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  1. On reflection it''s unlikely to be as much as 7,000 - but could be close to 5,000. I''d prefer us to be at home in the second leg though. Bring it on I say.
  2. Is it true we would be entitled to take an allocation of  about 7,000 at Poorman Road? Imagine the police overtime for that one...
  3. I know it''s harsh, but much like the injury to Zema is our promotion season which led to the final push for the loan signings, I think the injury to Nelson might turn out to be a key point for us too, because of the replacement it brought in... I just think Barnett gives us that extra mobility at the back, not quite as wooden.
  4. A reminder to those knocking Grant Holt: a) He has already scored the winner in TWO away games this season b) The guy is a ****ing hero after what he did last season and deserves 100% support c) Who won the penalty today? d) If Lambert thinks he''s good enough - he IS good enough e) Grow up  
  5. What a frightening list of bang average dross. Lee and Lewis the only ones I''d touch with a barge pole - and that would be only as benchwarmers.
  6. To my mind the fact we''ve pulled 27k for this game is evidence not only that we could be a world cup venue - I know we''d have to increase the capacity - but also that we really do have the catchment area to support a Premiership club in the long-term. Great advert for the club, even though the crowd will be a mix of hi-pitched kids and chavs counting down the minutes before they go and get pizzed on PoW Road.      
  7. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"] Sorry got the mathes a bit wrongwhichdoes occur often at my age!   River end upper tier holds 2500, Barclay upper tier nearl 3000, community bottom tier 7-800 and both City stand corners infills hold 600 each.   I''ll be surprised if the crowd is over 20,000!  [/quote] Still reckon there will be less than 20k there? Don''t think so. Funny how the FA chose Norwich rather than its prospective world cup venues of MK or Plymouth when it needed to garantee a decent crowd for a kids game against Romania on a Friday night...
  8. I know it ends in a swear word so will be greeted by disdain by most, but to the same tune as the "When I was just, a little boy..." puppet chant about Ipswich: Paul Lambert, remember the name; He marked Zidane, out of the game, And now he''s ours, he quit Col U, He said I''m off to a big club - Robbie Cowling **** you! De de de der de da (repeat).  
  9. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]Wicked, love watching the older games. I bought a 1989-1990 handbook from ebay for 2 quid, brand new condition too. Looking at our games from the previous season, player and staff interviews and all the results from all the games in history, one game when we were near the top, we had about 11000 fans present.[/quote] It''s true our support did not used to be as good, as least in the 80s and 90s. But I think you have to take some of the *official* attendances from the Robert Chase era with a pinch of salt. Many was the time I would look around the ground and think it was pretty much full, only for an official attendance of 13,456 to flash up...maybe it was just me though...
  10. Well they robbed us of Europe for years, they robbed football in general of standing areas - why not take our manager too... I am enjoying every minute of their decline. As I tell all Liverpool fans: "Football changes. You are just the new Everton. Sometimes good, sometimes bad - but no longer Big Four. Get used to it." Newcastle went down and they get bigger crowds than Liverpool.
  11. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"] 80% of the river end upper tier haven''t been sold and they haven''t started selling tickets in the Barclay upper tier. The Aviva Community stand lower tier hasn''t sold many and neither has either of the City stand corner infills.   Therefore I''d say its very unlikely we''ll see the biggest crowd for years cause at the moment theirs at least 13,000 unsold tickets, though of course it would be nice to see the ground filled!   I''d say the Leedscum home game and S cum Derby game are the 2 games where we''re most likely to see 26,000+ crowds. Hopefully if our good run continues then we''ll see some more 26,000 crowds towards the end of the season!  [/quote] Not sure where you have got the figure of 13k from. Looks more like 5-6k at the most to me, and still five days of hype left to sell them. Think it will get close.
