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  1. There’s two sets of fans that use this message board, some won’t hear a word said about NCFC, whether it’s right or wrong, OK everyone has an opinion, and I get that. Then there’s the ones that state how it is whatever. So the question is, do we have a squad worthy of staying in the premier league, answer No, not at present, I saw enough yesterday to think if two of the three positions were better, we could have and should have one that, not lost, none of this they are a top team ****. We all should know, even if some don’t want to, that CB’s are not good enough for this league, distribution is poor, positioning goes a stray, we need a better one. Now as for CDM there is a big hole, we are weak, will we get both, I certainly hope so! Now in addition, and yes this is a big ask, but for the first time for many years we have players that can supply balls into the box, high or low, but there’s no one there, and I wonder if this will reduce balls in to the box quickly, because if that, yes we can run in behind, but you can’t do that all the time, we need another option, I think we also need a different CF, someone who you can knock it long too when you too, and need to hold up, is physical, can lay it off, and win balls in the air, as I said different to what we have, so we can mix it up.
  2. It’s somewhat ironic, I think there was a lot of time spent on Ollie Skipp and the trying to get him back, which has delayed the CDM position. But no apparent reason why CB should not be done, makes me think that won’t happen.
  3. We all have our opinions, but one thing is certain, the staff nowadays don’t do leaks to the press, unless it’s nearly done. My thoughts are, we knew we needed CB and CDM months ago, and our philosophy is to get it done early, We don’t do existing deadline days, even after what has been said, Which makes me nervous. Yes it has been said, but, no news of a CB and that’s very important, our crop is not good enough for this league. Yes rumours of a few CDM’s but really surprised three games into the season, we are still focusing on the areas we should have focused on at the start, OK pleased with what we have done so far, but if we had those two areas filled, would be ecstatic. But think we won’t get who ever the club or we would accept with this amount of time remaining, not saying it can’t be done, just saying it’s likely to be options to fill a gap, these two areas, need to be starters, not bench warmers. The clock ticks, and most of us have our fingers crossed, this could be the best window I have witnessed in nearly 40 years if we get it right. Get it wrong and next season, we will be starting our journey back to the premier league, yes with a better squad, but this final push, could be the pinnacle for this club to push on. I hope we get what is needed.
  4. I thought the CDM we were expecting, was a player that broke up play, won the ball and gave to the likes of Gilmour.
  5. I think we are all on the same page, and think priorities are CDM and CB. But with Hugill of to West Brom, do we need a different option up top? Some one who we can knock long balls to, to pressure off, the defence, and with these wingers pinging balls in the box someone to get his head on them.
  6. Does anyone know, how we can loan Gilmour and Williams, and also be talking about a loan for Norman from Rostov, if it happens? Anyone got an idea, I thought it was 2 loans.
  7. I appreciate there is the transfer rumour thread, but my topic is slightly different. I don’t quite understand, and you may have views upon why, but we were supposedly in for Ajer, until Brentford won the race, so if we thought we needed a centre back, weeks ago, why do we not have one? Appreciate it could still happen!
  8. I wish we would drop our interest in Billing, hasn’t seemed to be to dominate, when we either played them or I have seen him. Our attention should be on Danjuma, he looks a player.
  9. In terms of comments most I agree, some I don’t. The only difference to the CB is the addition of Gibson, now when at Burnley for whatever reason didn’t make the grade, and added to what was already here it didn’t cut it, Ajer didn’t come to nothing, Adarabioyo from Fulham, would be a good shout at the right money, and a years experience of the PL, the same with strikers, OK Idah is a couple years older, but didn’t pull up any trees last year, Hugill assuming he’s off, would make me think we are after another, that leaves Pukki, OK for part of the season he did well, but no one pushing in behind him, in case he doesn’t, or even him pushing to get a start himself, Armstrong from Blackburn would be a good shout, pace and scores goals, and I think we all agree CDM is a must. Yes agree it’s difficult, and no way disappointed with what we’ve done so far, but we need a solid spine, better than what we have, then we have a real good chance, OK if we get injuries to key players, then we are stuffed, but most around us will be in the same boat.
