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  1. Shitty are bringing in Butland, that allows them to move Pantilimon on loan..
  2. Seems like a guy with a decent turn of pace, good movement and exellent finishing.
  3. This guy has gone through the Spanish lower leagues and is now at Panathinaikos with an impressive goal ratio and scored a very nice goal tonight against Spurs in the UEL. Can''t be too expensive, would he be a guy who we might pick up in january??
  4. This guy has taken a bottom Norwegian Premier League team to the top in a few seasons with barely any resources. They are now en route to winning the league, before the season they were predicted to finish in the middle of the table. Deila''s style of play is one that I feel would fit our team. He uses a 4-3-3 system with a good inside forward on the left wing who loves to cut inside and shoot, and a relatively slow and limited out-and-out winger who is incredibly hard-working and a great crosser. The full-backs are constantly overlapping and providing crosses to the target man, who in this case is even more technically limited and slow (even considering the level) than Holt. Deila is seen as the biggest managerial talent in Norway and has been dubbed the next national team manager. He''s probably cheap and I feel his style of play fits us. Worth a punt?
  5. Well, he''s defrauded the club, claiming to be a football manager (of some quality), so therefore he should be going to trial.
  6. He''s a striker, he''s a free agent, and he''s proved before that he can score at this level. If he can regain his form he is just the sort of player that can make the difference. At his best, he''s impossible to take the ball from, a great finisher with both head and feet, and a player who motivates the others.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EshUTz0GGPM
  7. This is the difference between a striker like Abdellaoue and a striker like Morison...
  8. I''m crying right now for the first time in my life since the Colchester game.
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