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  1. Hi allWillynaylor the leeds fan here...nobody too surprised that you won again last night, and even less so how late the goals came!! But although some people call that lucky, it is definitely a very positive sign that all is well within the camp, and that fitness/desireYes it is annoying for another fans, but only because you try to win from the first minute to the very last...it is fantastic management and a credit to the players.Quite a tough run-in for leeds, with derby, palace, sheff utd, millwall and last day qpr all away...not sure we''ll win any of those...plus burnley, reading, forest at home...no way in hell we''ll make top 2, but this has been a fascinating season imo.If you can get CMS, that just might push you over the edge...who will he edge out? jackson?
  2. A fantastic post by Yellow Rider "As far as this whole ''anti Leeds'' thing is concerned, it would be good if we could now give this a rest and move on. Sure they have (arguably) more than their fair share of idiots and the ''trouble'' they may have kicked off at recent visits to Norwich deserved condemnation. That said, I encountered absolutely no problems at all yesterday."We do have more than our fair share of morons, undoubtedly...but nothing wrong with a healthy rivalry. We''ve had some great contests over the last couple of seasons
  3. Hi allYes a very good game on saturday and disappointed that Leeds didnt put the game out of sight in the first 45 minutes. Norwich were always gonna come strong at some point and our defence is very very poor. Pleased that we got the equaliser and it was no surprise to see Paynter miss when through at the end. A couple of points to the opening post:The East stand isnt fully opened because Ken Bates - its not that we cant sell out, but Uncle Ken in his infinite wisdom decides not to open it unless its a very big game, which is a shame. We could easily have sold out on saturday. Nice dig though ;-)To those saying Leeds is a shithole - a tad ironic surely? At least the ground doesnt back on to a morrisons! Home fans - yes ER is generally quiet at home games these days, away support is much better and more vocal. I think thats a symptom of crowds these days, you have the diehards travelling to away games, whereas the home atmosphere is ruined by too many kids and familiesGreat game though, a very interesting end of season awaits! I have a feeling Leeds will miss out though, we cant finish teams off, or defend properly. Plus we havent perfected that knack of injury time winners like you guys!
  4. Hi allNot sure if you remember me (Leeds fan from last season) but just wanted to come on here again to say hello, and to express my insane jealousy at how well you''re doing this season.We''re having a good season as well, but the number of last minute winners you''re getting is incredible! Definitely something in the water at CR, Lambert has certainly got the team spirit absolutely spot on.Think you can get automatic?
  5. yes the Russell stories are gathering pace now...we''re crying out for a decent holding midfielder, after enduring Michael Doyle last season. Hope for your sakes that we don''t sign him, and rumours are that we''ve offered Russell a contract. Still need a goalscorer as wellDon''t know much about Smith but Ward is decent cover I guess...is Whitbread fit yet? I suppose you guys spent a bit in January to bolster your squad.
  6. Hi allYour favourite Leeds poster here, how are you all :-)Happy with your dealings so far this summer, or havent you really dabbled yet? Pleased with our signing of Schmeichel, don''t know much about Connolly, and Paynter is a bit ''meh''
  7. truly awful player...at Leeds he had 4/5 good games all season, ironically probably his best was versus you lot at Carrow Rd!
  8. Beckford has gone, its no issue He''s made mistakes of course, but he got 30 goals in consecutive seasons for us, despite his many limitations as a player A masterstroke by Grayson to give him the captaincy
  9. Hi all Finally back from a huge weekend in Leeds - but first of all, congrats on winning the league, you have been better than us. It seems there''s a bit of bad blood on the media coverage issue. I think thats because of a few reasons: - We''re seen as a car crash of a club, and people were waiting for us to blow up again - There were no Prem games that day - You had won the title 2/3 weeks before so that story had lost its recency As to the game itself - incredible. We did it with 10 men and with a goal down, just absolutely unreal. One thing that I do think we can beat you on - the ability to cock things up/make it hard for ourselves! See you next season!
  10. the game sold out in a couple of days ago, 38k...bristol even sent a few back earlier in the week and these were re-sold whether or not we''ll do it, I have my doubts. Of course we should, BR have nothing to play for. But this car crash of a football team, which have crumbled at the first sign of adversity, offer no real hope or conviction that we''ll do it. Fail to win next week and its a 4th year in this league - they play-offs arent even an option, we may as well not turn up. Do we deserve it? I''d argue no, because we''ve lost to you, Charlton, Millwall and most convincingly twice to Swindon. But those sides have themselves had awful results in the last 6 weeks, so somewho it''s all to play for. What an awful god forsaken league this is.
  11. Hi all Congrats on another easy win - as for my shambolic Leeds, what can I say I would''ve taken this before kick off, but its all-or-nothing now next Saturday. Life is never dull supporting us - what a soap opera we are
  12. The first masterstroke was getting rid of Gunn earlier in the season, when he clearly wasnt up to it (although in fairness signed some good players) The second was getting in Lambert, who''s gonna be hot property if he isnt already And as for my boys Leeds - what a fucking shamolic sick joke of a club we are I''ve already planned my route to Rochdale and Notts County, my god why do I do this to myself Congrats and enjoy next season - you deserve it
  13. [quote user="G"]You have had your blip. Looks like we are having ares now. Just lucky we have a bit of a lead up the top. [/quote] our blip lasted for 3 months though...yours should be a matter of 4/5 weeks and your cushion will be big enough It had better be, I''ve got £400 riding on it!
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