  12. "Arthur "Jedward" Whittle"]I''m with mainline on this. You may very well laugh it off but it is just one of the many things sky has done to change the face of British football and not for the better IMO. Please give an example of how Soccer Am has affected Norwich City for the worse? Not having a pop, just interested.
  13. I have a theory that John Ruddy is just Dean Ashton trying to start a new career as a ghoul keeper. Looks just like him. Would explain the gaffes.
  14. [quote user="Mainline"] [quote user="6088m canary"]It is absolutely moronic..... I agree it is symptomatic of the current attitude towards football.  Two "trendy" twentysomethings putting on mockney accents and generic chants that they may have heard down the pub once. Used to be a big fan of football focus....good interviews with managers,coaches,even groundstaff and fans. Half decent punditry. Soccer AM really is the white van man''s show of choice......and as such should it not have a much fitter presenter?!?! The daily star wouldnt put her on page three would they?!!? :P [/quote] 100% agree with the points you make there. SKY / Soccer AM have helped kill the game as we know. There are so many things that are wrong with modern day football and SKY is at the heart of the problem.     [/quote] "Soccer AM have helped kill the game as we know." - Dear oh dear. Calm down pal.
  15. Given Bristol can''t ever fill their current 20k seater, don''t really see the point in them getting a new ground.
  16. [quote user="ron obvious"]Copied & pasted from someone called carrabuh on 606: Much as I enjoyed the game yesterday and it''s final result I think it showed in an exaggerated sense why we are conceding the goals we are. I was always under the impression that the formation is supposed to make you very compact and difficult to play against in the dangerous positions through the middle. Your not really supposed to press all areas of the pitch with it. We on the other hand are expanding when we attack and not reverting back to this compact centre when we lose the ball. Crofts is running around like a mad man at times just going to the ball instead of thinking a bit about what he''s doing and the space he''s leaving behind. Him and Smith were both guilty of it yesterday and Leicester had so much space as soon as they found the centre isolated. This charging after the ball keeps the fans onside but he holds a disciplined position. You cannot press, press, press the whole field with a diamond, the fans love it but it just doesn''t work. This may seem harsh on Crofts because he does do a good shift and tackles well, he just needs needs too think a bit more about what he''s doing before chasing out after the ball. In fact alot of the time his starting position is nowhere near that base. Finally if I hear another idiot on the radio or in the crowd moaning about Holt moving out wide I shall scream. He HAS to it''s how the formation works, Martin does it also. They cannot just sit in the centre waiting for the ball, defenders won''t move out of position just because you ask them nicely. There''s three of them up there, they can''t all be in the middle and you can''t expect the full back to overtake the midfield on a counter attack and to get out wide all the time. We have some serious monkeys supporting this club at times. Given the concensus that Crofts has been a revelation & that Holt plays too wide, I thought this was an interesting take on things. Any comments? [/quote] Paul McVeigh was on Radio Norfolk as a pundit for the Hull game. He said Lambert would always scream at Holt from the touchline - telling him to stop dropping out wide. So I guess Lambert is an "idiot" too right?
  17. [quote user="Hunter106"]So Jackon had great balls played to him did he? How can you ever score without decent balls to your feet. Chris Martin is lazy, having watched him last season and todays game, he brings nothing to the game. We looked a worse team when Jackson came off, I though he looked the most likely to score. Okay Holt hasnt got the goals but he isnt fully fit is he, whats martins excuse for the lack of goals?[/quote] Grow up.
  18. [quote user="Harry"][quote user="Beijing Canary"] [quote user="Harry"][quote user="flecky76"]What was that all about?! Anyone near it in the Snakepit?  I wafted into the Barclay Upper, where it was clearly smelt!!![/quote] I was near it and if I see someone trying to light one at future games I will kick the crap out of them. [/quote] Yes, ban them for life. I think there were a couple of other people in the SP singing as well, hopefully the club can use CCTV to pick them out as well and put them in the stocks before the next home game. Why all fans just can''t sit on their hands and make Carrow Road as dull as possible I don''t know! Jesus wept - chill out pal.   [/quote] Who said anything about banning people you tool? I stand by what I said if I see someone trying to light one at future games I will kick the crap out of them. They have no right to affect mine or anybody elses health and I have the right to protect mine. [/quote] I don''t need to point out the irony in your reply. Too funny.
