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  1. Daylight robbery. Wagner clearly thinks Idah has kept him in a job. Three points it may be, but so thoroughly undeserved.
  2. Nunez and Fernandez, in their current form, couldn’t hurt a fly……..let alone a Bristol City defence away from home….
  3. ‘The majority of the squad’. Take Sara and Rowe out of the equation - goals/assists/creativity - and you can pretty much stick your analytics up your ar*e. i would love to know what the analytics guys make of Hernandez……….
  4. There appears to be a great emphasis on analytics from Mark Attanasio. Well to save him trawling through the data, the majority of the squad can’t f ‘g shoot, don’t score goals, can’t make a meaningful cross, can’t play a progressive pass, can’t close down space, and can’t tackle. Their one ‘constant’ is passing sideways and backwards. I am genuinely shocked if our goalkeeper hasn’t touched the ball within ten seconds from our kick-off.
  5. I can only imagine players are lining up to join the ‘injured list’. Player reputations soar the longer they are injured! Sargent is now regarded as a ‘20-goal a season’ striker…… Barnes is seen as an important talisman, despite having little threat to actually finding the back of the net…. Hanley is now seen as the great missing link, despite being as culpable as the clowns who currently hold the fort, when it comes to making stupid errors… Forshaw was seen as an inspired choice to play the defensive midfielder role, until he actually played a game. Supporters suddenly realised they had been conned, and he was in fact one of the worst footballers to sign for Norwich in recent times… Nunez’s absence ensured his reputation grew. His return to the pitch has been little short of woeful…. etc,etc…..
  6. I think the expression you are looking for is ‘tepid or cold’……
  7. ….because he’s just as cr*p as the rest of them and wouldn’t look out of place….
  8. The Watford players look nimble and athletic…..our players wouldn’t catch a second glance if they were emptying garbage bins for a living….
  9. At least the ‘real Norwich’ has surfaced this second half….….not a football team to be proud of in the slightest…
  10. If any supporter needed confirmation that our entire squad ( bar Sara and Rowe), is a complete shower of shi**, then the evidence this last couple of months has been compelling. Norwich need to be as far away from the playoffs as possible. They are dire.
  11. Anybody expect anything less? Nunez. Seriously, what is the point?
  12. We have recently started a match with a spine of….Long, Duffy, Forshaw, Hwang. Let me repeat that….Long, Duffy, Forshaw, Hwang. For many, the playing side is what matters most. The trumpeting of the training ground is totally irrelevant when it produces a team that is playing utter garbage When all is said and done, Webber’s legacy is…..Long, Duffy, Forshaw, Hwang…….a right sh*t show if ever I saw one….
  13. It’s a shame that the current squad fails to live up to expectations. They are certainly making shocking use of the top-notch training facilities.
  14. I suspect some of our players spend more time at the hair stylist than they do on the training pitch….
  15. Idah has gone a long way down the pecking order when you are three down against ten men and he can’t get on the pitch!!
  16. Who are all the ‘jobsworths’ surrounding Wagner, and what exactly do they do?
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