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  1. What was good to see today was that we didn''t look like a team that had just lost 3-0 a few days before :) We were positive and strong through out the game. Good to see that if we lose a game we can bounce back for the next game. Also more positives when Howson and Bennett are ready to play :)
  2. Yeah he played really well. What was also good, was he looked confident in taking players on today when he got the chance to take the ball up the wing. Brilliant performance all round.
  3. I was thinking the same, Whitbread seemed to walk off ok, so fingers crossed he is fine for Swansea. Martin and Whitbread, with Drury on the left and Naughts on the right?
  4. Johnson has been off the boil recently. Started the season brilliantly, but seems to have died down. Hopefully he can re kindle some form
  5. I have always rated Jackson and i think we look more dangerous when Holt and Jackson play upfront. Holt winning the headers for Jackson to run on to. Plus his pace is a bonus as sometimes that it what we can lack.
  6. Wes was brilliant today :) Lets see who they slag off today?!? Whitbread or Ayala for getting injured?
  7. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Anyone else in a really good mood now? :D[/quote] I am :) Snowing and miserable up north and nursing a hangover, so this has lifted my spirits :)
  8. Bennett looked very good at right back. Good for us :) Is Ward back fit? It will probs be Barnett and Martin if there injuries are bad.
  9. Good thing to see, was even with the us having to have a makeshift defence, we still looked pretty strong at the back. Good to see Bennett can slot in at right back if we need him to. Fox was once again playing some nice passes, and Wes looked alot better on the ball today, then at Sunderland. Also good to see Surman running his socks off, he got into some good positions to score today.
  10. I hope so. Hopefully the injuries are not to bad. Is Ward fully fit yet?
  11. [quote user="Michael Starr"]Really poor stuff now. Get the woeful Jackson of, get Morison on. put the ball wide and get those crosses in!! Come on LAMBERT. Only one winner right now at it''s the team in white.[/quote] Woeful Jackson? What game you watching? He has played well and ooo he pops up to help for the goal.
  12. Blaming Ruddy again haha. Jesus you were all praising him when he has kept us in games. The WHOLE Team didn''t play well yesterday. Even if we had been on top of our game, i still think we would of lost 3-1. Man City are a brilliant team. Everytime i come on these boards its just moan moan moan about players. GET BEHIND THE TEAM!!! Ruddy should have no more blame put on him then the rest of the team.
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