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  1. Think it was being linked with Bassong that got him the boot!
  2. Love this thread, 4 months ago EB was being talked about as a worldbeater and one of the reasons last seasons debacle was his injury.   How times change!!
  3. Seriously?!!   4 points from our last 2 games and a loss in a meaningless cup!
  4. Did you really expect anything else?   The priority is the League and Adams even gave the biggest hint of that yesterday by saying "The League is what we want"!!
  5. A good summary Parma, and I agree with these issues especially the Sturridge/Suarez comparison. I bet everyone on this board can think of an English player made to look good by an overseas counterpart!  
  6. The way I see it Miggins is the players just dont have the same pride in wearing the England shirt. How many of our players belt out the national anthem before the game? Just watch the successful teams and every player to a man actually sings with passion instead of moving their lips in time with the music. What needs to be done about it I do not know but you will not get the crowds through the door until you have a team of players willing to put it on the line. In this way it is no different to watching City!
  7. Joe Hart - 3rd best keeper in the hardest league in the world - possibly behind the best defence in the league and is rarely tested, when he is is often prone to errors Johnson- RB in a team that finished 2nd in the hardest league in the world - Has more involvement going forwards for Liverpool than defending Cahill- Perhaps the 3rd best defender in the PL, a rock at the back - Good player, lacks pace Jones - Man U CB, tall and strong at the back - Not good enough, Man Utd are where they are due to their defence in the last 15 months, coincidence that Jones has been playing? Baines- Is one of the best LB''s in the world for Everton - Club player with decent free kick and no pace Sterling- Key part of Liverpool''s team, fantastic young talent - excellent prospect and one bright light for the future Gerrard- Liverpool''s captain, will go down in liverpool legend - Best game for England was the 5-1 v Germany, how many years ago?!! Wilshere- great technical ability, if fit, a regular for arsenal - Henderson- Liverpool regular who finished 2nd - If anyone describes Henderson they always say he has great athletic ability, in other words a bit of a forredt gump! The Ox- Arsenal youngster who''s got the speed, a bit like walcott, but more end product - End product, think I must have missed it Sturridge- Liverpool striker, selfish with the ball, but scores a lot - Great player with Suarez pulling opposition defences all over the place, on his own he looks lost Rooney- paid £250,000 a week for a reason in Man U''s eyes - England captain!! Really??? How is he even in the 11. He is allegedly Englands star player. Would any other top 20 nation swap their star for Rooney?
  8. Have to say the attached link is thye best memory I have of "Party"! http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/norwich-star-matty-pattison-arrested-724830
  9. Lets get this in perspective here, Redmond has been playing against Premiership players for all but 4 of his games with us, Murphy has played in the odd cup game against lower league opposition or occasional cameo apperance in the league. Both of these players are still young and developing and I really can not believe the Redmond bashers on this forum!
  10. How great it is to be able to debate the virtues of Norwich City everyday, Who will we sign? When will Hughton get the sack? How entertaining are we to watch? etc. etc. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and believe me having been reading this board for the past 3 years there are some very strong ones on here on all manner of subjects, some I find very frustrating others I mildly agree with. Surely this is one of the bueaties of football, there is no right or wrong answer to every question, it is just a matter of opinion amd the right of everyone to open debate.   Now getting back to Norwich City, I believe that we currently have one of the strongest squads in our great clubs history, yes it will take time for new players to gel and for us to get the formation right etc. My main question is how we change the pattern of our play to suit the individuals selected to play, for example, as a league 1 side 4 years ago we adapted to a diamond formation as we were confident in the ability of our players to dominate a game from the centre of the pitch supported by attacking fullbacks who were not worried by the quality of the opposition wingers on to many occassions. Last year we went for the solidity of our back four and holding midfield players and relied heavily on one creative spark in Snodgrass for inspiration. Having now made the signings in the summer to enhance the quality of the team, personally I would like to see us adopt an approach with more width built in to our pattern of play. To achieve this we need to move the ball wide faster and get to the byline to cross for the forward players and midfielders coming into the box.   How would everyone on here prefer us to play, widemen, direct or through the centre?
  11. Forum Police!! I was under the impression that this was a board for debate, albeit sometimes slightly tainted.
  12. [quote user="CDMullins"]Can I have another PM please[/quote] I 2nd that, somebody has found the PM button!!
  13. Just a small problem that at even £5 per head it would require 14000 people to turn out, of course there may be additional revenue from the catering side but still a large number required to make this a viable proposition.
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