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  1. The gulf between the PL and the Championship is huge so it's understandable that newly promoted teams often struggle when they go up. I actually think that with certain caveats Norwich have a better chance of staying up next season than last time, player retention and recruitment will determine how easy or hard it will be.
  2. So you don't believe Bielsa has made Dallas a better player permanently then?
  3. Whilst both got their teams playing a certain way that was/is effective the biggest difference between the two is that Bielsa generally improves players, Dallas cost just over £1 million but how much is he worth now?
  4. You'd expect the other two promoted teams to struggle so that leaves one from Burnley, Palace and Newcastle all of whom have oldish squads with several players out of contract at the end of the season.
  5. City will do okay next season if they keep the current squad together, find a decent replacement for Skipp if he goes back to Spurs and add some quality backups in defence and up front. If you want to use Leeds as a comparison, this is the third year of 'Bielsa ball' and most of the players from 2018/19 have improved so much, you only have to look at Dallas, Harrison and Bamford as examples of that, would they make Norwich's first XI though?
  6. But they probably wouldn't choose WBA, Newcastle or Burnley over Leeds either.
  7. Didn't say that, having him as coach though does help attract good players to the club which is why they were able to buy two Spanish internationals, a German international and a Brazilian last year. Farke and the set up at Norwich will be looked at in the same way by players and their agents.
  8. You can scoff but Leeds have the money and he'd be coached by Bielsa which seems to appeal. Personally I think he should stay put for a season along with Cantwell and Aarons and make a real go of keeping Norwich in the PL.
  9. Until two years ago Leeds were a 'selling' club out of necessity, hopefully with a more stable ownership structure now those times won't return. There is a trade-off though, the club is jointly owned by an NFL team owner and a wealthy Italian rather than people who have a real love for the club such as Delia and co, I guess as long as the club stays in the PL and has some sort of success it doesn't really matter to the fans.
  10. There's been a transformation at Leeds thanks to the new owner and the arrival of Bielsa which has led to a massive increase in merchandising revenue and interest in the club all over the world with every game being shown live in South America. Advance home shirt sales at the start of this season were 300,000 which I doubt many newly promoted teams could match.
  11. That loss shows just how important it was to get promoted but with another season in the PL now guaranteed the club should be in a healthy financial position going forward and the actual value as a business has rocketed to £250 million.
  12. Went to a couple of reserve games in 69/70 but first league game was 70/71 Sheff Wed at home aged 9, left at half time as I was bored, didn't miss anything as it finished 0-0.
  13. I take it all of you knew who DF was before he came to Carrow Road?
  14. I think if Bielsa was asked about it he'd probably say 'who's Daniel Farke?'.
  15. I think that applies more to Buendia than Aarons who has a set position and will be seen as a direct replacement for an existing player.
  16. If Harry Winks leaves Spurs then Skipp will go straight into their first team squad.
  17. I would also add a keeper as back-up to TK and be looking around for direct replacements for Buendia, Aarons and Cantwell in case they all leave.
  18. I would have thought seeing the leaders 10 points ahead and seemingly over their 'blip' would deflate the confidence of the chasing pack so they start to focus on finishing second.
  19. Except that they're loans and not good enough for the PL which both Godfrey and Lewis clearly are.
  20. There are obviously several ways to look at the same statistics, two years ago City averaged 2 goals a game but so far this season it's 1.35, does this mean City have struggled for goals or are teams that much harder to break down now?
  21. Is the standard of the Championship lower than two years ago?
  22. Leeds have several injuries, three out of the four first team signings are out and Philips has also missed the last two games. Apart from Raphinha the current first XI is last years Championship side so it's no surprise they're struggling.
  23. Big game on Friday against the runaway leaders.
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