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  1. I went in there before kick off.  Given it''s called a Bottle Bar there were no bottles of bitter just cans of Worthington at £3.90 for less than a pint.  Why no choice of the many decent local ales? Oh yes, an exclusive deal with a bland national beer I guess.  Only saw one plasma TV to be able to see scores / team news.  A wasted opportunity to create a decent bar as a contrast to the concourses.   
  2. Doesn''t surprise me at all hearing about the alleged words from David McNally to a fan.  I''ve seen that behaviour from home on more than one occasion myself. 
  3. Good idea about getting some warm weather training. We don''t need further injuries from pulled muscles in the cold here. A similar team to Posh away should best Luton. Only 10 days to Spurs Prem game by the way.
  4. It''s on at 12.30pm live on Sky Sports News
  5. Hucks played in Kem Izzet''s testimonial at Colchester last Saturday. I guess he meant he wouldn''t play professionally again as he also plays charity and Legends games.
  6. Really good to see the behaviour of those in the Morison incident post Wolves being castigated. I sometimes go in the Gunn Club and it''s a popular option for many fans pre and post match. For me the best bet is the chance to see a player post match and hear their thoughts on the game. It''s a shame this has been withdrawn but hopefully not for long, but I support the Club in doing this as a shot across the bows of those that are spoiling it. Just to clarify one point, most people there are individual fans who have paid their £100 or so season long membership to have access. Post match some match sponsors, box holders and those who have bought hospitality for the day are also in the Gunn Club but I reckon they are about 25% of those present. I''m not sure if we know which category the offender from the Wolves game falls into but to me it doesn''t matter - they should be harshly dealt with and others should not be tarred with the same brush.
  7. It''s run by the main sponsor Aviva each year, this time their UK charity Railway Children were chosen
  8. Yes they will be on the official site late this week
  9. I would love a new City Stand and capacity of 35k -the stadium would be modern but tight to the pitch and retain the atmosphere.  My concern is that the current pricing policy means that we would never fill it.   Even if the next TV rights deals make it harder for pubs to show 3pm kick offs it still remains that prices are beyond many casual fans.  I hope this is weighed up by the Club as the thought of 35k inside Carrow Road is something to dream about
  10. Add Simeon Jackson too !  Gillingham in Lge 2 and Lge 1 then us for the last 2 seasons
  11. Just wanted to let everyone know about a colleague''s fundraising efforts which include auctioning a signed City shirt on Ebay.Link here:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250824215337&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
  12. Except that isn''t Holty - he''s not on Twitter. When he was he was holty1981. The club confirmed this is fake.
  13. I understand the concerns about Carrow Road being a closed shop to non season ticket holders.  However, how many games have we sold out this season - 2? Ipswich and Leeds? Possibly got very close on a couple of others.  Which leaves around 14 home games this season that any casual fan could have attended. 
  14. Scott Sinclair - pace up front with Holt is a missing ingredient - but we might not need it!
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