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  1. £200 for emptying a large tin? Seems like he isn''t the fool after all
  2. He seems to have the respect of the players and an eye for a tactical change. Feeling confident as a fan and entertained at long last!!!
  3. Oh to be 18 again…actually no!!!!
  4. True…but what fans were saying is that their survival is very much linked to the performance of his business. The club provides him with a ''tax break'' allowing him to bury losses, but the debt to him is now something like £80 million. Realistically, they almost need a miracle to get promoted with their current squad and lack of spending power.
  5. Whilst perusing the usual banter, both before and after last week''s Derby, I visited a couple of Ipswich message boards. As well as the usual ''we''re the pride of Anglia''…''they have no history'' etc threads there were a few detailed discussions regarding their finances post Evans becoming involved with the club. They appear to be entering an extremely challenging period following the impact of FFP which could easily (it is argued) result in another administration. Whilst it is one thing to beat them and then rub their noses in it, the idea of them doing a ''Portsmouth'' is more than just pie in the sky.
  6. Is it because they have stars on their shirts and can do whatever they want?
  7. They really are in a pickle and it isn''t in Evans interest to invest more unless they are guaranteed promotion due to FFP and the existing and spiralling 100 million debt.
  8. He seems very passive to the game unless he has the ball. Really liked the tackling back by forwards today and don''t see him doing it.
  9. He is an athlete so doesn''t really fit in with their team
  10. Sad that McCarthy had to try to rescue some credibility by harping on about something which was obviously an oversight. They really have no class as a club.
  11. Against sides with tighter defences we might struggle to create quite so many clear cut chances. Enjoyed watching the game on TV and the players seemed relaxed and enjoying what was really a comfortable afternoon. Well done NA for bringing the squad together as a unit. I thought Wes was awesome today and I''ve had my doubts about his commitment in the past.
  12. He was telling me how strong they now are defensively just yesterday… Must have been another ''rare error'' that led to the goal and several others which led to our 8 or 9 clear chances!!!!
  13. Gutted that we didn;t do them by three or four but pleased with the three points. No doubt they will say we were lucky to win but they have no class so cant lose in style.
  14. Yes…the Delia snipe comes direct from the gutter. I''d be angry if my club did nothing for 40 years but I wouldn''t embarrass myself by sinking to those depths. Lets hope this is still running after we''ve kicked their butts yet again in their own back yard.
  15. I sense that an early goal would open the floodgates if our attackers can provide a lot of movement. Could seriously see McCarthy being under pressure if we give them yet another spanking.
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