we would win in the end" That''s a winning mentality.....
  2. Who is vetting them before they get on air?? Gary Neville? Bassong coming back! Crazy times.
  3. Adams is proving to be an inspired choice. Hooper, Howson and Ryan Bennett to return, we are too much for any side in this league. We are just steam rolling sides, 7 goals away from home in 4 days against decent sides with play-off aspirations. Can''t we just stay down next year and do it all again? It''s o much more enjoyable....
  4. Thanks - that is such an annoyance. Looking forward to that all day and we are the only game without when we are, by common consent, the Manchester City of this division....
  5. I think they''ve missed us out on the Wiziwig, we should be on http://www.wiz1.net/channel12 If you look, all other games are being shown on Unibet and another channel apart from us but they''ve missed out the channel so the game before us Blackpool v Watford is channel 11 and the game after us Cardiff v Boro is channel 13 so I reckon we are on this one. Offline at mo but see nearer kick-off
  6. 1st Half we were brilliant, Tettey and Fer were majestic and the penny has finally dropped with Hoots about Olsson. Unfortunately, I think we have bought a fantastic striker who doesn''t fit in with our system at the minute and his confidence is evaporating. However, I was still screaming about Hoots second-half, there were times when we could have broke and were just going sideways as orders were clearly to shut-up shop when Stoke were p*ss poor and we could have got at least one more. Still, he''s saved himself and we look much better table wise given our next two.
  7. Lets just enjoy having someone of his undoubted quality playing for us whilst it last because I suspect he''ll be at Arsenal or Tottenham by next season. Absolute Monster.
  8. The mulleted pundit is predicting a 2-0 defeat and has made some bewildering comments about our game last week against Villa including the fact we were much better in the second-half !! I think a defeat Sunday and we maybe facing a slight crisis given our next two games before the International break.
  9. In our first season up I thought any win was miraculous and when we won at Bolton to get our first win on the road I nearly fainted. Last season, I just prayed for survival and when Wigan went down at Arsenal I needed to lie down.I also vividly recall in years past listening to 606 when Charlton fans called for Curbs to be fired or Bolton fans complained about Big Sam or Evertonians were starting a campaign against Moyes and thinking your totally mental and just think yourselves grateful that you play in that league. The point I''m making is that we do need to maybe keep our ambitions in check and keep some rationale. We spent big but only to keep up with the Jones. Indeed, the money outlay by City just about matched or was less than comparable clubs like Swansea, Saints, West Ham etc. I am massively disappointed and advocate change (although Stoke may change things) but this needs to be tempered with realism about how far we have come and where, realistically, we can expect to be. What now constitutes a successful season at Norwich? What expectations do we have of any manager coming in? pretty football, more endeavour away from home? Where are we as a club in this respect. I also think these questions would need to be addressed before any new appointment is made which maybe difficult because if we are struggling we go for pragmatism to ensure survival which longer-term would be unpalatable to fans.
  10. Whether your pro or anti (and I was very loyal last season to him despite some alarming stuff but have had it now with the lack of change) we need to be very careful about ending up like Sunderland who have sacked one nut-job without a clear replacement in mind and are now interview candidates which are leaving Mackems on the brink of mutiny. We see on this forum that who ever is appointed to replace Hoots would be divisive. Although unlike Sunderland I don''t think something is rotten in the State of Denmark down at the Carra. The odds market gives us a chance to review realistic candidates given I suspect the bandwagon is now rolling indefinitely towards change...
  11. Not sure but wasn''t Poyet involved in the steaming pile of sh*t which was found by Palace when they entered the Brighton away dressing room prior to the play-off second-leg - right in the middle of the floor. Wonder can only speculate on what type of regime he was running down on the South-Coast for these type of incidents to occur.
  12. Agreed it''s totally mental although here is the link to the market: http://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/norwich/next-permanent-manager I think Stan James have some much more realistic odds available with RDM @ 3s and far more realistic candidates including Denis Bergkamp @ 28s!!.
  13. the book has now being opened on our next permanent manager with the following odds: Phelan @ 12s O''Neill, Di Matteo, McClaren and Martinez @ 14s McKay, McLeish, Pullis, Howe and Lennon @ 16s Thinking that we would not get either Martinez or McKay then, despite being an ardent critic and looking at potential replacements I really really will be hoping Hoots and the lads go for it and pull some irons out of the fire this Sunday and the man changes. Can you imagine the Wally with the Brolly at FCR, or Norwich playing Pullisball - it''s horrible. OTBC!
  14. No idea - tonight I suspect after the games - but I can tell you Hoots response to it: "whoever we got at this stage was going to be really tough and Tranmere at home is no different. They are a magnificent side with some big players and real quality in every area of the park and it''s going to be really tough for us to get anything out of this one."
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