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  1. I for one hope we dont make to many signings and once again have a team of players who haven''t played with each other. Imo we have a good group of player''s who can see us through to next season and beyond. I would love to see Wes and Hooper play upfront together more as from what I saw yesterday they linked up really well and had an understanding from forward players I havent seen here in a while ! I hope we dont break this up and bring in a BETTER player
  2. I had this a couple of seasons ago at Chelsea I was amazed after about 20 minutes this women told me to sit down. To which I had a little bit of a shall we say heated debate about how the people infront of me stood at the same time so I needed to. She didnt see my point but then saying that she didnt celebrate when big Grant Holt equalized so I think she may have been lacking on passion to say the least !
  3. I saw this earlier thought it sounded very promising. Hooper is the player that I have been most wanting to sign, think he has a lot to prove and wants to break into the England setup. Over QPR I would have thought we have the edge better league and club just the money I guess. Hope to see him in a Norwich shirt next year !
  4. Now I dont often post but I just have to say something about all these negative Holt comments. Did anyone watch last season he was asked to play a completely different role to what he had played the past few season. This is why he didnt score as many goals which seems to be what everyone is judging him on, not about how many times he was back clearing balls out of the box or breaking up play or any of the other things he was being instructed to do. He imo did not have that bad of a season and might I add we only won when he was on the pitch. Next season we will still need the big man on and off the pitch and 2 mil for a player of his influence a joke !
  5. No way mate 15 mil would be stupid money and think of the wages he would want to go with that sort of transfer fee ! Wouldn''t want the club paying this sort of Money at the moment maybe if we were pushing for Europe but even then not on an unproven player !
  6. I have to agree with what alot are saying about the price being an issue as I think there are gonna be a lot of teams looking at him ! I would not feel that happy about splashing more than 3-4 mil on a player that may or may not make it in the premier league ! Then I guess this is what are scouts get paid for to see the potential.
  7. Imo I would rather pay that bit more for a British forward but then that''s a different debate altogether. I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were on him really ?
  8. See the lad scored again tonight only seen him play a couple of times but seems to be scoring for fun this season ! Do you think he could maybe do a job here, or would his price tag now be sky high ?
  9. If we let fox go imo we will be making a massive mistake. Like said before he seems to get our passing game going. In the games I watched last season whenever he played well the team would seem to play better and when he struggled so did the team ! Think if he was on last week he would have made a difference.
  10. Now I wanna kick this off by saying I would say I am grant Holts biggest fan. I think he is a legend and vital to the club a totally brilliant player...... But I have to say I did think when I saw him at the posh he had put on a bit of timber. Now I wouldnt feel the need to bring it up but I wouldn''t either Lynch anyone for saying so. Now I don''t think anyone is saying he is fat or nothing the op was prob just trying to say he didn''t look as good as what he did last season. I''m not at all concerned about any of this as I''m sure that from the first kick off the ball Mr Holt will be giving it his all and once again be leading from the front !!!! Super Grant Holt
  11. Does anyone know how to get tickets for this game. It''s not for me its for someone else looked online like I normally buy tickets but nothing. If I call the ticket office will I be able to get them there ?
  12. Gutted to hear this but I guess its to be expected ! It is a job at the end of the day and money does talk ! Just a shame we don''t get anything for him but he has played well for us so I for one won''t be bitter and I''m sure PL will steer us in the right direction.
  13. [quote user="Jim Smith"]I agree with you DT. Unfortunately many of here seem to dislike him based purely on the fact he is a fan and not an ex player. i can only assume there is an element of jealousy there as i am sure many on here would love the opportunity to air their views on Norwich City each week. The whole point of the presenter/fan and ex player double act is presumably to add a bit of variety. I don''t really understand why some on here only seem to respect an opinion if its uttered by some ex Norwich player. Some (Eadie, Greg Downes, Fleming etc) are very good but others don''t bring a lot to the party and Adams himself was (until Roeder p**sed him off and he became pleasingly bitter) pretty mundane a lot of the time.    [/quote]Cheers for the reply Jim good to see im not the only one who has this view, think you maybe right about the jealousy thing and some good points there about ex players !
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