  10. Not panicking yet, but we still need a spine. CB, a player of note that should be given full consideration to start, not a bench warmer just in case. CDM, a worker, strong, authoritative someone who can win and give to Gilmour. Striker, someone who can command a starting place, we will need one, not potential in a couple of years, can hit the ground running. Not asking for much, just based on previous, premier league adventure it was our weak point.
  11. The latest rumours say we are stepping up the chase for Ajer and Billings. I read that the Celtic fans think Ajer is not that special, he’s good at bringing the ball out of defence, but not great at defending. He’s a big lad, but doesn't win much in the air. And as for Billing seen him a few times, and wasn’t that impressed, anyone add to these thoughts?
  12. The transfer speculation has obviously affected both Cantwell and Buendia. Both are still under contract and it’s very disappointing to think they both just don’t knuckle down and get on it with it, until something concrete happens. Their attitude disappoints me and I tend to think I would rather they move on with that attitude, and use some of the money. Although after yesterday’s performance we could have have done with Cantwell, Stiepermans not up to it. What’s your thoughts?
  13. Firstly this maybe irrelevant, as he have leave for pastures new, but if he doesn’t. l still believe Ben Godfey would make a much better defensive midfielder than a centre back, I see him in the same mould as Declan Rice at West Ham, and also think, that is where he would be if we had, had better cover at centre back, young reasonably strong, athletic, can pass and tackle, could dictate from centre midfield, any one else think along the same lines?
  14. He’s another option to Pukki and Idah, and gives us more threat up top. After some early negative thoughts on the recruitment, things are starting to take shape, admittedly still wish for a centre back or two, and as yet nobody has departed, but certainly don’t think its all done yet. Fingers crossed
  15. Just excuses, and quoting they did OK, how many games did we win or not concede in January, considering we had a total of 3 clean sheets all season!! its all about what if, same old story.
  16. The main point is the priority should be, looking at our stats, conceded the most goals, scored the least = Relegation. its not just this season it’s been like it for years, we couldn’t defend when we won the title last time around; if we hadn’t have been free scoring, we would have been outside the play offs in mid table. Sound defence equals clean sheets, and a minimum of a draw at level. The ones we have are not good enough, we don’t need to wait and see who goes, you can work that out for yourselves!!!
  17. More and more midfielders arriving, but we can’t defend or score goals, so when will the wake up and smell the coffee?
  18. The Only player that we brought in, that was an improvement was Sam Byram, The rest were DISMAL. Until we get a solid defence and scrap zonal marking, we will continue to leak goals. We did in the Championsip as well as the premier league, just the championship defences were in some cases as poor as ours. IF and WHEN, we sell our youngsters, we need a new defence, and cut out the mistakes, game after game. Next season will be hard, to recover from this dismal effort.
  19. This is long overdue, time for a change, sell up and go, while you have some support from fans, or wait go like Mr Chase!
  20. I know most of this is stating the bleeding obvious, but I just need to get it out there. Having a solid foundation is so important, and our board is not that solid foundation. No matter what the remaining games hold, this season has been a total calamity, from start to finish. The injuries to centre backs, and not getting replacements or cover, started it all off, massive issue. The recruitment, and lack of investment, played a significant part. The style of play. We have a manager trying to play a style, without having players capable, I believe Mr Farke will go on to better things at a club who can provide the players to play his style, but the players we have in our squad, aren’t capable of playing his style at this level, and we don’t have players to change the style, we can’t go long because there is no one capable of holding the ball for two seconds, and even if we did, we don’t go forward quick enough to support. The is very little in the way of fight, no leader, no spine through the team, we are weak, and have little heart, you need to fight for everything in this league, we go behind and that’s that, end of story we capitulate. The management team are in some way responsible, with the recruitment, but even a slightly bigger investment we would have stood a chance, but until the board has a change or rethink, we will always be a good championship team, and **** poor premier league team, no massive expectations, just enough to not be beat nearly every time you walk up that tunnel, OK, there is the rare occasion when someone else doesn't turn up, but in this league that’s not often. There are too many players that are not good enough, Yes, some of the younger players will leave on merit, but we have a few more seasons of this to come, unless something changes. In summary this is written from frustration, knowing we could have done better, but based on our track record, this is as best as it gets, last season was up there with the best, as this season is down there with some of the worst.
  21. Info came from a reasonable source, with Amadou going back.
  22. Ben Gibson Burnley On loan, with a view to a permanent deal in the summer.
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