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  1. My Dad has 2 Norwich shirts for sale if anyone is interested ... an Asics 1989 -1992 season shirt and a Ribero 1992 - Jan 1994 season shirt. Both are large and are in very good condition. OTBC
  2. I have the programme and the actual, official Match-ball that was played with on that disaster of a game!
  3. Yeah it is the proper thing, it is the special material that they use with the ''''OFFICIAL MATCHBALL OF THE COCA-COLA FOOTBALL LEAGUE'''' written on the front. We were just surprised the stewards didn''t come looking for it when the match finished [:S]
  4. I went to that 1-7 defeat by Colchester on that miserable occasion at the beginning of the league 1 campaign and at the end Grant Holt kicked the ball into the Jarold Stand and it landed at the feet of my friend, so he took it under his shirt and left with it and he still has it to this day. It is the actual match ball from that game with all the official logos, printing and mud scuffs on it, but does anyone reckon it is worth anything?Cheers. [:)]
  5. Swindon drew and Leeds lost!and most important...............WE WON!!!. UP AND ON TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!COME ON YOU CANARIES!!!!!
  6. Has anyone got a link for any Norwich Vs. Leeds computer screen backgrounds?thanks.
  7. whats the name of the song that the players come out to at the beginning of each halfif anyone could tell me it would be a huge help.thanks.
  8. i thought he was supposed to be ''loyal old cureton'' and then he comes out with this.
  9. im started to get worried about col who. well not worried but a slight bit concerned on their current form.they are now 3 points behind leeds(although leeds have a game in hand), and are on a good bit of form now.
  10. thanks mate.always wondered what the name of it was.always bugged me.cheers.
  11. does anyone know the actual name of the track that we play when we score?thanks.
  12. huddersfield!if they keep up the good run they have been on(take out their last game or two) then they will be a force to be reckoned with.
  13. would anyone like to sign himi know we have holt and maric but platt was top class when he came down here on the opening game of the seasona big forward with pace and a good headyour thoughts?
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