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  1. bristolyella

    3 games on Sky so far

    Paid a bit more for mine but the support is first class. It has everything you need to make your TV a smart TV as well.

    I have a T8 from droidsticks.co.uk. All sport in HD. Any film, TV series, world TV channel available.

    Different class. Highly recommend
  2. He shot and come

    All over Mariners bum

    Eric gates Eric gates
  3. bristolyella

    Runs in the family

    What about the Wallace brothers (all 3 played for Southampton against us I think).

    Seem to recall the saints fans singing "Theres only one Mrs Wallace"

  4. bristolyella

    Liverpool reserves away Aug 10th

    Anyone know where this game will be played as I am up in scouseland that week and plan to go along as a warm up for Wigan on the Saturday?


  5. bristolyella

    My Weekly Monday Cryptic Riddle #2

    Is it none of the teams contain a city or a town in their name?

    they are all unique... palace orient etc or they are single names arsenal portsmouth etc


  6. bristolyella

    Your worst Norwich City......

    1. Player - D Beckford...... banjo cows arse

    2. Goal - ullathorne own goal at poorman rd

    3. Match you''ve been to -   Port vale 6-1

    4. Manager  - Hamilton

    5. Captain - fotherham

    6. Kit - red away
  7. bristolyella

    Your favourite Norwich City.....

    Player - Martin Peters

    Goal - Martin O''neil free kick away at 1p5wich (3-2?)

    match - this years 5-1.... drunk for days

    manager - ron saunders

    captain - holt

    kit - 1970 white away. Plain white with just the badge. Simple

  8. Ive just registered with them and sent them a 4-1 / 5-1 message and just pointed out how childish they are!

    suggest we flood them with comments...

  9. bristolyella

    The Premier Friday Joke Thread

    Latest transfer news.............

    Valencia has gone to Valencia

    David Villa has gone to Villa

    Danny Shittu has gone to 1p5wich....

  10. bristolyella

    Norwich City fans











    Sure Ive missed some but whatever...... still a yella!



  11. Norwichwhite........ your know it all attitude and arrogance is typical of the ''used to be a big club'' mentality.

    Why do you persist on posting on our site? its the closest you''ll get to the premier I suppose!!!

    Do us a favour and crawl back to Waccoe.

    Believe me ...you wont be missed!

  12. bristolyella

    No parade for QPR

    Cancelled cos they couldnt find enough fans to turn up!
  13. bristolyella

    how many going to pompey???

    Just over 100 tickets left and they are still selling....................... quality turn out of over 3000 for a night game on sky!

    Makes you proud to be a yella!


  14. bristolyella

    Bristol Pub City v Forest

    Go on then...... me and santa will be there!


  15. bristolyella

    Swansea from Bristol

    Minibus confirmed and 4 seats available! OTBC