  19. "Its about time somebody did something.....the place is so boring most of the time." Correct. But don''t forget, we are the only fans in history to have booed our *own* pitch invasion after we won the league. Just have to accept there is a large section of our support that is a dull as hell. I listened to the commentary via BBC Leicester last night - and despite the fact their commentators were sat pretty much next to the Snakepit - they kept remarking about how quiet the ground was, even though there was 25k there. Shame really as there are some Norwich fans that are passionate, they just get drowned/moaned out but the killjoys who probably haven''t enjoyed themselves since they were about nine-years-old. I guess we have to think of the asthma sufferers though, as mentioned below... Sit down.    
  20. [quote user="Harry"][quote user="flecky76"]What was that all about?! Anyone near it in the Snakepit?  I wafted into the Barclay Upper, where it was clearly smelt!!![/quote] I was near it and if I see someone trying to light one at future games I will kick the crap out of them. [/quote] Yes, ban them for life. I think there were a couple of other people in the SP singing as well, hopefully the club can use CCTV to pick them out as well and put them in the stocks before the next home game. Why all fans just can''t sit on their hands and make Carrow Road as dull as possible I don''t know! Jesus wept - chill out pal.  
  21. ...could well be the U21 game. Ticket sales seem to be picking up if you look online, and there is no segregation or away section so all seats are technically available. The upper tiers of the Barclay and River end are not even on sale yet, but I could see a situation where demand really picks up and the ground ends up selling out. 27k + - would be nice to let the rest of the UK in on little old Norwich''s secret (it being that we are not that little anymore). OTBC.  
  22. [quote user="Dangles"]PLEASE HAPPEN! Also, linked with Santa Cruz this morning, I don''t believe it for a second but I think we''d soon start to improve with him and MON..[/quote] There is about as much chance of O''Neill going back to your dump as there is of that fat fooker in your away support seeing his own cock without a mirror. :-)
  23. Chris Martin is a Rolls Royce of a player. But, I believe someone once said that about our former RB Jonny O didn''t they Jim? Rofl. Enjoy the game tonight pal.
  24. [quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="Beijing Canary"][quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="Beijing Canary"] Yeah, well done Archant... But last time I checked Martin did have a pair of opposable thumbs, which means he is capable of reading messageboards - which many players do. In which case he will have had ample opportunity to see that posters like you have been moaning about him for months. Last time I checked he also had a pair of ears as well - which means he has probably heard the audible groans he gets after he misplaces a pass, from didgy moaners like you. Do you really think he is so stupid not to know he has some fans on his back? He is just playing dumb in the interview, which is a good way to handle it. Also, do you not criticise "Archant" for not asking probing questions? Then way they do, you suggest they are being nasty...so which do you want? You muggy little **** :-)   [/quote]   Who''s rattled your cage pal? Yes i moan about Martin but I still don''t think it does anyone any good to go asking questions like that and undermining his confidence just at the time he is starting to come good. Is unecessary and just creates a problem where one is subsiding. Come back to me when you''ve seen a game this season! [/quote] From what I hear you''ve not seen too many either pal... I''ll put my stubs on the table any day kid. Villa Park semi stub would be the first out. [/quote]   Look Gok W*nk I think we both know who would come out on top in that particular battle. Top 50. [/quote] Yeah, very post-Cardiff all that "top 50" chat. I was going when the ticket office didn''t need to keep lists pal. One man and his dog at Oldham. BTW, that last comment is r to the a to the c to the i to the s to the tizzle. You''d get hounded off the Wrath for that.      
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